Arete 8.29.19

Military / Foreign Affairs

The Loss of South Vietnam and the Coming Loss of Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
US Army seeking new anti-jamming GPS antenna system, Janes 360
China’s New 2019 Defense White Paper, Small Wars Journal
Norway nuclear monitor backtracks on theory of second Russia blast, Reuters
Top secret memo revealed: Many Russian meddlers active in America, Pravda
Australian writer held for seven months in China faces espionage charge, Reuters
The US Army’s Adaptive Squad Architecture Initiative Treats Squad As Integrated Combat Platform, Soldier Systems
Shaw announces pause in operations amid series of suicides, Air Force Times
A Montana judge hit 2 offenders with a deeply fitting punishment for stolen valor, Task & Purpose
America’s Biggest Mideast Base Is Getting Bigger, Small Wars Journal
Venezuelan migrants flood into Ecuador ahead of new visa restrictions, Reuters
Former Oklahoma American Legion official is going to prison for embezzlement, Stars and Stripes
Building Better Soldiers, Army Magazine
Inside Russia’s Special Forces Aviation Training Squadron, Real Clear Defense
Germany on brink of recession as business confidence nosedives, The Guardian
Why the CIA doesn’t spy on the UAE, Reuters
Merkel wants swift EU trade deal with U.S., thinks solution possible, Reuters
U.S. and Venezuela Hold Secret Talks, Small Wars Journal
‘There’s no one to help’: Russian mercenary industry’s toll on families, The Guardian
Danish Ex-PM Attacks Trump For Comments On Defense Spending, In Homeland Security
82nd Abn Div CSM Displays Army Green Service Uniform, Soldier Systems
Brazil Says It Will Reject Millions in Amazon Aid Pledged at G7, NY Times

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Why a Domestic Terrorism Law Is a Terrible Idea, Homeland Security Newswire
No Need to Wait for Congress to Address Mass Shootings, Rand Corp
10 ways to avoid being tracked down at home, Police One
Firefighters injured after falling on “ash pits” fighting Alaskan fires, Fire Rescue 1
Terrorists Turn to Bitcoin for Funding, and They’re Learning Fast, Homeland Security Newswire
How I learned to constantly test my OODA loop, Police One
“Back The Blue” act would turn attacks on police into federal crime, LE Today
Don’t be afraid of the dark: A look at night vision technology made with cops in mind, Police One
Stripping down strip mall fires, Fire Rescue 1
Home of fallen Pittsburgh police officer again targeted by vandals, LE Today
This is why you don’t want to be under a retardant drop, Wildfire Today
Increasing Wildfires Threaten to Turn Northern Hemisphere’s Boreal Forests from Vital Carbon Stores into Climate Heaters, Homeland Security Newswire
Young Commanders’ Mistakes,
We lost five heroes in two days. Today we remember their sacrifice., LE Today
Sheriff: Deputy lied about being ambushed by sniper, LE Today

Mountain / Adventure

New Regulations Could Limit the Number Of Climbers On Everest, Unofficial Networks
10 Best Survival Books In 2019, Globosurf
112 Miles: Women Set the Wind River High Route FKT Record, Gearjunkie
The Best Bang for Your Buck Gear, Gear Patrol
Is Alaska Surfing’s Greatest Frontier? Unofficial Networks
Colorado Mountain Biker Creates Phony Signs After Getting Singled Out For Bad Behaviour, Unofficial Networks
Man Paddles from San Francisco to Honolulu, Unofficial Networks
Does Bear Spray Work? , Outside
The Big Picture: How I Found My Grit on a Semester in Baja, NOLS
70-Year Old Rider Wins ‘World’s Toughest Horse Race’, Adventure Blog
The Ten Sleep Route Manufacturing Controversy Explained, Climbing Magazine
A Mountain Bike Guide to Responsible Trail Etiquette, Osprey Packs
What Happened When a Wolf Attacked a Family in Banff, Outside
39 Supportive Things You Can Say To The Climber You’re Belaying,
Ski Instructors Salaries – How Much Do Ski Schoolers Make?, Unofficial Networks

Fitness / Nutrition / Health

The rise of digital fitness: can the new wave of high-intensity home workouts replace the gym?  The Guardian
Cross-Adaptation for High Altitude: Can Heat Training and Cold Exposure Help with Hypoxia? Uphill Athlete
Mikaela Shiffrin talks gender equality and cycling vs. skiing, SNEWS
The 5 Best Bodyweight Training Exercises, Muscle & Fitness
Concussions linked to erectile dysfunction in former NFL players, EurekAlert
The Atlantic Says We’re Fatter Today than in the ’80s Because of Chemicals, Antidepressants, Microbiome. True? American Council of Science and Health
How to practice safer sunscreening, Science Daily
Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. Here’s how Warren, Sanders, and other candidates want to help change that, STAT
Arms race between parasites and their victims, Science Daily
12 Health & Fitness Trends That Are Actually Worth Your Time And Money, Men’s Health
Paleo vs Keto vs Low-Carb Diets, Self
7 Steps to Barbell Etiquette, Breaking Muscle
A nutrition group sees portion control as the next diet movement, Quartz
These melatonin gummies are now my go-to sleep aid — they cut my nighttime restlessness in half and help me relax, Business Insider
The Truth Behind Fasted Cardio and Calorie Burn, Inverse


Amazon under fire for new packaging that cannot be recycled, The Guardian
Some of the Brand-New Cars We’re Still Excited to Meet This Year, Gear Patrol
The New Ford Bronco: What You Need to Know, Gear Patrol
Saving sage-grouse by relocation, Science Daily
NFL Season Preview: The Best-Case Scenario For All 32 Teams, Forbes
The Future Of LinkedIn: 14 Experts Predict The Platform’s Next Big Feature, Forbes
Here’s how we get broadband Internet to rural America, Washington Post
Do plastic bag taxes or bans curb waste? 400 cities and states tried it out., Vox

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