Arete 7.4.19

Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Gunmen kill 16 in attack on Niger military camp, Reuters
Why America Remains a 2nd-Generation Military, Small Wars Journal
The Army is considering overturning Bowe Bergdahl’s sentence, Marine Corps Times
Houthi drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport leaves nine injured, Reuters
Are war fighters closer to AI-enhanced situational awareness?, Defense News
Navy fires commanding officer after collision, Navy Times
Opinion: Germany’s awkward search for a national identity continues,
Report: NATO jets escort Russian aircraft six times last week, Stars & Stripes
NATO ally Turkey rebuffs US, poised to receive Russian weapons system, Stars & Stripes
New Army Green Service Uniform Sighted At The Kremlin, Soldier Systems


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Google tweaked algorithm after rise in US shootings, The Guardian
In New Turf War, Treasury Dept. Seeks Control of Secret Service, Homeland Security Newswire
US Border Patrol agents mocked migrant deaths on Facebook: report, Al Jazzera
Does America face a threat from within?, Brookings Institute
After Handling of Mass Shootings, Broward Sheriff’s Office Loses Accreditation,
The Lynching of the American Police Officer, LE Today
Portland mayor under fire for failure to stop multiple violent antifa protests, LE Today
Documentary on the Honda Canyon Fire fatalities, Wildfire Today
Granite Mountain Hotshots — Six years ago today, Wildfire Today
FBI: Terrorists are looking to strike America on Independence Day, LE Today
Wildfire Episode Six: The Language of Wildfire, REI Co-op Journal



My Favorite Piece of 2019 Gear Costs $12, Outside
Opinion: Is Competition Climbing a Team Sport?, Climbing Magazine
Go Skiing This Fourth Of July @ One Of These OPEN Ski Resorts, Unofficial Networks
Big Mountain Skier John Collinson Is In Insane Shape, Unofficial Networks
New Jersey Doctor Sentenced To Jail Time In “Ski Rage” Attack Against Child, Unofficial Networks
When Your Dirtbag Passion Isn’t Enough Anymore, Adventure Journal
Freesoloist Austin Howell Dies in Fall, Outside
The Best Gear From Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019, Backpacker
An Arctic Fox Thru-Hiked 2,000 Miles from Norway to Canada in 76 Days, Adventure Journal


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The Best Fitness Apps for Your Specific Goals, Muscle & Fitness
Sports Medicine Market 2019 Comprehensive Research Study, Size, Global Trends, Development Status, Opportunities, Future Plans, Competitive Landscape and Growth by Forecast 2024-The Revert News, Revert News
Teens Are Probably Drinking Too Much Caffeine, The Atlantic
Disrupted sleep in one’s 50s, 60s raises risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Science Daily
Extreme exercise can strain the heart without causing permanent damage, Science Daily
Mini ‘magic’ MRI scanner could diagnose knee injuries more accurately, Science Daily
Doing these 3 little things on weekends can help you live a happier and longer life, science says, CNBC
Everything You Need To Know About Fasting, Longevity Live
U.S. Army Physical Demands Study: Differences in Physical Fitness and Occupational Task Performance Between Trainees and Active Duty Soldiers, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research
Combined Effects of Self-Myofascial Release and Dynamic Stretching on Range of Motion, Jump, Sprint, and Agility Performance, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research
Obese people outnumber smokers two to one, Science Daily
Quorn protein builds muscle better than milk protein, Science Daily
Why So Many of Us Don’t Lose Weight When We Exercise, NY Times
The Flawed Science Behind Walking 10,000 Steps Every Day, Yahoo Science
The Many Faces Of Work Addiction, Psychology Today



First whales caught as Japan resumes commercial hunt after 30 years, Reuters
No exceptions: New York, Washington, Maine abolish religious exemptions for measles vaccine, California looks to limit medical exemptions, Homeland Security Newswire
What slumping demand for cruises says about Chinese tourists, The Economist
Any single hair from the human body can be used for identification, Homeland Security Newswire
The Gear We’d Buy If Price Was No Object, Gear Patrol
Can a $2,500 E-Bike Replace Your Car?, Outside
Rethink environmental regulations in Africa, study urges, Science Daily
Murder in the Paleolithic? Evidence of violence behind human skull remains, Science Daily
Amazon Confirms It Keeps Alexa Transcripts You Can’t Delete, Gizmodo
Roaches Are Getting Harder and Harder to Kill, Gizmodo
Facebook’s image outage reveals how the company’s AI tags your photos, The Verge

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