Arete 7.2.20

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Space Force launches third GPS III satellite, Air Force Times
Despite pandemic, Air Force continues long-range Bomber Task Force missions in Europe, Air Force Times
Trump approves plan to withdraw 9,500 US troops from Germany, BBC News
Congress moves to block Trump’s Germany troop withdrawal plans, Defense News
Pentagon to increase control over nuclear weapons funding under Senate proposal, Defense News
China Becoming Concern for U.S. Commanders in Europe,
Proposals would make extremist activity a military crime, create DOD oversight office for racial issues, Military Times
Unmanned, Lethal, and Organic: The Future of Air Support for Ground Combat Forces, Modern War Institute


Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

What do Firefighting Ability Tests Tell Us About Firefighter Physical Fitness? A Systematic Review of the Current Evidence, Journal of Strength and Conditioning
10,000 officers respond to policing poll: Only 7% would recommend becoming a cop, PoliceOne Daily News
Should Cops Get ‘Qualified Immunity’? Hoover Institution
8 tactics to prevent or survive gunfire at a demonstration, PoliceOne Daily News
1,200 extra Chicago cops to be deployed over July 4 weekend, PoliceOne Daily News
Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend postponed due to pandemic, FireRescue 1 Daily News



5 Ways To Improve: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Unofficial Networks
Unsent: 100 Free Replacement Route Names, Climbing Magazine
Uncut: Anak Verhoeven Makes the First Ascent of Belgium’s Hardest Route, Climbing Magazine
The 18 New Rules of Camping, Outside
Become a Better Skier Through Rock Climbing This Summer, POWDER Magazine
How A Girl From A Remote Nepali Village Became a World-Class Trail Runner | The Way Of The Wildcard, Red Bull


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

How We Get Stronger, NYT
Reexamining the Mythology of the Tarahumara Runners, Outside Magazine
Measuring Ketones: What, When, Why, and How, Mark’s Daily Apple
15 Lessons Learned for Lifters From the Great Lockdown, Breaking Muscle
Effect of Ibuprofen on Muscle, Hematological and Renal Function, Hydric Balance, Pain, and Performance During Intense Long-Distance Running, Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Carolyn Parker Shares Lessons from 25 Years of Breaking Trail for Female Athletes and Coaches, Uphill Athlete
Running Tracks and GPS Watches, Uphill Athlete
We Can No Longer Take Breathing for Granted, Outside Magazine



No one wants to go back to lockdown. Is there a middle ground for containing Covid-19?, STAT
Geologists identify deep-earth structures that may signal hidden metal lodes, Science Daily
Marine training may take more mental than physical grit, Science Daily
The Tour de France Goes Virtual, Outside Magazine
Unemployment rate is higher than officially recorded, more so for women and certain other groups
, Fact Tank
PETA wants the Air Force Academy to stop using live falcon mascots, Air Force Times
‘Chasing the virus’: How India’s largest slum overcame a pandemic, Al Jazeera

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