Arete 7.20.17

Frustrated Foreign Fighters, Brookings Institute
Identifying global hotspots for water conflict, Homeland Security News Wire
US Airstrikes In Afghanistan Are At Levels Not Seen Since Obama Troop Surge, Washington Post
Maritime Risk and Safety: Preventing the USS Cole Attack, InMilitary
The ‘Blackwater 2.0’ Plan for Afghanistan, The Atlantic
The Role of Forward Presence in U.S. Military Strategy, Military Review

Homeland Security/Terrorism
Students Are the Newest U.S. Weapon Against Terrorist Recruitment NY Times
Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security Dept. and F.B.I. Say, NY Times
Combatting cyber threats, Homeland Security News Wire
Counting the cost – Cyber exposure decoded, Lloyds
The terrorist diaspora: After the fall of the caliphate, Long War Journal

Book Review: Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold and David Roberts, American Alpine Institute
The sport of skiing is growing in the massive Himalaya; this writer went there to investigate, Freeskier
How to Deal with the Fragile Male Ego as an Adventurous Woman, Outside
Summer Climbs 2017: K2 Reminds Teams Why it is ‘The Savage Mountain’, The Adventure Blog
(Podcast) The Queen of Pain Reflects, The Red Bulletin

First Responder
The Leadership Triad – Core Values and Ethics, Firefighters Enemy
The Crisis in America’s Crime Labs, Law Enforcement Today
Advice You’d Give to Rookie Officers, Law Enforcement Today
Wildfire Smoke Map, Wildfire Today
Why cops must be scholars: 6 tips for understanding research, Police One

The Three Books That Taught Me How to Survive, Outside
What to Look for When Buying Used Ski Gear, Powder
The Future Of Road Bikes? Strada 3T Reveal, Gear Junkie
Why I Love My Carhartt Pants, Gear Junkie
USSOCOM Seeks Body Worn Sensors, Soldier Systems

A History of Marathon Fueling, Outside
Climb Strong: Don’t Try to Get Tired…, Training Beta
The Quadruped Rockback Test: RIP, Resilient Performance Physical Therapy
(Podcast) Rob Pilger on how to build a better boxer, Robertson Training Systems
Matt Moseley, the “Uniquely Joyful” Long Distance Swimmer Attempts a Caribbean Crossing, Mens Journal

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