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New Israeli military technology allows operators to ‘see through walls’, Business Insider
What Being an Army Green Beret Taught Me About Leadership, Men’s Journal
F3 – French Army’s New Helmet, Soldier Systems
Sig M18 Review: Over 1,000 Rounds Through the New Service Pistol, Tactical Gun Life
Hand, ear and neck tattoos now OK for soldiers amid recruiting crunch, Army Times
Army vet killed fighting in Ukraine: report, Army Times
Army private admits bizarre plot to attack his unit on deployment, Army Times
Will the Kaliningrad Crisis Lead to War?, Foreign Policy
ILA 2022: Germany continues impressive sales run for F-35, Janes
Marine Corps artillery ― it isn’t too late to salvage it, Marine Corps Times
Outgunned. Outmanned. Outnumbered. Outplanned?, Morning Defense
Russian Armed Forces block Lisichansk from the south, take hundreds captive, Pravda Report
USA won’t save its mercenaries in Ukraine as supremacy comes first, Pravda Report
Express predicts London’s possible reaction to execution of British militants, Pravda Report
Russian Military Forecasting and Analysis, RAND
This Army officer’s epic rant about company command is a work of art, Task & Purpose
Congress is bringing back the idea of a ‘limited’ nuclear war, Task & Purpose
No, aircraft carriers will not be useless in a war with China, Task & Purpose
Feedback Loops and Fundamental Flaws in Autonomous Warships, War on the Rocks
Let the Commandant Lead the Marine Corps, War on the Rocks
Double Asymmetry: The Inevitability of an Arms Race on the Korean Peninsula, War on the Rocks
What to make of China’s New Aircraft Carrier, Economist
The Ukraine War is Bleeding Russian Dry, 1945
Best Memoir of the Iraq War, Real Clear Defense

National Security / Foreign Policy

UK Farm Recruiters Shun Russians Even as Labor Shortages Bite, Bloomberg
Should Ukraine Settle with Russia?, RAND
What if Russia’s Army Fails in Ukraine?, RAND
Sri Lanka to send ministers to Russia seeking discounted oil, Al Jazerra
France in Focus, Al Jazeera
Ex-Army pilot turned defense contractor sold aviation secrets to China, Army Times
US Army looks to address capability gaps as it rebuilds Arctic operations, Army Times
It’s Time to Base Fifth-Gen Fighter Jets on Guam, INDOPACOM Chief Says, Defense One
The Real Stakes of Taiwan, Foreign Policy
Analysis: HUMINT insights from the Muller/Cherkasov case,
Russia and EU enter into gas war of attrition and survival, PravdaReport
Falling out of Favor: How China Lost the Nordic Countries, The Diplomat

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Urban Voters Are Tired of Crime and Disorder. Will Progressive DAs Listen?, Manhattan Institute
North East firefighter struck, killed on Coastal Highway in Ocean City, FFCC
Chesterfield (VA) Firefighter, 41, Dies Leading Water Rescue Training, Firefighter Nation
Hero Broward (FL) Firefighter Now Under Arrest for Misuse of Parking Passes, FirefighterNation
Kan. firefighter dies from injuries sustained in structure fire, FR1
Families of Chicago cops, firefighters who die by suicide will get benefits,FR1
Suspect in killing of S.C. deputy took officer’s gun, TASER, sheriff says, Police1
Watch: Cops use less-lethal chemical launcher Byrna SD to arrest suspect, Police1
San Jose PD releases 93-page list of military equipment per new law, Police1
Police: Suspect smuggled gun into jail before killing Ark. detention officer, Police1
Firefighters attack Ridge Fire near Mt. Shasta community in Northern California, Wildfire Today
Dempsey Fire west of Mineral Wells, continues to challenge Texas firefighters, Wildfire Today
Firefighters stop the Elmore Fire in Anchorage, Alaska, Wildfire Today
Will Closing the “Boyfriend Loophole” in Gun Legislation Save lives? Here’s What the Research Says, Homeland Security Newswire

Mountain / Outside

Here’s Why You Need These Reusable Glow Lights!, Outdoor Hub
Low Tech Safety with the Snow Visa, BC Ski Touring Blog
I Reported on Avalanches for 15 Years. Then I Triggered a Huge One., Outside
New Series Asks: Are These Pursuits Worth the Risk of Death?, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 6/23/22, AAI
Happy Place: Grace Staberg finds her flow on the Skimo World Cup, Backcountry MagazineMondelēz International buys CLIF Bar & Company for $2.9 billion, Outside Business
Sea to Summit sold to Australian Private Equity Firm, Outside Business
Next Season’s Hottest Outdoor Gear, Outside Business
Is Ultralight Backpacking Gear Worth the Cost to My Budget—and My Comfort?, Outside
Light Player – A Biker’s Daydream, TGR
Boater Dies on Gros Ventre River Outside Jackson Hole, TGR
From Stone to Wood, Patagonia
Hiker Torches Supported FKT of White Mountains’ 48 4,000-Foot Peaks, GearJunkie
BleuAir is a Lightweight & Compact Air Compressor with Plenty of Power, Werd

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

A billionaire wants to shake up America’s drugs market, Bloomberg
EMOM Training Explained: Watch the Clock for More Gains, Breaking Muscle
Vitamins, supplements are a ‘waste of money’ for most Americans, Science Daily
As US obesity epidemic grows, new study shows who is gaining weight over the last decade, Science Daily
Embracing the (Training) Heat, Endurance Nation
How to Flip the Script to Take Control of Stressful Situations, Outside
Can You Stand on One Leg for 10 Seconds? What that Tells You About Your Overall Health, Healthline
The Best Chest and Back Workout for Men, Men’s Journal
Abortion Pills Take the Spotlight as States Impose Abortion Bans, NY Times
Why Purpose is a Requirement for Happiness, Psychology Today
9 Easy Ways to Start a Conversation with a Stranger, Psychology Today
Human cells take in less protein from a plant-based ‘meat’ than from chicken, Science Daily
Flu vaccination linked to 40% reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Science Daily
The Hidden Story About Calories and Weight Loss, T-Nation
Sports Psychology Frameworks for Anxiety and Injury with Dr. Justin Ross, TrainingPeaks
Is “Micro-Quitting” Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?, Triathlete
Nearly 3 in 10 Americans Have Insomnia: Survey, WebMD
Who Managed COVID-19 Best, and Why?, Foreign Policy


Recommended Reading: A blockchain primer, Engadget
Can the Fed pull off a controlled slowdown of the housing market?, Economist
Ford Vows to Clean Up Quality as Recalls Hit Hard, Jalopnik
One Day, AI Will Seem as Human as Anyone. What Then?, Wired
The Boys’ Star Karl Urban Says They Ran Out of Fake Sperm While Filming the ‘Herogasm’, Men’s Health
I Cheated on My Wife. Why Won’t She Get Over It?, NY Times
How ‘Green’ Is an Electric Truck Compared to Gas Cars?, Adventure Journal
14 New Environmental Books to Kickstart Your Summer Reading List, Adventure Journal

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