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Win the Battle, Lose the War: How the U.S. Can Sustain Counterterrorism Gains, Small Wars Journal
China Is Muscling India Out of the Maldives, War is Boring
China’s Expansion in the Pacific Is a Growing Naval Threat, In Homeland Security
Danish Ministry of Defense Chooses SIG P320 X-Carry, Recoil
More spies now in Brussels than Vienna, Austrian intelligence chief says, Intel News
The Firebrand Leftist Far Ahead in Mexico’s Presidential Polls, NY Times
VA Report Provides Updated Information on Veteran Suicide Rates, In Homeland Security
AI for Good in War: Beyond Google’s “Don’t Be Evil,” Breaking Defense
World War III: The Army’s 1980s Plan to Fight the Soviets, National Interest
US Army executes active electronic attack in Europe for first time since Cold War, Defense News


Narco-lonization: The Growing Threat of Narco-Municipality in Latin America, Small Wars Journal
Seattle Police Department Experiencing Mass Exodus Over Discontentment, LE Today
German court rules that police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia must be at least 163cm tall, Homeland Security Newswire
Texas Officer Accuses PD of Having Arrest Quotas, Police Mag
School Shootings: You Have to Go In, Police Mag
Shadowy Cell in France Plotted to Kill Muslim Civilians, Authorities Say, NY Times
A Look at Lone Wolf Terrorism in the 2020s, In Homeland Security
19 ICE Agents Ask DHS Secretary to Reorganize their Agency Over Immigration Enforcement, Police Mag
How to Minimize Accidental “Struck By” Duty Deaths, Police Mag
Understanding key factors for police de-escalation of potential suicides, Police One
How should cops handle bad 911 calls?, Police One
Washington Police Union Says Officers Are Quitting Over City Politics, Police Mag
What the West Can Learn from Florida About Forest Fires, Outside



Denver Just Had It’s Hottest Day Ever, Unofficial Networks
Wanna Do a High Sierra Trail Thru-hike? You Will After This Film, Adventure Journal
This Under-the-Radar Brand Is the Most Innovative in the Outdoor Market, Gear Patrol
The Best Travel Stories We’ve Ever Told, Outside Magazine
REYR Reinvents The Fly Rod, Gearjunkie
BRECKENRIDGE: Unexploded Avalanche Bomb Found, Controlled Detonation Executed, Unofficial Networks
How To Layer For Climbing Mount Rainier, Outdoor Research
Ditching Your Phone Will Change How You Recreate, Outside
Adventure E-Bikes Are Here, and This One Looks Awesome, Gear Patrol
Backstory: Rising Up, Backcountry Magazine
Hoof Rot: A Crisis In The Pacific Northwest, Eastman’s Magazine
Leave No Trace Says Stop Geotagging, for Pete’s Sake, Adventure Journal
Top Women Alpine Skiers Out-Earn Men for Second Year – Man-tana shredit! Saddleback fraud! Name Loveland’s lift!, Powder
Pinned By a Boulder in a Flash, Adventure Journal
Report: Millennials Are Requiring Rescue From Utah’s National Parks At Unprecedented Rates, Unofficial Networks
5 Mountaineers on Their All-Time Favorite Books, Outside


Nutrition, Fitness, Health

U.S. women are postponing motherhood, but not as much as those in most other developed nations, Pew Research Center
How to Set Running Goals as You Age, Outside
The Best Stretches for Road Trips, Men’s Journal
5 Strategies for Athletic Success, Breaking Muscle
Books of The Times: What the Living Can Learn by Looking Death Straight in the Eye, NY Times
Why popcorn tastes better when you eat it with chopsticks, Science Daily
What Men Get Wrong About Building Muscle, Muscle & Fitness
5 Reasons your Hang Clean Sucks, Muscle &  Fitness
If You Want to Get Stronger, You Should Lift Less, Men’s Journal
Maximal running shoes may increase injury risk to some runners, Science Daily
Changes in stress after meditation, Science Daily
5 Ways to Improve Your Push Press Form, Muscle & Fitness
Obesity Rates Higher in Country Than City, NY Times



Shifting Public Views on Legal Immigration Into the U.S., Pew Research Center
Lies, Damned Lies, And Immigration Policy, Hoover Institution
The Last Cowboys: A Cattle-Ranching Family Fights to Survive, National Geographic News
Public Attitudes Toward Technology Companies, Pew Research Center
Why Do We Value Country Folk More Than City People?, NY Times
Bavaria: Affluent, Picturesque — and Angry, NY Times
10 Reasons Why Alaska Airlines Is Our Favorite Carrier, Outside

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