Arete 8.31.17

Afghanistan: The Empire Stopper, NY Times
Deciphering the Taliban, Stratfor
British Counterinsurgency: Returning Discriminate Coercion to COIN, Small Wars Journal
Musk Warns Against ‘Arms Race’ in Autonomous Weapons, Defense Tech
Want to Avoid Nuclear War? Reject Mutual Vulnerability with North Korea, War on the Rocks

Homeland Security/Terrorism
How Should the Trump Administration Respond to Right-Wing Extremism?, Brookings Institute
Guam on Alert for North Korean Missile Test, but Residents Take It in Stride, NY Times
Shutting Down the Long Island MS-13 Pipeline, House Committee on Homeland Security
Defense By Design: How Developers Are Countering Terrorism, InHomeland Security
North Korea Fear Drives America Back To The Bunkers, Forbes

Gunman Opens Fire On Climbers in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Unofficial Networks
Like It or Not, Snowmaking Is The Future, Powder
The Story Behind the 52-Year-Old Woman’s K2 Summit, Outside Magazine
Falling on Lead and “Cratering”, American Alpine Institute
Timeless Jackson Hole: Good friends and enough snow to swallow you whole, Freeskier

First Responder
The Rook, Police Mag
Man Attempts to Smuggle Heroin Into Jail Using Prosthetic Leg, Law Enforcement Today
Trump lifts ban on military gear to local police forces, USA Today
747 SuperTanker receives CAL FIRE contract, Wildfire Today
‘Ghost Guns’ Concerns Grow Among L.E.,
Border Patrol Agent Reportedly Kidnapped, Has Fingers Cut Off, Law Enforcement Today

Personnel Change at Heckler & Koch, Soldier System
Provisions 040: 5 products you need before your next camping trip, Snowboard Mag
Best Bushcraft Knife, GearJunkie
Staff Picks: The Gear We Always Have On Our Desks, Outside Magazine
Space-Age Surfing: Putting the Latest High-Tech Board to the Test, Mens Journal

The Science Behind Why “I Think I Can” Actually Works, Breaking Muscle
Green Tea Therapy For Memory Impairment, Obesity, And Insulin Resistance, Breaking Muscle
Are Elite Athletes Healthy? Outside Magazine
Are Endurance Athletes More Susceptible to Diabetes? Outside Magazine
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Can Inhibit Muscle Growth, Science Daily
HIIT Releases Endorphins in the Brain, Science Daily
Can You Develop Food Allergies at Any Age?, NY Times
Clean Eating vs Flexible Dieting: Putting the Argument to Bed

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