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How the US Could Lose the Next War – And How the Migrant Crisis Demonstrates This, Small Wars Journal
The AK-12 and AK-15: Russia’s Latest Deadly Assault Rifles, Test Feed
America Ignores Africa to Its Peril, The National Interest
Marine Corps Wants Suicide Drone Swarms, Real Clear Defense
Iron Dome: Here Is How Israel Protects Itself From Hamas In Gaza, Test Feed
Pentagon announces $200 million in aid for Ukraine, Defense News
4 Ways Iran Could Wage a Deadly War Against America, The National Interest
NATO command touts body count of ‘Taliban irreconcilables’, Long War Journal
New Coast Guard Commandant Focusing on Readiness, The National Interest
How to Reshape the U.S. Military in 5 Steps, Defense News



First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

The Northland’s Forgotten Border, Homeland Security
Interesting pattern of wildfires in Southwest Oregon, Wildfire Today
The Rising National Debt Could Become a Fiscal Pearl Harbor, Homeland Secu
Whiteboard: How Well Does the Army Develop Strategic Leaders?, War Room
Wildfires Kill at Least 20 People Near Athens, NY Times
Border Patrol Losing More Agents Than It Can Hire, In Homeland Security
15 reasons to consider a snubby revolver for your backup gun, Police One
Man Unleashes Pitbull on New York Officer, Dog Wounded by Gunshot, Police Mag
Does Anything Work in Parole and Probation?, LE Today



2019 Hoyt Nitrux Compound Bow,
Olympic Skier David Wise Wins ESPY for Best Male Action Sports Athlete, Outside Magazine
Sierra Designs Cloud 35 Sleeping Bag – Zipperless Sleeping Bag Review, Outdoor Gear Review
How a Drone Rescued a Climber on Broad Peak, Outside Magazine
Polish mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel is the first to ski from summit of K2, Freeskier
Hunting In Bear Country: After The Kill, Eastman’s Bowhunting
How to Accomplish Big Goals Disaster-Style in 6 Easy Steps, Climbing Mag
Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail Adds 400 More Miles, The Adventure Blog


Fitness / Nutrition

Yes, Mindfulness Makes You a Better Athlete, Outside Magazine
Most common shoulder operation is no more beneficial than placebo surgery, Science Daily
How to Clean Up Your Diet to Lose Weight, Men’s Journal
5 Common Core Exercise Mistakes and Fixes, Mike Reinhold
How cannabis and cannabis-based drugs harm your brain, Science Daily
Women Need to Lift More, Breaking Muscle
Bilateral Comparison of Vertical Jump Landings and Step-off Landings From Equal Heights, Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Clean Up Your Sleep, Breaking Muscle
Ultimate Guide to Allulose Sweetener, Mark’s Daily Apple
What Is Orthorexia? Why Healthy, Fit Guys May Be Most At Risk, Men’s Health
Is Icing an Injury Really Bad for You? What the Science Says, Mike Reinold
Are Sends Really More Instagram Worthy Than Real Life? Outdoor Research



People love to hate do-gooders, especially at work, Science Daily
Extremist candidates appear on ballots around U.S., In Homeland Security
Scientists perfect technique to boost capacity of computer storage a thousand-fold, Science Daily

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