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Why Military Service Should Not be An Obligation of Citizenship, War on the Rocks
Revolutionizing the Institutional Army, Real Clear Defense
M4: The Gun The Army Loves to go to War With, The National Interest
The Reason Why There Is No Gun On the Planet Like the Glock, The National Interest
Gangs and the Military Note 2: Military-trained Gang Members as Criminal Insurgents, Small Wars Journal
It’s official: The U.S. Navy has a new ship killer missile, Defense News
US strikes Shabaab again outside Mogadishu, Long War Journal
How 2011 Iraq Relates to Syria Today, The Cipher Brief
Why We Need at Atlantic Rebalance, Breaking Defense
Thucydides in the Data Warfare Era, The Bridge
Are We Preparing to Fight the Wrong War, The National Interest
New MREs Designed for Infantry?, Real Clear Defense
Smart Rifles for Foot Soldiers, Army NSGW Prototype Contracts Out in June, Breaking Defense
Diamond Edge – the Future of Body Armor, Soldier Systems
The Pros and Cons of a Miniature Red Dot Sight and Slide Cuts on a Defensive Pistol, ITS Tactical
SOCOM, Industry Prepare for Game of Drones Contest, Real Clear Defense
Army Shows How Soldiers Have Changed the Last 50 years, Soldier Systems
Securing the Bridge from the Other End: Tactical Rule of Law in Non-Western Countries, Small Wars Journal
Navy SEAL Awarded Medal of Honor for Afghan Assault, In Homeland Security
Why Americans are Poor Advisors and What To Do About It, Small Wars Journal
US SOF in Africa May Face Major Cuts and Pivot to China/Russia, NY Times
US Army Vet Tried to Spy for China, NY Times
Wargaming with Athena: How to Make Militaries Smarter, Faster, and More Efficient with Artificial Intelligence, War on the Rocks


First Responder / Homeland Security

Freezing the Free Speech Out of Cops, LE Today
Kansas Fire Chief Gets in Fight During Fire, Firefighter Close Calls
CA Firefighters Rescued from Fire By Police Officer, Firefighter Close Calls
Chicago Firefighter killed in LOD Diving Accident, Firefighter Close Calls
Cops and Suicide, a Father’s Perspective, LE Today
Cali Man Sent to Prison for Impersonating ICE Officer,
Six Hotshot Crews in one Photo, Wildfire Today
3 Wisconsin Officers Treated for Fentanyl Exposure,
7 German Firefighters Injured at Massive German Amusement Fire, Firefighter Close Calls
5 Ways to Crush Subordinates, LE Today
How Do You Define Terrorism?, Rand Corp
Iraq War Veteran Choke-Holds Suspect Going for Wyoming Trooper’s Gun,
Illegal Border Crossings Remained High In May Despite Trump’s Crackdown, In Homeland Security
Warrior Or Guardian?,
The key triggers of the costly 2017 wildfire season, Science Daily
The DEA Is Buying Glock 26 Gen5 Pistols for Special Agents,



Tele Skiing Could Be an Olympic Sport in 2022, Unofficial Networks
Climate Change Increasing Risk of Lightening Ignited Forest Fires, Science Daily
Two Expert Climbers Killed in Fall From El Cap’s Freeblast, Climbing Magazine
Portraits of Pacific Crest Trail Hikers, Outside Magazine
Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold smash The Nose Speed record,
Your Sunscreen Might be Doing More Harm Than Good – Skiers have a higher risk of developing skin cancer—here’s how to prevent it, Powder Magazine
Skier Discovers Deceased Mountaineer During Descent On Washington’s Mount Adam, Unofficial Networks
The Science of Why We Fall on Mountain Trails, Outside
Tanner Hall to Compete in 2019 World Freeride Tour, Freeskier
Ultra-Light Hacks Every Thru-Hiker Should Know, Outside
Video: Death Defying Run on Knife Edge, Unofficial Networks
Honold, Caldwell Set Speed Record up Nose of El Cap, Gearjunkie
4 Lessons from 2 Harrowing Alaska Mountain Rescues, Outside
Why Runners Are Obsessed with the Grand Canyon R2R2R, Outside
Current State of Drought Across the US, Unofficial Networks
What the Worse Winter in 60 Years did to Ski Resorts, Outside
FKTs Have Changed the Mountain Mindset, Outside
It’s Summertime And Psychopaths Are Stringing Barbed Wire Across MTB Trails Again…, Unofficial Networks
Recon Fills Small Camper Void With Custom Nissan, Gearjunkie



Traditional Chinese Medicine Holds the Secret to Heath, Outside Magazine
How to Fix Your Front Rack Form for Better Lifts, Muscle & Fitness
Best sources of Vitamin B3, The World’s Healthiest Foods
DYI Protein Bar Kits, Breaking Muscle
Avoiding the Rounded Shoulder Chain of Pain, Breaking Muscle
Kettlebell VS Barbell – The Experts Weigh In On These Workout Tools, Men’s Health
20 Weight-loss Tricks That Actually Work, Men’s Journal
Fasted Cardio: Does It Actually Burn More Fat?, Muscle & Fitness
The Best Fuel for Your Longest Sufferfests, Outside
5 Sleep Apps that Actually Work, Outside
French Forge New Routes in Alaska’s Revalation Mountains, Planet Mountain
Woulda, coulda, shoulda: The haunting regret of failing our ideal selves, Science Daily
Your Pre-workout Coffee Might Not Be as Effective as You Think, Men’s Journal
Study: Weekend Sleep-Ins May Help You Live Longer, WebMB
Study: Most Popular Vitamin and Supplements Provide No Health Benefit, Science Daily
3 Exercises to Increase your Deadlift Max, Muscle & Fitness
Everything you Know about Running Shoes is Wrong, Gear Patrol
Coffees that Deliver Twice the Caffeine, Outside
Protein Supplements Are Not for Snacking, Breaking Muscle
7 Podcasts You NEED To Listen To If You’re Having Trouble Reaching Your Fitness Goals, Men’s Health
Take This 3 Minute Push-Up Test To Find Out How Fit You Really Are, Men’s Health
The 4 Best Ways To Stretch In Order To Avoid Injuries, Men’s Health



Every Tool Song, Ranked, LA Times

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