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War Without End: The Pentagon’s Failed Campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
Beating Them at Their Own Game: The Economic Dimension of Competing With China, War on the Rocks
Radical Islamist English-Language Online Magazines: Research Guide, Strategic Insights, and Policy Response, Small Wars Journal
Is Russia’s Military Better Than America’s?, The Interpreter
Pivoting to the Pacific, The Strategist
A ‘weakness of the West’? UK defense minister warns of lack of grand strategy, Defense News
When Would Russia’s Cyber Warfare Morph Into Real Warfare? Refer To The Tallinn Manual, In Homeland Security
At War: How South Koreans Are Reckoning With a Changing American Military Presence, NY Times
The U.S. Air Force Is Working Harder to Retain Female Officers, and Here’s How, Rand Corp.
WATCH: China’s Military Just Released a New Video Showing Off Its Most Powerful Weapons, Test Feed
The Insider Attack In Syria That DoD Denies Ever Happened, Real Clear Defense
How Russia Plans to Get Turkey on Its Side, The National Interest
At War: War Without End, NY Times
Looking Beyond Professional Military Education to Evaluating Officers, War on the Rocks
Think Space Force Is a Joke?: Four Major Space Threats to Take Seriously, Real Clear Defense
Why Germany’s Army Is in a Bad State, The Economist
Pentagon Triples Support to Philippines Through MARSOC, MC Times
Navy to Force Out Poor Performers, USNI News
How the Rangers Got into SOF – Barely, Small Wars Journal
Why Germany Should Get the Bomb, The National Interest


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Border Arrest Data Suggests Trump’s Push To Split Migrant Families Had Little Deterrent Effect, In Homeland Security
Oregon Deputy Uses Naloxone to Save K-9 from Accidental Overdose, Police Magazine
Denver Police to Roll Out New Use-of-Force Policy, Police One
Trump’s Border Wall Could Waste Billions of Dollars, Report Says, NY Times
As School Year Approaches, Police Begin “Saturation Patrols” Around Schools, Police Magazine
Sacramento police create new policy for chasing suspects, Police One
Preventing Struck-by-Vehicle Duty Deaths, Police Magazine
The Strengths, Dangers Of Technology On Patrol,
Terrorism Defined and Why It Matters, Small Wars Journal
Deputy’s widow sues after he drowns during training, Police One



According to Design Experts, These Are the Best Outdoor Products of the Year, Gear Patrol
Jimmy Chin’s Alex Honnold ‘Free Solo’ Film Trailer Drops, Adventure Journal
Outside Names Five of the Most Dangerous Peaks in the U.S., Adventure Journal
2018 Piolets d’Or Winners Announced, The Adventure Blog
Jeremy Jones Explains Why K2 First Descent Was Epic On Many Levels, Unofficial Networks
Our 7 Favorite Packrafting Trips, Outside Magazine
An Unofficial Guide To Ski Sidewall Construction, Unofficial Networks
Whitney Has Turned Into an Overcrowded Catastrophe, Outside
Making Homemade Dehydrated Meals for Backpacking Trips,
It Just Dumped a Foot in Italy – While a random snowstorm dropped on Sardinia amid record heat, wild weather elsewhere scorches planet, POWDER Magazine
Nepali Municipality Bans Use of Helicopters at Annapurna Base Camp, The Adventure Blog
Yellowstone Visitor Arrested After Taunting Bison, The Adventure Blog
NEW ZEALAND: Massive Avalanche Rips Chairlift Tower In Half (Nearly Kills Two Workers), Unofficial Networks
Opinion: Down With Cairns, Backpacker Magazine
North Ridge of Latok I finally climbed after 40 years of attempts, Alpinist
Alex Honnold Talks to Tim Ferriss About Fear and Risk, Outside


Fitness / Nutrition

The Economic Cost of America’s Obesity, NY Times
The Best Diet for the Inflammation of Aging,
Rebranding Motherhood, NY Times
Low Testosterone? You Could Be Overtraining, Breaking Muscle
What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Before a Run, Outside Magazine
4 Simple Moves That Will Help Fix Your Bad Posture, Men’s Journal
Do “sin taxes” work? The Economist
7 Moves You Should Avoid in Your Back Workouts, Muscle & Fitness
Omega-3 for Health: What the Latest Research Shows, Mark’s Daily Apple
The Best Food for Acne,
Clues to Your Health Are Hidden at 6.6 Million Spots in Your DNA, NY Times
Which Is Healthier: Coleslaw vs. Potato Salad, Men’s Health
The Hydration Packs Pros Prefer, Outside Magazine
How cannabis and cannabis-based drugs harm the brain, Science Daily



Why the Left Is So Afraid of Jordan Peterson, The Atlantic
The Ingredients For Civil War, Hoover Institution
For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades, Pew Research Center
The New Star Trek Show Is a Chance to Last Jedi the Hell Out of Captain Picard, Gizmodo
How 20 Seconds of Courage can Change Your Life. Nerd Fitness
Wearable ‘microbrewery’ saves human body from radiation damage, Science Daily
Male Birth Control Could Be Hitting the Shelves Soon, Men’s Health
The list is here: The largest defense companies on the globe, revealed, Defense News
How Jeff Bezos Hires Great People, Hoover Institute
Elaborate hack turned Amazon Echo speakers into spies, Endgadet

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