Arete 9.22.22


Atomic Annie M65: The U.S. Military Had a Nuclear ‘Cannon’ to Fight Russia, 19FortyFive
USAF to Unveil B-21 Stealth Bomber in December, Defense One
Biden Says US Troops Would Defend Taiwan, Hudson Institute
The military ‘kill-chain’ concept as a meta-strategy for countering disinformation,
Putin’s Big Ukraine Gamble: Nuclear Threats and Calling Up Reserves, 19FortyFive
U.S. airstrike kills 27 Shabaab fighters in central Somalia, Long War Journal
Ukraine’s Success Shows Mastery of 3 Essential Skills of Modern Warfare, Defense One

National / Homeland Security

The Fed Can’t Reduce Inflation By Winging It, Hoover Institution
North Korea Denies U.S. Claims of Arms Sales to Russia, NYT
Planning for a post-post-Putin world, Morning Defense
The US Opioid Problem Is Also a China Problem, The Diplomat
Pentagon orders audit of its “psyops” social media campaigns after pro-US accounts removed from social platforms, War is Boring


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security

Dallas PD now offering 30 days of paid leave for officers seeking alcohol abuse help, Police 1 Daily News
Honeywell Launches First Integrated Aspirating Smoke Detection and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System, FirefighterNation
A personalized approach to ethical leadership, FireRescueDaily1
N.Y. gov. announces plan to install security cameras in more than 6.4K subway cars, Police 1 Daily News
Thousands Attend Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Colorado Springs (CO), FirefighterNation
Mapping the ethical landscape of wildland fire management: setting an agendum for research and deliberation on the applied ethics of wildland fire, International Journal of Wildland Fire
N.Y. city settles suit over department’s firing of first female FF for $25K, FireRescueDaily1
E-Bike Battery Fire Kills 8-Year-Old in Queens (NY), FirefighterNation
California’s Proposition 30 could add up to $1 billion to CAL FIRE’s budget, Wildfire Today


Mountain / Outside

Beckett Hsin Is Only 12 Years Old. He Already Climbs Like a Pro. Outside Magazine
Getting to Know California’s Twelve 14ers, Osprey Packs
Tim Howell completes North Base paralpinism Project on 6 great North Faces of the Alps, Planet Mountain
When You’re the Greatest Surfer of All Time, You Make Your Own Waves, Outside Magazine
Is It Okay to Wear Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes? Outside Magazine


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Can South Korea Help the World Beat the Next Pandemic? RAND Research
5 ways healthy fats can help save your life (and what you should be eating), The Manual
Why Sets x Reps is an Incomplete Measure of Training Volume, Andy Baker
Why So Many Workout Classes Feel Spiritual Now, Outside Magazine
 The End of Summer Transition for Endurance Athletes, Endurance Nation
Significant boost in rates of type 2 diabetes among children during COVID-19 pandemic, Diet and Weight Loss News
How to Get 30 Grams of Protein at Every Meal, Men’s Journal



Toy companies are scrambling to get hot on social media, Axios
The Kids Online Safety Act Would Be Harmful to Kids, Hudson Institute
Europe’s Shrinking Waterways Reveal Treasures, and Experts Are Worried, NYT
Germany and Slovenia agree on a military swap for Ukraine to receive tanks, upgraded Cold War relics, War is Boring
European food companies fail to reduce their plastic footprint, VoxEurop
7 Ways to Save Money on Travel This Fall, Outside Magazine

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