Arete 8.1.19

Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

US troops definitely want to keep deploying to Afghanistan, enlisted leaders say, Task & Purpose
Vietnamese fishermen call for action against China, Reuters
Vets: Afghanistan War Wasn’t Worth It, but Troops Still Want to Deploy There, Real Clear Defense
UN: Nearly 4,000 Afghan civilians killed or wounded by war during first half of 2019, Stars & Stripes
Moroccan king pardons thousands, including ‘Hirak’ protesters, Al Jazerra
Guatemala’s president faces backlash at immigration deal with US, Al Jazerra
Secretary of state: Trump wants troops out of Afghanistan before the 2020 election, Marine Corps Times
The Delta Force soldier who died during a 2018 raid in Syria was actually killed by friendly fire, Task & Purpose
The Bill for ‘America First’ Is Coming Due, The Atlantic
UK plays Brexit hardball from a submarine base, pound tumbles, Reuters
German government divided over joining Strait of Hormuz naval mission,
What’s Driving Japan’s Trade Restrictions on South Korea?, The Diplomat
Europe’s Future Will Be Decided in North Africa, Council of Foreign Relations
A last chance for Turkey? There could still be time to fix the S-400 issue, Defense News
About that Counter-Iran Coalition…, Defense One
FBI Director: China No. 1 Counter-Intelligence Threat to the U.S., Homeland Security Newswire



PCT Hikers Share Their Most Trusted Gear, Outside
What Is Shin Bang, Globo Surf
Here’s How a Top Adventure Cyclist Powers Through Ass-Kicking Sufferfests, Adventure Journal
The Trace We Leave: Climbing’s Impact on Crag Flora, Climbing Mag
LOWA acquires the shoemaker Riko Sport, SNEWS
The Best Outdoor Podcasts of All Time, Outside
Black Diamond Moving Some Manufacturing Out of US, Laying Off 70, Adventure Journal
Why Black Diamond Is Halting U.S. Manufacturing, Outside
Denver Man Airlifted @ 13,200ft After Activating “Spot Beacon”, Unnoffical Networks
Women make cupcakes. Men make beer and gear. SNEWS
3 Reasons an Expensive Cooler is Better Than a Cheap Cooler, Outdoor Life
Two Bears Killed in Yellowstone After Woman Is Bit In Her Tent, Adventure Journal
What’s the role of climbing guidebooks in the age of apps?, REI Co-Op Journal


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Gunman posted online minutes before killing three at garlic festival, Stars & Stripes
Two Firefighters on Life and Risk, Outside
Border Apprehensions Drop Due to Crackdown and Summer Heat, In Homeland Security
Using Social Media to Analyze, Thwart Terrorist Activity, Homeland Security Newswire
Snow Globes Filled With Methamphetamine Seized By Australian Police, Unofficial Networks
Military Says 16 Marines Arrested In Human Smuggling Probe, In Homeland Security
Allocating Costs for California Wildfires, Rand Corp
Civilian Active Shooter Training – The Power of WHY,
Update: Family of fallen officer forced to remove Thin Blue Line flag – “It’s racist”, LE Today
NC trooper paralyzed from neck down after pursuit, Police One
Chaos: Man opens fire in tourist hot spot, hits cop, then these warriors responded, LE Today
2 Austin firefighters fired for cheating on hazmat training exam, Firerescue1
“CopBlaster” website is a desperate cry for attention from cop haters, LE Today
Twins Offer Buckets of Snacks to Officers After NYPD Cops Doused With Water,
5 statements cops should never make on duty, Police One
A bad day for firefighters in Luxembourg, Wildfire Today
WATCH: Police Tase Stabbing Suspect 23 Times, Fire 15 Bean Bags,
LEO Examines the Shooting of Vaughn Denham, Who Ignored 30 Commands,


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Have Marines Gotten Bigger? Corps Prepares for New Body Survey,
Weightlifter Hubbard becomes lightning rod for criticism of transgender policy, Reuters
The Air Force is investigating whether fighter pilots are at increased risk of prostate cancer, Task & Purpose
These Are the Best Gas-Station Snacks, Outside
Lack motivation? Try this summer workout playlist, backed by science, NBC News
The Simple Chest Workout to Grow Your Pecs, Muscle & Fitness
Fitness evolution sparked by science, group exercise, technology, WVRO Public Media
Does Orangetheory Fitness work for weight loss and muscle toning?, CNET
The Skinny Advantage in Muscle Building, Breaking Muscle
AI helping military, athletes prevent injuries via movement patternsFox Business
Leg Press vs. Squats: What’s the Best Exercise for Massive Gains?, Thrive Global
Five or more hours of smartphone usage per day may increase obesity, Science Daily
Meal Replacements Still Don’t Taste Good, Outside
Researchers estimate societal costs of the opioid epidemic, Science Daily
What About Canned Fruit?, Nutrition Facts



German environmentalists urge ban on fireworks in major cities,
Senegal to crack down on huge plastic waste by enforcing law, Reuters
Secretive group provides unmarked buildings, quiet legal help for accused priests, Stars & Stripes
Americans have become much less positive about tech companies’ impact on the U.S., Pew Research
Why Chinese parents prefer Lego to Barbie, The Economist
Profits are down in America Inc, The Economist
Energy from seawater, Science Daily
Our Test Ride of Cake’s Kalk E-Motorbike, Outside
The Best Indoor Security Camera, NY Times
Hunting Down the Alaska Highway Murderers, Outside

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