Arete 6.6.19

Military / International Affairs / National Security

Russian fighter makes unsafe intercept of US plane over Mediterranean, Navy says, Stars & Stripes
Republican, Democratic senators seek to block Trump Saudi arms sales, Reuters
US Army eyes near-term fielding of combat capable hypersonic and directed energy weapons, Janes 360
Spec ops’ roles to deter Russia may shift more to conventional soldiers, Marine Corps Times
B-1 Lancer Readiness Is in the Toilet, Here’s Why, Air Force Times
‘Always a chance’: Trump refuses to rule out Iran military action, Al Jazzera
The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier won’t be able to deploy with the service’s newest warplane, Task & Purpose
The Big Chill With China?, Foreign Policy
The Air Force’s first female air commando one-star falsified flight hours and mistreated subordinates, IG report says, Task & Purpose
The Perfect Storm Confronting Xi Jinping, War on the Rocks
Senior commanders reportedly won’t be punished for deadly 2017 Niger ambush, Task & Purpose
Marine Raider to plead guilty this week in strangulation death of Army Green Beret, Marine Corps Times
Is Germany Becoming Germany — Again?, Hoover Institute
Space Command nominee says space is no longer a ‘peaceful, benign domain’, Stars & Stripes
Air Force Base suspends PT after second airman dies within a week, War is Boring
Is Pakistan Headed for Political Crisis?, The Diplomat
What war with Iran could look like, Navy Times
MARSOC To Conduct Combat Evaluation of SIG Lightweight Machine Gun in 338 Norma Mag, Soldier Systems
Foreign fighters are dangerous—for the groups they join, Brookings
USAF Secretary and Chief of Staff Initiate Dialogue With Commanders on a Plan for New Officer Promotion Categories, Soldier Systems


Homeland Security, First Responder, Wildland Fire

Will New DNA Testing at US Border Reduce Human Trafficking?, In Homeland Security
U.S. Requiring Social Media Information From Visa Applicants, Homeland Security Department
More intense wildfires are here to stay, and we need to adapt, Homeland Security Newswire
Ohio business groups oppose workers’ comp PTSD coverage for first responders, Fire Rescue 1
Sacramento Officers Blocked From Wearing Uniforms in Pride Parade,
New 3D tool assists firefighters to predict fire behavior, Fire Rescue 1
Dallas Police Chief: Criminals ‘Forced to Commit Violent Crimes’,
Alabama passes bill requiring castration for some child molesters, LE Today
Police: U.S. citizen killed in gun battle with border agents, LE Today
Five overdoses in fifteen hours – fentanyl hits hard in east coast city, LE Today
Retired officer: Life doesn’t owe you anything, let go and be more resilient, LE Today
‘I will not say his name’ – police aim to end notoriety for mass shooters, LE Today
Communities in Oregon and Washington most threatened by wildfire identified, Wildfire Today
Researchers find prescribed fire smoke to be less harmful than that from wildfires, Wildfire Today



Sail to Ski: British Columbia, Freeskier
The Baja of Your Dreams, Adventure Journal
Two New Books About Underdogs Who Sit Atop Horses, Outside
What We Can Learn from the Two Hikers Lost in the Mountains of Hawaii, Outdoor Life
Canoeing Through Labrador in Search of…Everything, Adventure Journal
A Climber’s Meditations on Risk and Death on the Mountain, Adventure Journal
The North Face Apologizes for Google/Wikipedia Manipulation Scheme, Adventure Blog
Griz Expert Says Mountain Bikes Are a Threat To Montana’s Bears, Adventure Journal
Thirteen Feet Under, Alpinist Weekly
Outdoor Recreation Spurs Local Economic Growth, But…, Outside
Five bodies found in avalanche debris on the flanks of Nanda Devi East / Sunanda Devi; three others presumed dead, Alpinist Newswires
How Climate Change is Making Mount Everest More Dangerous, Climbing Magazine
From landfill to ski slope: Virginia may be home to one of the world’s largest indoor ski areas, Freeskier



Fitness / Nutrition / Health

More evidence links ultra-processed foods to health harms, Reuters
Balloons, Pills, Sleeves: Weight Loss Options Grow, WebMD
Running After 40: Time to Get Smart, Outside Magazine
Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic State: How Stress Affects Your Health, Chris Kresser
Fencing: The Sport You Should Be Doing, Breaking Muscle
Validation of the 3-Minute All-Out Exercise Test for Shuttle Running Prescription, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research



How and why hurricanes get their names, Stars & Strips
The countries where people are most dissatisfied with how democracy is working, Pew Research Center
The Best Way to Tie a Tie, Gear Patrol
The Best Soda Maker, Wire Cutter
10 Amazing New Cars We Wish We Could Buy in America, Gear Patrol
What Does ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Actually Mean?, Gear Latest
Polar Bear VS Walrus,
This Stoic Woman Has Lived Off The Grid For Nearly 80 Years, Adventure Journal

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