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Can Trump Get America Out of Afghanistan?, Small Wars Journal
Bomb, bomb Iran, The Interpreter
Shootout: Why the Army Picked Sig Sauer over Glock, The National Interest
The Pentagon Should Be Planning for an Occupation of Iran, Modern War Institute
Has ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Lost His Influence with Trump? In Homeland Security
Israel Might Have as Many as 300 Nuclear Weapons. And Some Are in the ‘Ocean.’, The National Interest
Mattis: US military teams may go to North Korea to look for more war remains, Defense News
The US Army’s top modernization priority is in jeopardy, Defense News
This Task Force Could be Key to Winning in the Information Environment, Modern War Institute
I Was a US Liaison Officer to Lithuania. Here’s What I Learned., Modern War Institute
ISIS Says It Killed 4 Cyclists in Tajikistan, NY Times


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Carr Fire burns into Redding, Wildfire Today
Washington Sheriff’s Deputy Stops Suspect Armed With AR-15,
Russian Hackers Appear to Shift Focus to U.S. Power Grid, Homeland Security Newswire
Philadelphia to stop giving ICE real-time arrest data, Police One
Why Russian spies really like American universities, Homeland Security Newswire
Ga. officers fired after using coin flip to determine arrest, Police One
Los Angeles Deputies’ Tattoos Probed,
US-led coalition: 6 Islamic State operatives plotted against Saudi Arabia, Sweden and US, Long War Journal
Dallas PD turns down breakfast, donation from Mavericks CEO after email sparks outrage, Police One
Entire police force suspended after NC chief charged,



Russian Mountaineer Stuck on Peak in Karakoram, Outside
The Unofficial Ski Town Job Hierarchy, Unofficial Networks
The Best Gear From Summer Outdoor Retailer 2018, Adventure Journal
Best Gear from Summer Outdoor Retailer, Gear Junkie
Best of Summer Outdoor Retailer, Outside
Video: DYI Backcountry Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt, Eastman’s Outdoors
Flowchart: What to Train to Redpoint Your Project, Climbing Magazine
Camping gear for skiers: What to take on your next summer excursion,
The Land Revolution: The New Age of Wildlife Management and Off-the-Charts Hunting, Outdoor Life
Jesse Gomez dominates the streets of Norway and Bulgaria, Snowboard Magazine
Forget Smokey the Bear: Smart Bombs Put Out Forest Fires, the National Interest
VIDEO: Watch a C-130 Get Up Close And Personal With California’s Massive Wildfire, The National Interest
Brittany Goris is the first woman to free climb historic Todd Skinner testpiece crack City Park, Alpinist


Fitness / Nutrition

Influence of Clothing on Thermoregulation and Comfort During Exercise in the Heat: Erratum, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Ask Well: Do Flip-Flops Protect Against Athlete’s Foot?, NY Times
Energy Cost of Continuous Shuttle Running: Comparison of 4 Measurement Methods, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
An Assessment of Running Power as a Training Metric for Elite and Recreational Runners, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research
The Effects of Beef, Chicken, or Whey Protein After Workout on Body Composition and Muscle Performance, Journal of Strength & Conditioning
20 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Kettlebells, Breaking Muscle
Is Running Before Workouts Detrimental to Muscle Gain?, Muscle & Fitness
How to Avoid the Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes, Outside
The Best DNA Ancestry Test, Wirecutter
The Hype Over Sensory Deprivation Tanks Is Real. Here’s Why., Men’s Journal
What is the Glycemic Index?, Worlds Healthiest Foods
Reduce Acid-Forming Proteins to Protect Kidney Function,
The 4 Best Squat Alternatives, Breaking Muscle
Paleo vs. Keto Diet: Which Low-Carb Diet Is Right for You?, Men’s Fitness
The 15 Best Keto Breakfast Ideas to Power Up Your Morning, Men’s Fitness
What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Before a Run, Outside
Line Skis debuts 2018-19 lineup, including all-new Chronic, Sick Day and Pandora skis, Freeskier



The Best Sports Bras, Wirecutter
When Being a Good ‘Dad’ Gets You Promoted to ‘Mommy’, NY Times
Is Vietnam the New China? Council on Foreign Relations
FIFA World Cup host Qatar ‘used ex-CIA agents to sabotage rival bids’, Intel News
Video: How Nat Geo Photographers Hack Cameras to Capture Wildlife Shots, The Adventure Blog
New Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Memory Loss in Early Trial Results, NYT
Largest king penguin colony has shrunk nearly 90%, Science Daily

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