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Military / Foreign Relations / National Security

AC-130J gunship team honored for saving 88 Americans, Afghans in overseas shootout, Air Force Times
An Army brigade posted to Taiwan, and other ways to counter China being floated, Air Force Times
Moderate Democrats rebuke defense budget cuts, Defense News
Air Force activates first of its kind wing for spectrum, Defense News
US to keep about 650 troops in Afghanistan after withdrawal, Defense News
China’s Fusion Research Is Heating Up, Defense One
France Rejects Le Pen’s Far-Right Party, Foreign Policy
U.S. Strikes Point to Growing Iranian Drone Threat, Foreign Policy
The Quad Is a Delusion, Foreign Policy
All UK arrivals in EU should be quarantined, says Angela Merkel, The Guardian
The Future of Warfare, Hudson Institute
US Army leverages VR technology to improve combat decision making, Janes
The U.S. Marines’ mythic fight at Belleau Wood, Marine Corps Times
Navy says goodbye to relaxed grooming standards, Navy Times
Norway gets tougher on US’ spying, Norway News
Germany continues waging war of vaccines against Russia, Pravda Report
Competing with Russia Militarily, RAND Corp
Decoding China’s Recent Combat Drills in the First Island Chain, Real Clear Defense
Hypersonic Missiles: A New Arms Race, The Diplomat
A Tale of Two Surges, Modern War Institute
Portable Nuclear Reactor Program Sparks Controversy, NatiDef
Marines Corps Intensifies Infantry Training, Stars & Stripes
U.S. Navy Ships Close to Getting ICBM Interceptors,Bloomberg
Hundreds of Whistleblower Complaints From Troops, Stars & Stripes
How China Will Try to Unmask U.S. Submarines, Forbes
US ‘Retains Clear Superiority’ In Cyber; China Rising: IISS Study, Breaking Defense
Who’s Who in Defense: Gen. David Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Breaking Defense
What we know about the Air Force veteran killed in an alleged hate crime in Massachusetts, Taks & Purspose
Debunking the AI Arms Race Theory, Texas Nat Security Review
When Japan Waged a Currency War Against China, The Diplomat
Drone Attacks on Indian Air Force Base in Jammu Underscore New Threat, The Diplomat
North Korea’s Economy Continues to Show Warning Signs, The Diplomat
Trump screamed at Milley over military crackdown on protests: book, The Hill
As Afghanistan war nears end, details emerge on how Predator drone revolutionized warfare, War is Boring
Hellfires Wanted: It’s Time to Start Tasking Armed Drones as Combat Aircraft, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Biden Administration Forces Out Trump-Era Border Patrol Chief, NY Times
Biden Officials Consider Phasing Out Rule That Blocked Migrants During Pandemic, NY Times
The information gradient: How all firefighters contribute to the knowledge base, Fire Rescue 1
2 FFs, 2 FF-medics quit Calif. FD after city rejects funding proposal, Fire Rescue 1
NJ firefighter dies following training session, Fire Rescue 1
Police: ‘Samaritan’ killed Colo. gunman, then was shot by police while holding suspect’s gun, Police 1

Lenco FireCat helps put out fire under threat of armed gunman, Police 1
Slain Colorado Officer was Ambushed by Gunman who Hated Police, Police Mag
CNN — pay disparity between Federal firefighters and other jurisdictions is “staggering”, Wildfire Today
Forest Service document reports 25% of hotshot crews can’t meet required standards, Wildfire Today
A Degradation of Law and Order: Why Police Officers are Walking Away, Tactical Gun Life


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Goodbye, coffee? Service members might soon be fueled by a jolt to the brain, Air Force Times
Juul to pay North Carolina $40M for targeting teens with e-cigs, Al Jazerra
Mixing Covid vaccines gives good protection, study suggests, BBC
Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Likely to Produce Lasting Immunity, Study Finds, NY Times
How to Organize Your Fridge, Wirecutter
Running to music combats mental fatigue, study suggests, Science Daily
Red America’s Covid Problem, NY Times
8 Reasons Your Balls Hurt, Men’s Health
Challenging Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Vision | Improving A Pro Footballer’s Eyesight & Reactions, Red Bull
What Happened When This Guy Did Pullups For 1 Hour Wearing a 30-Pound Weighted Vest, Men’s Health
I Challenge You to Train Like a Human, Breaking Muscle
Switching from Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin, joint inflammation, Science Daily
Acute Effect of Popular High-Intensity Functional Training Exercise on Physiologic Markers of Growth, JSCR
Effects of Caffeine Chewing Gum on Exercise Tolerance and Neuromuscular Responses in Well-Trained Runners, JSCR
Effects of Preferred vs. Nonpreferred Music on Resistance Exercise Performance, JSCR
Maximal Oxygen Consumption Requirements in Professional North American Ice Hockey, JSCR
Prediction of Anaerobic Power From Standing Long Jump in NCAA Division IA Football Players, JSCR
How to Bulk Up and Gain Muscle Mass, Men’s Health
Is Coffee Shrinking Your Brain? Here’s Where to Cut Yourself Off, Men’s Journal
What It Takes to Run a Mountain-Ultra-Trail Race, Outside
5 Moves to Protect Your Joints from Injury, Outside


Mountain / Outside Adventure

What It’s Like to Spray a Bear: One Man’s Takeaways From a Close Encounter, GearJunkie
Idaho camper kills charging bull moose,
Freedom From Mosquitoes: How Thermacell’s Portable MR300 Battles the Bugs, GearJunkie
Rephotographing Wind River Glaciers — Ed Sherline Q&A, Backcountry Ski Blog
This Might Be the, Um, Poo-Fect Trowel, Adventure Journal
Spearfishing Is About Connecting with the Environment, Outside
Doing the Work, Patagonia
Watch Marco Sappa climb Greenspit in Valle dell’Orco, Italy, Planet Mountain
The Crawfish Boogie, HL News
Arizona Finalizes Complete Trail Camera Ban Starting in 2022, Wide Open Spaces
Heavy arrow resurgence,
The Caribbean Island Which Is Kiteboarding Heaven | Red Bull Backyards, Red Bull
2021 Special Report On Fishing Emphasizes Highest Overall Participation in 14 Years, HL News
The Chase to Ride a 100-Foot Wave, Adventure Journal
Hike ‘Step by Step’ Through Summer With This Black Diamond Athlete, GearJunkie
How To Glass Without Using A Grid, Western Hunter
Ski Mountaineering to get its Olympic Bid?, Backcountry Ski Blog
A Mountaineering Nurse Deals With Adversity—of All Kinds—at Altitude, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 6/24/21, AAI
Bears vs. Humans: Who’s The Real Problem?, Eastman’s Blog
Chantel Astorga interview after Cassin Ridge solo on Denali in Alaska, Planet Mountain
A Human-Powered Tour of the PNW Volcanoes, Outside
Arc’teryx Gets Woke With New Upcycled Range, The Adventure Blog
Hannah Barron Noodles Up 40-Pound Flathead and 60-Pound Blue Catfish in the Same Day, Wide Open Spaces
It’s All Home Water: The Bahamas, Patagonia
Don’t Move or You’re Dead, The Outdoor Journal
VIDEO: Gnarly Mayfly Hatch Engulfs Minnesota Fisherman, Unofficial Networks
New report shows need for protection of mule deer migration corridors,
Shad Me, Gray’s Outdoor Journal


‘Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness’,AAI
Pacific Northwest heat wave peaks Monday with temperatures 50 degrees above average, Axios
One of the largest owners of Bitcoins dies under mysterious circumstances, Pravda Report
How Tiger Global is changing Silicon Valley, The Economist

In EV era, batteries are the new oil, Axios
Today’s electric vehicle market: Slow growth in U.S., faster in China, Europe, Pew Research Center
New ATF Brace Ban Explained, Recoil
How a Burner Identity Protects Your Inbox, Phone, and Credit Cards, Wirecutter
Praying Mantis Takes on a Small Snake and Devours It For Dinner, Wide Open Spaces
The 9 War Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2021, Men’s Health


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