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Military / Homeland Security

Russia is Not America’s Near-Peer Threat, Small Wars Journal
The August War, Ten Years On: A Retrospective on the Russo-Georgian War, War on the Rocks
Islamic State releases photos from deadly raid on military base near Lake Chad, Long War Journal
Islamic State May Still Have 30,000 Fighters In Iraq And Syria, Even After Setbacks, In Homeland Security
Terrorist Attacks Are Quietly Declining Around The World, In Homeland Security
Botched CIA Comms System Blew Cover of Chinese Agents, Real Clear Defense
How America’s Wars Have Created Piles of Debt (And Little Strategic Benefit), The National Interest
Is the U.S. Army Near Becoming Obsolete?, The National Interest
This Is Why Iran Won’t Negotiate with Trump, The National Interest
Trump’s Risky War of Choice Against the Generals, The Atlantic
Shootout: Why the Army Chose Sig Sauer over Glock for Its New Handgun, Task and PurposeRussian Hybrid Warfare as Unconventional Warfare: Implementing a Counter-Unconventional Warfare Strategy, Small Wars Journal
This Is the Army’s Plan for Destroying North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons, The National Interest
The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Disengagement, Washington Post
Trump reportedly showing renewed interest in Erik Prince’s plan to privatize Afghanistan War, Marketwatch
Why Russia Never Became an Aircraft Carrier Powerhouse, The National Interest
Marine Commander Says Rapid Drawdown in Afghanistan Premature, Small Wars Journal
The Growing Risk of a New Middle East War, Rand
A U.S.-Russia Partnership Against China Is Unlikely, Rand



LE / Fire Rescue / Wildland Fire

A Plague of Deadly Hesitation, De-Motivation, and De-Policing in America, Police Magazine
Minn. PD outfits officers with camera-mounted guns, Police One
Differences Between a Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Degree, In Homeland Security
Requiem for the Chicago Police Department, LE Today
Texas PD relaxes tattoo policy to recruit, retain officers, Police One
Nearly two million acres on fire in the United States, Science Daily
What the FBI’s new report confirms about active shooters, Police One



The Best Peaks in America, Backpacker
The Best Backpacking Stoves of 2018, Outside
Battle of the Tents: Budget vs. High-End, Outside
The Dawn Wall – Trailer, Redbull
Fly Fishing is Your Ticket to Bonding With the Backcountry, Backpacker
Outdoor Pros Share Their Emergency Gear Kits, Outside
K2 debuts its lineup of 2018-19 skis and boots, Freeskier
Mountain Lion Attacks Bowhunter,
‘All In’ Trailer, Outside
The Economic Impact of Outdoor Adventure, Outside
The 13 Best Skis of the Year – These skis received the highest marks across the board from skiers with a host of different backgrounds, Powder Magazine


Fitness / Nutrition

A $180 Steak Sandwich?, WSJ
The Keto Diet, Decoded, Men’s Journal
Eating Before Early Workout Helps Burn Carbs, WebMD
Do Training Masks Actually Enhance Performance?, Muscle & Fitness
The Best Deadlift Variation to Protect Your Back, Muscle & Fitness
The best electric toothbrush, Endgadget
Solving Shoulder Injuries for Gym Bros, Breaking Muscle
Dominant men make decisions faster, Science Daily
College Strength Coaches have Become Strongmen, WSJ
Study Finds Both Low-Carb and High-Carb Diets Linked to Early Death, Muscle & Fitness
Defining the Upper Limits of Fitness, Outside
Logitech’s vertical mouse could save your wrist, Endgadet
Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain, Breaking Muscle
A Dwindling Sockeye Catch Makes Alaskans Uneasy, NY Times



How Americans and Western Europeans compare on 4 key social and political issues, Pew Research Center
Immigrant, American, Psychology Today
Brussels will ‘not comment’ on reports Britain is spying on EU Brexit committee,
Shopify Bans Firearms and Ammunition, Soldier Systems
‘Abrupt thaw’ of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models, Science Daily
A majority of Americans support using biotechnology to grow human organs in animals for transplants, Pew Research Center
First lady Melania Trump warns of ‘destructive and harmful’ side of social media, Washington Post
Bitcoin’s Annual Carbon Footprint Is Equal to One Million Transatlantic Flights, Gizmodo
The Browns’ Suckiness Defies Math And Reason, Five Thirty Eight
Takeaways from Venezuela’s Long Descent, War on the Rocks
Elon Musk has reinvigorated the American public company, The Economist
DNA analysis of 6,500-year-old human remains with blue eye mutation, Science Daily
Tired of Twitter? Join Me on Mastodon, Endgadget
The Best (and Mostly Affordable) Classic Cars You Can Buy From 1985-1995, Gear Patrol
Bigger proteins, stronger threads: Synthetic spider silk, Science Daily

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