Arete 8.19.21

Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

Why did the Afghan army disintegrate so quickly?, Al Jazeera
Afghanistan Veterans Struggling With News of Taliban Takeover, Defense One
France suspends military co-operation with Ethiopia, Janes
Dozens killed in Niger village attack, Al Jazerrra
China Won’t Repeat America’s Mistakes in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
The new US Air Force secretary wants to ‘scare China’, Air Force Times
Anonymous social media accounts sow seeds of distrust over military vaccine mandate, Marine Corps Times
What the Fall of Afghanistan Means for Taiwan, The Diplomat
Imperial Hubris: The Great Game Revisited, Real Clear Defense
Send the Marines to Alaska, War on the Rocks
Marine Raider to receive Navy Cross for Iraq fight, Marine Corps Times
Countering Russia’s Malign and Subversive Information Efforts, RAND
This Is a Dunkirk Moment and Our Decisions Created It, Cipher Brief
Should the U.S. Military Be Less Predictable?, RAND

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Climate Change Is Only One Driver of Explosive Wildfire Season—Don’t Forget Land Management, RAND
Minneapolis Police to No Longer Make Stops for Minor Violations, Police Mag
How the United States Can Deter Ransomware Attacks, RAND
5 Indianapolis FFs injured falling through floor of vacant residence, Fire Rescue 1
MN Supreme Court Will Not Review Judge’s Order Requiring Minneapolis to Hire 100 More Officers, Police Magf
Wildfires still raging in Northern California as gusty winds bring threat of flareup, FireRescue1
FBI: More Officers Slain in 2021 Than in All of 2020, Police Mag
What makes tactical dynamic entries ‘dynamic’?, Police 1
Former Chicago Police Superintendent Says New Policy Led to Officer Being Killed with Gun in Holster, Police Mag
Fla. police officer, 27, dies of COVID-19, Police 1
Colorado Orders New Firefighting Helicopter (1 Minute Intake 1000 Gallons), Unofficial networks

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The 505kg Deadlift Mark Remains Untouched, Breaking Muscle
Benefits of time-restricted eating depend on age and sex, Science Daily
Getting oxygenated blood to exercising muscles, Science Daily
What Your Range of Motion Means for Your Workouts, Men’s Health
How Shot-Tracking Is Changing The Way Basketball Players Fix Their Game, FiveThirtyEight
Seeking a Grand Theory of Injury Prevention, Outside
How Many Dates Should You Wait to Have Sex?, Men’s Health
What We Can Learn from World’s Longest Living Populations, Mark’s Daily Apple
Four Teachers in Same FL County Die of COVID in 24 Hours, WebMD

Mountain / Outside Adventure

Scott Jurek Halts Appalachian Trail FKT Attempt, Outside
Histoire sans Fin free at last on Petit Clocher du Portalet by Seb Berthe, Siebe Vanhee, Planèt Mountain
5 Award-Winning Outdoor Books for Your End of Summer Reading Pleasure, Adventure Journal
Meet the River Surfers of Montana, Adventure Journal
Bison Rips Woman Who Got Too Close Right Out of Her Jeans, Unofficial Networks
Lighter than ever! REVIEW: Eberlestock Vapor Series Packs, Eastmans
Double-Decker Hitch Rack Hauls It All: Yakima Exo Review, Gearjunkie
Park City Mountain Resort permanently closes 9990 backcountry gate, Freeskier
NEWSFLASH: Anna Troup Breaks Women’s Pennine Way Record, UK Climber
Are new industry sustainability standards moving the needle?, Outside Business
Early Season Fortune, Western Hunter
South Muysky Ridge in Siberia, big new Russian climbs on Peak Kart & Peak Mechta, Planet Mountain
Finally, a Shot to Prevent Lyme Disease Could Be on Its Way, Outside
Dispersed Camping – Guide to Finding Free Camping, Thermarest
America’s Fastest Marathon Runner Attempts Carrying 140lbs To Top of Crested Butte, Unofficial Networks
Do Polar Bears Use Tools To Hunt Walrus?, Unofficial NetworksBest in Show Gear: Slimmed-Down Outdoor Retailer Packs a Few Big Winners, GearJunkie
Hunting Backpack: $100 vs. $500, Mystery Ranch
Boots vs. Shoes: Hiking Debate Gets Answers, GearJunkie


This town is the first in America to ban new gas stations – is the tide turning?, The guardian
Is unlimited vacation too good to be true?, Outside Business
What’s Behind Biden’s Declining Approval Rating, FiveThirtyEight

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