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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

More than a dozen Niger soldiers killed in attack near Mali border, Al Jazeera
The true face of Israel’s protest movement, Al Jazeera
‘He was willing to sacrifice himself:’ Army veteran killed in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Air Force veteran killed in FBI raid after threatening Biden,T&P
How the US military became collateral damage in the fight over abortion rights, T&P
C-130s are getting World War II-style makeovers for next year’s D-Day anniversary, T&P
Advocacy Group Targets Race Consideration in Military Academy Admissions,
Air Force Staff Sergeant Promotion Rates Plummet to Lowest Rate in Nearly 30 Years,
Carcinogens Found at Montana Nuclear Missile Sites as Reports of Hundreds of Cancers Surface,
Haiti’s crisis deepens as thousands displaced by violence, Al Jazerra
Thousands of Cuban migrants face uncertainty in Uruguay, Al Jazerra
Latvia sends soldiers to boost security on border with Belarus, Al Jazerra
How India’s ban on some rice exports is ricocheting around the world, Al Jazeera
Soldiers at JBLM Authorized to Buy AC Units as Base Moves Toward Air-Conditioned Barracks,
How to hide a helicopter refueling point, and other lessons from a giant Navy wargame, Defense One
What happens when a crisis sprawls between combatant commands?, Defense One
America’s Diminishing Influence in Charting a New World Order, RCD
Finland Must Prepare To Defend NATO’s Longest Border With Russia, RCD
Politics and the CNO Selection, RCD
The Allure of Conscription, WOTR
Why Ukrainian Soldiers Have to Learn to Fight on YouTube and How to Change That, WOTR
Escaping Afghanistan, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Multi-Billion-Dollar Risk to Economic Activity from Climate Extremes Affecting Ports, HSN
Nuclear Engineer Uses Machine Learning on Weapons Testing Images to Understand Fallout, HSN
Wildfire Problem Growing Beyond Our Ability to Tame It | Add-on Spawns a New Era of Machine Guns | Vaccination Against Fake News, and more, HSN
Sons of the Flag: Burn Ambassador Zach Sutterfield, Fire Engineering
Minneapolis PD holds ‘historic’ first meeting under agreement to revamp policing, Police1
Maui police chief pleads for patience, recalls pain of victim IDs after deadly Vegas mass shooting, Police1
Influencing your performance on and off duty, APBM
How Reliable and Robust Is Human Ability to Recognize Suspicious Activity?, HSN
Hawaii wildfire survivors face power cuts, new storm as death toll climbs, FR1
Coast Guard rescues 14 people from ocean after fleeing Maui wildfires, Task & Purpose
Military Now Has More Than 400 Troops Aiding Maui After Deadly Wildfires Devastated Island,
Law enforcement officers and protector fitness, APBM
Tactical science for incident commanders, APBM
Winning a gunfight, APBM
Memphis (TN) Firefighter Killed, Three Others Injured in Fire, Fire Engineering
Mobile Firefighter Terminated Over Tattoo Files Discrimination Suit, Fire Law Blog
Assault Charges Dropped against DC Fire and EMS Firefighters, FFN
Watch: N.Y. officer disarms woman firing gun by striking her with cruiser, Police1
New Denver sheriff’s department dashboards show disciplinary probes, response times, Police1
Cities Aren’t Supposed to Burn Like This Anymore—Especially Lahaina, Wired
9 things everyone should know about Maui’s wildfire disaster, Vox

Mountain / Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Everywhere. What Are They Doing to Us? NYT
STAT+: With an age cutoff for a new gene therapy, families and doctors scramble to treat kids before their 6th birthday, STAT
How You Should Actually Warm Up Before Your Runs, Real Clear Health
Study Confirms Link Between Concealed Carry Weapons and Gun Homicide Rates, HSN
Jamal Browner Hits 435-Kilogram (959-Pound) Conventional Deadlift for 2 Reps in Training, Breaking Muscle
Radiation, a mainstay of cancer treatment, begins a fade-out, Stat
New Study Calls ‘Fat-Burning Zone’ on Treadmills Into Question, Mens Journal
Danger Is My Mid-Life Crisis: Reconsidering Risk and Consequence at 50, GearJunkie
The Best Pull-Up Workouts to Get Unstuck on Your Progression,
Yes, You Should Be Wearing Earplugs to Concerts. Specifically, These Earplugs., Wirecutter
What We Know About the Future of Endurance Training, Outside
The best cold plunge and ice bath tubs for your post-workout recovery, Manual
Evan Singleton Overhead Presses 204 Kilograms (450 Pounds) Less Than Two Weeks Out of 2023 Shaw Classic, Breaking Muscle
How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day? A Guide to Match Your Nutrition to Your Goal, Breaking Muscle
Mitchell Hooper Discusses Risks and Benefits of CrossFit, Draws Parallel to Strongman, Breaking Muscle
Fat burning during exercise varies widely between individuals, Science Daily
Plunge: A Cold Therapy Brand Making Waves, M&F
Weight Loss Drug Wegovy Reduces Serious Heart Disease, Real Clear Health
Fake Meat Is Failing Because It’s Gross and Unhealthy, Real Clear Health
Should you follow the anti-inflammatory diet? (If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean diet, yes), Manual

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