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Rational Choice and How Erdogan Keeps Winning, Small Wars Journal
Trump and Putin Should Start Small at Helsinki Summit, Rand Corp.
Wars of none: AI, big data, and the future of insurgency, Brookings Institute
Three Inviolable Rules of Trigger Finger Discipline, Recoil
Marines in Taiwan? China’s Not Happy, Marine Times
The German Air Force is Falling to Pieces, War is Boring
Behind the Secret U.S. War in Africa, Politico
Robust Leadership Development: Lessons Learned from the British Army’s Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course at the Infantry Battle School, Small Wars Journal
Marine One-Star Cited for Misusing Aide, Marine Times
Body Armor 101: What You Need to Know, Recoil
How To Fix Special Ops, Task & Purpose


Homeland Security, First Responder, Wildland Fire

No Evidence that Trump’s Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy Is Working, In Homeland Security
Greenpeace France crashes drone at French nuclear plant, In Homeland Security
Simulation of fuel bed ignition by wildland firebrands, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Court: Wis. police can draw blood from drunk drivers without warrant, Police One
Israel develops technologies to fight devastating fire kites, Homeland Security Newswire
Video shows LEOs storming show to protect audience in Vegas shooting, Police One
Officer’s hesitation during Vegas mass shooting prompts review, Police One
Union: Indianapolis PD experiencing ‘mass exodus’ of officers, Police One
Things I Miss About a Career in Law Enforcement, LE Today
7 unusual police agencies you’ve probably never heard of, Police One
Granite Mountain Hotshots — five years ago today, Wildfire Today
Brief Snapshot in the Life of a Law Enforcement Officer, LE Today
Utah Sheriff Resigns Over Funding Shortage, Police Mag
What’s Next for Mexico? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know., In Homeland Security
What Does the FBI’s Latest Study on Active Shooters Really Mean?, Police Magazine



How to Clean Your Mountain Bike, Outside
How to Backpack in Bear Country – How to Handle and Prevent Bear Encounters, The Outdoor Gear Review
More than 70,000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Everest, Adventure Journal
A 1,000 Foot 5.14: Whit Magro Sends Wyoming’s Longest, Hardest Route, Climbing Mag
Five Pieces of Perfectly Designed Gear, Outside
Best Made in America Outdoor Brands, Gear Patrol
WATCH: 1983 Toyota Truck VS. Colorado’s Most Challenging Trail, Unofficial Networks
How to Really Test a Compound Bow, Outdoor Life
5 Things I Didn’t Properly Plan for on my First DIY Backcountry Hunt,
The History of Snowboarding In 2 Minutes, Unofficial Networks
Ultralight Backpacking Gear Guide 2018, Gear Institute
Better Bowhunter: Practice at Extended Distances, Bowhunter TV
When Your Identity Is Tied To Climbing, What Happens When You Get Injured?, Outdoor Research
Are Electric Mountain Bikes Ruining Trail Systems?, Gear Patrol
Film Review: Mountain, American Alpine Institute
The Best Map Apps for Navigating the Wilderness, Outside
The Best New Compound Bows of 2018, Tested, Outdoor Life
Backstory: Turning Back, Backcountry Magazine


Fitness / Nutrition

How to Avoid Overtraining, Outside
Exercise May Aid in Weight Loss. Provided You Do Enough., NY Times
Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer, NY Times
Here Are 10 Reasons Why You’re So Hungry All The Damn Time, Men’s Health
Do You Need a Personalized Hydration Plan to Maximize Performance?, Men’s Journal
Officers Trained for Solo Response to Active Shooter,
7 Best Caffeinated Products to Boost Your Energy, Muscle & Fitness
New Study Reveals That Your Testosterone Levels Are Based On Your Childhood Rather Than Genetics, Men’s Health
Does “Sleep Hacking” Work?, Mark’s Daily Apple
Over Specialization Versus Long Term Development, Breaking Muscle
Surgery offers young patients long-term benefits after meniscus tears, Science Daily



Stories From Experts About the Impact of Digital Life, Pew Research Center
5 facts about Episcopalians, Pew Research Center
Neuroscientists uncover secret to intelligence in parrots, Science Daily
Americans Are Having Fewer Babies. They Told Us Why., NY Times
Lions Eat Men Suspected of Poaching Rhinos. Some Saw ‘Karma.’, NY Times
Will Our Current Political Conflicts Turn Violent?, Hoover Institute

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