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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Trump Is Either Telling Us We Have Superweapons More Powerful Than Nukes Or He Can’t Do Math (Or Both), Foxtrot Alpha
‘Waiting for All of It to End’: A Marine’s Battlefield View of U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan,NY Times
Nile Gardiner: “Best Thing” For Britain Is to Hold A General Election, Get Brexit Done, Heritage Foundation
Putin proposes Russian weapons for Saudi Arabia after oil industry attacks, Reuters
Saudi wealth and weaponry still can’t guarantee oil’s protection, Stars & Stripes
Johnson says he will obey the law but still take UK out of EU on OctOBER 31, Reuters
Brexit turmoil has quietened other countries’ calls to quit EU: ECB’s Villeroy, Reuters
AFSOC: Special warfare manning becoming healthier, Air Force Times
Middle East drones signal end to era of fast jet air supremacy, The Guardian
US warship runs another FONOP near Paracel Islands, Navy Times
In new book, veteran recounts Army’s response to her sexual assault ordeal, Stars & Stripes
The Future of American Power Will be Shaped in the Indo-Pacific, The Diplomat
It’s Time for NATO to Engage in the Arctic, Defense One
New Delhi, Moscow Discuss Production of S-400 Air Defense System in India, The Diplomat
Canada: arrest of ex-head of intelligence shocks experts and alarms allies, The Guardian
Air Force May Soon Have No Go-To Bomber, Real Clear Defense
Al-Qaida today, 18 years after 9/11, Brookings
Russia to Be First to Field Hypersonic Cruise Missiles on Submarines, Forbes
Exclusive: Germany wants to cap next EU budget at 1%, seeks more funds for climate and migration, Reuters
A Code of Conduct for AI in Defense Should Be an Extension of Other Military Codes, Rand Corp
Americans Have Faith in the Military, but They Don’t Understand It, Rand Corp
Everyone Is Getting Sucked Into the Iran Morass, Defense One
Army activates new units in Europe to support Poland, Stars & Stripes
Army Research Looks at Pearls for Clues on Enhancing Lightweight Armor for Soldiers, Soldier Systems


First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

Three Words Terrorism Hates: ‘Let’s Do Business’, In Homeland Security
London police and Facebook move to stop live streaming of terror attacks, Reuters
Violent crimes are shooting up, but victims aren’t calling the cops. What’s happening?, LE Today
Police arrest woman who threatened to shoot 400 people at her former school, Police One
Border Patrol Agent Shot, Wounded at Traffic Stop in Texas, Police Mag
Report: 43% of fire stations are 40-plus years old, Fire Rescue 1
These officers came under attack this weekend. The media largely ignored it., LE Today
In era of legal pot, can police search cars based on odor? Police One
270 firefighters working out of remote spike camp on the South Fire, Wildfire Today
In California, murderers and violent criminals could soon start serving on juries, LE Today
Seattle Police Seek to Bolster Recruitment and Retention with $1.6M Plan, Police one
The Environment Is Being Weaponized for Hate, Outside Magazine
Gary Sinise Foundation to Build Homes for Wounded Missouri Officers, Police Mag



10 Best Ski Resorts In Iceland, Globosurf
My 3 Favorite Insulation Layers, Arcteryx Athlete
Company Working To Expand Surge Pricing On Lift Tickets Based Partially On Ski Conditions, Unofficial Networks
Brave, Not Perfect: My NOLS Semester in Baja, The Outbound Collective
Quiz: Can You Guess the Meaning of These Bizarrely Specific Outdoor Words?, REI
The 10 best ski boots of 2020, Freeskier
The Shiner Guides of Florida are the Kings of Stress-Free Big-Bass Fishing, Outdoor Life
Where Does Alex Honnold Go From Here?, Adventure Journal
6 Stuffsacks and Drybags for Every Situation, Outside
The Great Public Lands E-Bike Rush of 2019, Outside Mag
65-Year-Old Hardman Steve Swenson on Knowing When a Huge Climb is Your Last, Adventure Journal
Popular Mechanics Tells Us How to Clean Our Sleeping Bags, Adventure Journal
For the Love of Climbing: Tokenism in the Outdoor Industry, Climbing Magazine
The Shot I Still Think About, REI
Luck of the Irish, Arcteryx Blog
When Hate Became Love: How the Moonboard Helped Me Send a Long-Term Project—and Became a Lifelong Obsession, Climbing Magazine
FFKT*, Patagonia
Environmentalists Demand Halt To Austrian Ski Resort Expansion That Would Destroy Untouched Glaciers, Unofficial Networks
How to go Fast & Light, Outdoor Research


Fitness / Health

New Data on How We’re Measuring a Culture of Health, Rand Corp
Why is Extra Salt Injected into Meat? Nutrition Facts
A Brief History of Nutrition in the West, The Paleo Diet
Everything We Know About Exercise and Depression, Outside
New Half-Marathon Record: Geoffrey Kamworor Shatters Previous Mark, Gearjunkie
Why people gain weight as they get older, Science Daily
High-protein bedtime snacks no problem for active women, Science Daily
Four Weeks of Finger Grip Training Increases the Rate of Force Development and the Maximal Force in Elite and Top World-Ranking Climbers, JSCR
Is Training to Failure Right for You? Breaking Muscle
What We Miss by Studying Mostly Men, Outside
Influence of Foam Rolling on Recovery From Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage, JSCR
Bulletproof Your Grip Strength, Breaking Muscle
Validity and Reliability of a Wearable Inertial Sensor to Measure Velocity and Power in the Back Squat and Bench Press, JSCR
Load-Carriage Conditioning Elicits Task-Specific Physical and Psychophysical Improvements in Males, JSCR
How My Fitness Routine Has Evolved, Mark’s Daily Apple



Millions of US women say first sexual experience was rape, Al Jazerra
Here’s How To Solve the Student Debt Crisis, Heritage Foundation
EU defends ‘European Way of Life’ idea after Le Pen claims it for far-right, Reuters
How highly religious Americans view evolution depends on how they’re asked about it, Pew Research Center
Porsche is small but highly lucrative, The Economist
Key findings about the online news landscape in America, Pew Research Center
Laws Targeting Vehicle Campers Could End Dirtbagging, Outside
The eyes have it, The Economist
France to give iodine to more people living close to nuclear plants, Reuters
Are You Arrestable? Patagonia
The Best Space Heaters, NY Times
Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control, Recoil Magazine
Toyota Sells the Vintage Land Cruiser–Based Truck of Your Dreams, Just Not In the U.S., Gear Patrol
NOAA: Why Don’t We Try To Destroy Hurricane By Nuking Them? Unofficial Networks
Women Poop. At Work. Get Over It. NY Times

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