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Before Deploying More U.S. Forces to Europe, Consider the Consequences, War on the Rocks
Top Ukrainian Air Force pilot killed in action a few days after Zelensky gave him an award, War is Boring
U.S. air strike kills 13 Islamist terrorist members in Somalia, War is Boring
Russia says at least 100 foreign mercenary fighters have been killed in the last day, War is Boring
China airs footage of their gyrocopters armed with anti-tank missiles, War is Boring
Millions of troops cry out in horror as Dodge announces end of the Charger and Challenger, Task & Purpose
What the hell is ‘Angry Kitten’ and why is the Air Force putting it in planes?, Task & Purpose
Soldiers named their APC ‘Big Chungus’ because why the hell not, Task & Purpose
Military Drone Swarms and the Options to Combat Them, Small Wars Journal
US Navy surface force chief touts unmanned systems work in RIMPAC, Janes
Robotic Ships and the Future of the Navy’s Fleet, Hudson Institute
Marine Ospreys Still Flying, Despite AFSOC Stand Down, Defense One
The U.S. Navy Should Deploy the Medium Unmanned Surface Vessel Now, 19FortyFive
Three Syrian Soldiers Killed, Six Wounded, in Turkish Airstrike, 19FortyFive

National Security / Foreign Policy

How Russia’s Nuclear Double Cross of Ukraine Teaches Dangerous Lessons, RAND
‘I am not blaming anyone’: Estonians shrug off 23% inflation, The Guardian
Troubled Waters Around Taiwan, War on the Rocks
Viktor Orbán’s Hungary in the shadow of the war in Ukraine, Vox Europe
Vietnam’s A2-AD Web: Deterring China Through Assassin’s Mace, The Geopolitics
What’s Behind China’s Recent Messaging to Australia?, The Diplomat
Russia deploys three MiG-31 fighters with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad, Pravda Report
US State Department fears consequences should Russia be declared state sponsor of terrorism, Pravda Report
Germany’s Stony-Faced Chancellor Faces Critics on Nearly Every Side, NY Times
Islamic State conducts second major prison break in Congo, Long War Journal
New paper sheds light on Russian and Chinese influence in Italy,
We’re Still Asking the Wrong Questions About War With China Over Taiwan, Foreign Policy

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security

A Crowdsourced Wildfire App Tracks All of California’s Blazes, Gearlatest
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Purchases B&T USA APC9 Submachine Guns, Tactical Gun Life
DOUBLE FIREFIGHTER LODD TRIAL “Officers Break Down Recalling Last Moments With Fallen Firefighters” (Fre Radio Traffic), FF Close Calls
Talent (OR) Firefighter, 25, Dies Fighting Wildland Fire, FF Nation
2,000 New Zealand Firefighters Strike Over Working Conditions, Pay, FF Nation
Oldsmar (FL) Firefighter Survives Alligator Bite to His Head, FF Nation
‘I felt the scales, then I felt the teeth’: Fla. FF-medic survives alligator attack, FireRescue1
11 wildfires all firefighters should study, FireRescue1
Wildland fire prevention: the impact of the Modifying Industrial Operations Protocol on the growth of industrial forestry-caused wildland fires in Ontario, Canada,International Journal of Wildland Fire
Video: Woman escapes handcuffs in cruiser, shoots deputy with AR-15, Police1
Deputy makes harassment claim after breast pump penalty, sheriff responds, Police1
Every officer resigns from Fla. town police department, Police1
Probe underway after Denver officers injured 6 while shooting at armed suspect, Police1
Research on visual focus in law enforcement, Police1
Dozens killed in Algeria wildfires, Wildfire Today
Report: US Forest Service is sometimes overstating fuel management accomplishments, WildfireToday
Predicting Landslides Along Wildfire Burn Scars, Homeland Security Newswire

Mountain / Outside

A 7000m Himalayan Speed Project, BC Ski Touring Blog
Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy Just Smashed the John Muir Trail FKT, Outside
Three Climbers Are Dead in Ecuador Following a “Black Day for Mountaineering”, Outside
Eddie Bauer Just Launched a Used-Gear Program. Here Are Five More., Outside
An Ode to the Lowa Baldos, the Best Pair of Hiking Boots I’ll Ever Wear, Outside
Here’s What You Pack if You’re, Say, Riding and Rafting Across Iceland, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 8/18/22, AAI
Is What You Know About Deer Vision All Wrong?,
Life is beautiful on Lagazuoi Nord (Dolomites) for Simon Messner, Martin Sieberer, Barbara Vigl, Planet Mountain
We are Like Waves by Jordyn Romero: A Film to Inspire, Outside
Kristin Harila Continues Pursuit of 8000-Meter Speed Record, Adventure Journal
What Is The Biggest Problem With The Ski Industry Today?, Unofficial Networks
World’s Third V17? Shawn Raboutou Thinks So with ‘Alphane’, GearJunkie
Olympic Mountain Bike Silver Medalist Tests Positive for Doping, Gearjunkie


Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Watch Powerlifter Serena Abweh (45KG) Deadlift 3.4 Times Her Bodyweight for a New PR, Breaking Muscle
Bodybuilder Michal Križánek Weighs a Colossal 293 Pounds in Latest Physique Update, Breaking Muscle
Watch Daniel Ryjov Power Through a 225-Pound Bench Press for 90 Reps, Breaking Muscle
New insights on how some individuals with obesity can lose weight — and keep it off, Science Daily
Exercise answer: Research shows it’s how often you do it, not how much, Science Daily
5 Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief, Outside
Two Promising Updates on Heart Health in Endurance Athletes, Outside
What are the fewest separate foods you could eat and still have a healthy, balanced diet?, Guardian
We Tested the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell to See if It Fits Every Type of Training Plan, Men’s Health
5 Strength Training Exercises Men Over 40 Should Skip, Men’s Health
Your Guide To The 3 Best Fat-Torching Workout Strategies, Men’s Health
A Plant-Based Workplace Wellness Program Put to the Test,
Are Weed Drinks Safe? What to know About THC and Alcohol, NY Times
A Simple Fix for a Low Sex Drive, T-Nation
5 Ways to Start Valuing Your Time and Making the Most of It, Tiny Buddha
Revealing What Male Coaches Should Know About Guiding Female Athletes, Training Peaks
Breaking Two Rope Climbing World Records, Red Bull
Parkour Race Across The World’s Busiest City, Red Bull
Should You Drink Coffee While Intermittent Fasting? We Have Answers, The Manual
Where Should I Move? 3 States Everyone Loves (And 3 People Can’t Wait to Leave), The Manual


It’s OK, You Don’t Have to Watch All Those Shows,Men’s Health
This Is the Perfect Plan to Rewild the American West. There’s Just One Problem: Politics., Outside
Rad Power E-Bikes Are Probably in Your Town: Are They Worth the Hype?, The Manual

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