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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

Trump plans to use active-duty military forces to deal with growing protests, Air Force Times
Three Strategists Walk into a Bar, MWI
Philippines backtracks on termination of US military deal, Al Jazeera
Watch this F-35 nearly plummet into the ocean during a carrier’s limited power test launch, Defense News
The Coronavirus Is Raising the Likelihood of Great-Power Conflict, Defense One
China refuses from US food, Pravda Report
Far-right AfD pushes German state to publish list of ‘dangerous areas’,
Iran Is Working Hard to Revive Anti-U.S. Operations in Latin America, Foreign Policy
Military service academies plan for students’ return in fall, Air Force Times
US Navy upgrades more ships for the F-35 as the future of carriers remains in flux, Defense News
SIG SAUER Delivers Next Generation Squad Weapons to U.S. Army, Soldier Systems
A gender-neutral ‘Wild Blue Yonder’: Air Force finishes changing official song, Air Force Times
Swarms of Mass Destruction: The Case for Declaring Armed and Fully Autonomous Drone Swarms as WMD, MWI
Spacex Is an Inspiration but US Leadership in Space Is Under Threat, Hudson Institute
Why the United States Will Need a New Foreign Policy in 2020, Rand Corp
In his fight to change the Corps, America’s top Marine takes friendly fire, Defense News
Russia flew unmarked military aircraft to Libya to evacuate mercenaries, US claims,
Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight With China, Strategy Bridge
The Missile Race Is Not a One-Horse Race, Proceedings
Top Air Force enlisted officer speaks out on racial injustice: ‘I am George Floyd’, The Hill
Joint Chiefs chairman walks DC streets amid protests: We protect freedom of speech, The Hill
Russian Su-35 risks collision with US Navy aircraft by flying mere feet away, War is Boring
Has the United States Abandoned Arms Control?, War on the Rocks

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildand Fire

Police Militarization Has Fostered a Culture that Sees Protesters as ‘The Enemy’, The Conversation
North Dakota Officer Killed, Deputy Wounded in Eviction Shooting, Police Magazine
“Do It Scared”, Widlfire Today
Front Wall Collapse in Bellwood Fire Video, Firefighter Close Calls
Dozens of Officers Injured in Nationwide Riots, Police Mag
Sawtooth Fire grows to over 20,000 acres, Wildfire Today
Va. police chief: Rioters blocked firefighters from burning home with child inside, FireRescue1
Police arrest man who allegedly scuffled with FFs while trying to save animals in pet store blaze, FireRescue1


Mountain / Outdoor

Paradise Trashed: Crowds Leave ‘Truckloads’ of Garbage, Close Iconic Waterfall, GearJunkie
Feeling the River All Around, The Cleanest Line
VIDEO: Kai Lenny Tries Every Windsport On Blustery Hawaiian Day (Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Wing Surfing & Trey Boarding), Unofficial Network
The 5 Best Ultralight Backpacks for Thru-Hikers (and Everyone Else), Backpacker
Poll: Who makes the best dehydrated backpacking meals?, SNEWS
Comparison: 35L Alpine Packs, The Alpine Start
10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Bowhunting Accuracy, Bowhunting Blog
Watch Adam Ondra Make the First Ascent of Brutal Rider (V16), Climbing Magazine
How to Design Your Own Top Sheet, With Eric Pollard, Powder Mag
Il Pescatore Completo Trailer | The Complete Fisherman, Patagonia
Mont Blanc: Edmond Joyeusaz skis Brenva Face Comino-Grassi route, Planet Mountain
Climbing, Coronavirus and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 5/28/20, AAI
Nothing Will Keep Paraplegic Grandma Angela Madsen from Rowing to Hawaii, Adventure Journal
4 Theories About Overtraining, Outside
The Best Surfboard, Wetsuit, and Accessories for Beginners, Wirecutter
PA Teen Dodges Jail Time in Deer Abuse Case, Bowhunting Blog
Scout Campers: A Backpack for Your Truck, GearJunkie
13 Great Climbing Films You Might Not Be Familiar With (And 5 of the Worst), Climbing Mag
Laura Rogora first Italian woman to climb 9a+, Pure Dreaming Plus at Arco, Planet Mountain
This ski resort in Finland is saving snow for next season, Freeskier
Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe – An Upscale and Convenient Way to Ditch One-Pound Propane Canisters, Gear Institute
Travel Will Come Back, You Know, Adventure Journal
Grizzly Bear Attack Leaves Mountain Biker in Critical Condition, GearJunkie
Do You Really Need Mountain Bike Liner Shorts? Yes, Yes You Do—These, Adventure Journal
10 Stunning Ski Photos Deep in the Alaskan Coastal Mountains, Powder
The Greatness of Dogs with Ben Moon, REI
Hitting A Wall In Zion,
Bikes have won big in pandemic equipment sales, SNEWS
Adam Ondra climbing Brutal Rider, the hardest boulder problem in Czechia, Planet Mountain
The Best Backpacking Tents of 2020, GearJunkie


Fitness / Nutrition / Health

What do Americans think about wearing masks?, AEI
Creatine, Not Just For Men or Muscle, Breaking Muscle
How to make telemedicine permanent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, AEI
At-Home Workout Tools That Athletes Love Right Now, Outside
Can You Deal With Eustress?, Breaking Muscle
Gyms are Re-Opening. Here are 7 Things To Check Before You Go Back, Men’s Journal
How Kara Goucher Stood Up to Running’s Goliath, Outside
Understanding How Carbs Can Impact Performance, Breaking Muscle
Molecular effects of exercise detailed, Science Daily
High-strain exercise linked to very early pregnancy loss, Science Daily
Anthropometric and Physiological Characteristics of Elite Male Rugby Athletes, JSCR
Definitive Guide to Carb Timing and Carb Cycling, Mark’s Daily Apple
The Definitive Guide to Fats, Mark’s Daily Apple
How You Should Read Coronavirus Studies, or Any Science Paper, NY Times
4 Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout Your Day, Men’s Journal



Remote working: How cities might change if we worked from home more, BBC
The 20 Best Gifts for Dads, Wirecutter
Science Says: ‘Open The Schools’, Hoover Institute
Senegal postpones school restart after teachers test positive for COVID-19, Reuters

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