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Military / International Relations / National Security

Poland: Caught in the Crosshairs, Hoover Institution
The Army’s next infantry assault buggy might be a classic ‘G.I. Joe’ battlewagon, Task & Purpose
Russian nuclear engineers killed by explosion, Al Jazzera
Norse Heathenism believing airman gets beard waiver granted, paves way for more religious exemptions, War is Boring
Deterring and Defeating Chinese Neo-Imperialism, Small Wars Journal
Marine major who emailed classified information to warn of a potential Afghanistan insider attack should be retained, panel finds, Marine Corps Times
Soldier accused of stealing 43 pairs of night vision goggles from Fort Bragg due in court, Stars & Stripes
Eid al-Adha attack kills Filipino soldiers, child in Sulu, Al Jazzera
Ukraine’s president offers citizenship to Russian political refugees, Reuters
U.S. Military Calls ISIS in Afghanistan a Threat to the West. Intelligence Officials Disagree., Homeland Security Newswire
Making Sense of U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan., Rand Corp.
WWIII the only option to reboot the world?, Pravda Report
The Marine Corps has reinvented itself throughout its history. The new Commandant is doing it again., Task & Purpose
Why Are the Taliban Reluctant to Declare a Ceasefire?. The Diplomat
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley’s Four Myths of War, Small Wars Journal
NATO jet chased off by aircraft escorting Russian defense minister’s plane, Moscow says, The Hill
Military probes possible friendly fire in Marine death, Politico
Deep in the Mountains of Honduras, Few Know What this U.S. Military Task Force Does, Small Wars Journal
A-10 re-winging completed, will keep Warthog in the air until late 2030s, Air Force Times
Russia Orders Evacuation of Village Near Site of Nuclear Accident. NY Times
Rocky Bleier’s vulnerability on display in documentary following his return to Vietnam, Stars & Stripes
Coast Guard officer on Maine-based ship relieved of command, Stars & Stripes
Commandos’ Behavior Prompts Pentagon Review of Special Operations Culture, NY Times
FBI seeking to question alleged Al Qaeda operative in Brazil, Reuters


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Mass Shootings Give Rise To Bullet-Resistant Backpacks, In Homeland Security
Border Numbers Dip Below 100k For 1st Time In Months, In Homeland Security
Mont. lab provides firefighters with insights and tools to battle wildfires, Fire Rescue 1
Good for Google, Bad for America, Homeland Security Newswire
To avoid future “El Pasos” and “Daytons,” it’s time to invest in prevention, Brookings
The Notre-Dame fire: Battling “something bigger than life”, Fire Rescue 1
NYPD Officer Dies by Suicide—8th this Year, Police One
Rikers Island officers save coworker from brutal sexual assault, LE Today
What’s new in fire department apparatus bay design and technology, Fire Rescue 1
Protestors threaten ICE contractors, their kids and pets: “We know where all your children live”, LE Today
Are mass shootings in America actually “lost cause terrorism”?, LE Today
5 children killed in fire at Pa. daycare center, Fire Rescue 1
The dirty dozen: Updating the ’10 deadly errors’ of policing, Police 1
Wildfire Devastated Town Offers $20K Signing Bonuses to Officers, LE Today



6 Weeks to Stronger Fingers: Anticipating and Avoiding Injury, Climbing Magazine
Wolf Tried To Drag Camper From Tent At Banff National Park, Unofficial Networks
Industry Buzz: Hobie, ORU, microplastics in our rain, a hiker death, Mystery Ranch’s climbing packs, and more, SNEWS
Road Kill Costs Millions, Endangers Lives, and Hurts Wildlife Populations. Here’s a Plan to Fix That, Outdoor Life
Mikaela Shiffrin Joins Adidas In Multi-Year Partnership, Unofficial Networks
Why Thru-Hikers Are Obsessed with Fantasy Books, Outside
New Eberlestock Technical Hunting Apparel!, Eastmans
More Multiyear Snow Droughts Are Probably in Our Future, Adventure Journal
We Tried to Do Vanlife Right. It Broke Us Down., Outside
Lessons from Extreme Adventures with Jerry Holl, Julie Hotz and Ryan Higginbotham, REI Co-Op Journal
Police Believe That Criminals Cut Sea-To-Sky Gondola Cable Causing A Major Disaster, Unofficial Networks


Fitness / Health / Wellness / Nutrition

The fertility business is booming, The Economist
Mail-in DNA test results bring surprises about family history for many users, Pew Research Center
The Secret to Better Performance? Restful Sleep., OUtside
Up to half of patients withhold life-threatening issues from doctors, Science Daily
Teen vaping tied to marijuana use, Reuters
The World Happiness Report and the science of personal happiness,
Here’s What It Takes to Feed an Entire NFL Team, Muscle & Fitness
Science-Backed Weight Loss Exercises That Just Work, Yahoo
5 Red Flags To Look Out For When Choosing a Personal Trainer, Muscle & Fitness
Eating Red Meat Tied to Increased Breast Cancer Risk, NY Times
Eating Red Meat Tied to Increased Breast Cancer Risk, Web
Your Guide to ‘Female Viagra’, Web MD
Opinion: Five things I wish I knew earlier in my journey with chronic pain, STAT
Is Doing Too Many Reps Killing Your Strength and Muscle Gains?, Stack
The Fine Art of Drinking the Right Amount of Water, Outside



Why aren’t there any left-handed quarterbacks in the NFL?, Stars & Stripes
Portland, Oregon, braces for far-right rally and counterprotest, Stars & Stripes
The Rural America Death Spiral, Real Clear Defense
Blue Origin Files Protest Over Flawed’ Air Force Launch Procurement, Real Clear Defense
The Best Multi-Tool, NY Times
The Truth About Asia’s Elephant Tourism, The Diplomat
Marine who sent Nazi imagery to ‘Terminal Lance’ creator gets busted down to private, Stars & Stripes
Uber lost over $5bn in the second quarter, The Economist
The Best (and Mostly Affordable) Classic Cars You Can Buy from 1985-1995, Gear Patrol
Ancient pigs endured a complete genomic turnover after they arrived in Europe, Science Daily
The New Ford Ranger Was Outsold By The Notably Ancient Nissan Frontier, Gear Patrol
NASA’s First Water-Powered Spacecraft Successfully Orbits Earth. Mashable India

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