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Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Army Conducts Live Fire Test of Its First Iron Dome Defense Battery, Real Clear Defense
Afghanistan: Irish citizens wait for rescue mission, BBC
First commercial rocket due to be launched from Australia later in 2021, The Guardian
When U.S. Needs Backup, This Is Who They Call: FAST Marines, Sandbox
China Honing Ballistic Missile Accuracy, Bloomberg
Georgia Turns Its Back on the West, Foreign Policy
US military presence surges to assist Haiti-relief efforts, Janes
What Will the Taliban Do With Their New US Weapons?, The Diplomat
Nobody Wins in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
Cost of caring for Iraq, Afghanistan vets could top $2.5 trillion: report, Military Times
Lockheed Martin plans Indago 4 quadcopter UAV launch in late 2021, Janes
Driving a Wedge Between China and Russia Won’t Work, War on the Rocks
US issues new disclosure requirements to Chinese firms: Report, Al Jazerra
The Phony Feminism of America’s War Cheerleaders, Real Clear Policy
Now What? The Global Consequences of American Defeat in Afghanistan, Hudson Institute
West Point cadets are ditching bed-making with this elaborate hack, Navy Times
Here’s where evacuees are going after leaving Afghanistan, Task & Purpose
With Pfizer approval, COVID-19 vaccine to become mandatory for troops, Military Times
Taliban reject extended evacuation, “the answer is no. Or there would be consequences”, War is Boring
Poland to build Belarus border fence after migrant influx, BBC
Norway and Russia sharpen transparency pact on warship, aircraft moves, Defense News
Qatar is an ‘impartial mediator’ amid Afghanistan evacuations: FM, Al Jazerra
Marine Corps Pilot Program Expands Infantry Skills, NatDefMag
DARPA’s ‘Guided Bullets’ Are a Sniper’s Dream, Asia Times
Why Is China Building 250 Nuclear Missiles That Can Hit U.S.?, Brookings
A Strategy for Avoiding Two-Front War, The National Interest
The Space Force met its 18-month deadline to get up and running. Here’s what’s next., Defense News

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

California Caldor fire burns thousands of hectares in weekend surge – video, The Guardian
Colo. cops increasingly using lasso-like BolaWrap, Police1
Baltimore City Fire Union President Says Staff Shortages Causing Longer Response Time, Low Morale, FF Close Calls
3 NM Officers Shot, One Critically Wounded During Robbery Response, Police Mag
Overcoming the terror of testifying, Police1
Police officer who shot Breonna Taylor has pulled out of book deal, The Guardian
Firefighter dies battling Oregon wildfire, FR1
10th SFG(A) Group Foundations Course, Soldier Systems
Long-term trends in wildfire damages in California, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Va. city to spend $2.7 million for police ‘retention’ bonuses, Police1
Unvaccinated Wash. firefighters will no longer be able to respond to medical calls, FR1
MS Officer Wounded in Rifle Ambush, Suspect in Custody, Police Mag
Will unvaccinated firefighters be restricted from traveling to fires?, Wildfire Today
Ala. officer convicted of murder sentenced to 25 years in shooting, Police1
A New Book Examines What We Lost in the Camp Fire, Outside

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Carnival Cruise to require COVID vaccination proof for passengers over 12 years old, Axios
Here’s Exactly How Much Protein You Need, Men’s Health
Mathematical model predicts best way to build muscle, Science Daily
Do Genetics Make for Better Strength and Power Athletes? Breaking Muscle
The U.S. Is Getting a Crash Course in Scientific Uncertainty, NY Times
Study assesses risk that fruits, vegetables sold in U.S. are products of forced labor, Science Daily
Strength Coach Legend Mark Rippetoe Says CrossFit Isn’t a Smart Way to Get Stronger, Men’s Health
How to Find Small Grass-fed, Ethical Beef Producers, Mark’s Daily Apple
How fructose in the diet contributes to obesity, Science Daily
What to Know Before Taking Nitric Oxide Supplements, Men’s Health
Only 1 in 10 Kids With ADHD Will Outgrow It, WebMD
Why Athletes Hate the Jerk Lift, Breaking Muscle
Don’t Be Fooled, Noom Is Just Another Diet, Outside
You’re cooler than you think! Hypothermia may go unnoticed when exercising in the cold, Science Daily
Prior training can accelerate muscle growth even after extended idleness, Science Daily
A Surgeon Explained the Upside of Conor McGregor’s Blood Flow Restriction Training, Men’s Health
Key mental abilities can actually improve during aging, Science Daily
No Lasting Lung Damage After Full Recovery From COVID-19, WebMD

Mountain / Outside Adventure

Episode 44 | The New Reality of Western Wildfires, Backpacking Light
Customizable Party Pontoon: Sea-Doo Launches the ‘Switch’, Gearjunkie
The Best Bike Lock, Wirecutter
A Runner’s Terrifying Fall—and What Came After, Outside
Opinion: It’s Time to Ditch the Campfire, Adventure Journal
New Kyrgyzstan climbs by Kirill Belotserkovskiy, Ivan Temerev, Alex Tyulyupo, Planet Mountain
So Your Boyfriend Wants to Backpack with His Ex, Outside
One Helmet to Rule Them All: First Look at Salewa’s Multisport Piuma 3.0, Gearjunkie
Meet The Chain-Smoking, Cave-Dwelling Godfather of Ultralight Camping, Adventure Journal
Patagonia Ditches Jackson Hole Ski Resort After Owner Hosts GOP Fundraiser, Gearjunkie
New big wall climb on Siren Tower in Greenland by Matteo Della Bordella, Silvan Schüpbach, Symon Welfringer, Planet Mountain
Vitaliy Musiyenko completes 32-mile Goliath Traverse in High Sierra, Alpinist
Ultra Rookie Wins Leadville 100 Run and 5 More Stories to Start Your Week, Gearjunkie
Why We Love SodaStream, Wirecutter
Pro Snowboarders Migrate To Oregon For Summer, Snowboard Mag
You can go camping without a Subaru., Outbound Collective
Elk Feedground Puzzle – Sifting through the Fake News…,Eastmans
What are the holds like on a 9c? Stefano Ghisolfi analyses Bibliographie, Planet Mountain
WATCH: Moose Can Run Surprisingly Fast In Deep Snow, Unofficial Networks
A Seasonal Shot May Soon Prevent Lyme Disease, Adventure Journal
Ski Touring (And Resort) News Roundup — Late Summer 2021, BC Ski Touring Blog
Exploring the National Parks of the Dakotas, Osprey Packs
Higher Ground, Patagonia
Where Do Athletes Get Their Fuel? Two Ultrarunners Share Their Diets, Gearjunkie
Ashima Shiraishi sends Jade, 8B+ boulder at Rocky Mountain National Park, Planet Mountain
Examiner Confirms Man Died Last Year At Great Smoky Mountains National Park From Bear Attack, Unofficial Networks
Is Western Hunting Becoming A Rich Person’s Game?, Eastmans
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 8/19/21, AAI
Injury Affects More Than Just Your Body: Laura Rogoski on MENTAL Zine and recovering from injury, both physically and mentally, Snowboard Mag
Verdon: The show must go on, Planet Mountain
How to Become More Outdoorsy, TGR
SCUBA in Whitewater? Heck Yeah, Adventure Journal
Every Person Who Moves To Colorado Be Like…, Unofficial Networks
Taos Ski Valley raises pay for employees to meet local living-wage benchmark, Outside Business


Hawaii Governor Urges Tourists to Stay Away Amid Covid Surge, NY Times
Watch The Ridiculous Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI Blast Down The Autobahn At 150 MPH, Jalopnik
The 2022 Ford Bronco Will Come In Green, Jalopnik
Plastics aren’t what we think. New study finds they’re a tad rubbery, paving the way for better products, Science Daily
Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time, The Guardian

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