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Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Blast from the Past – What Sort Of Man Reads Infantry?, Soldier Systems
Special Operations News Update – Monday, May 24, 2021, Small Wars Journal
Analysis: Predicting the coming Taliban offensive, Long War Journal
Other Regimes Will Hijack Planes Too, Defense One
Can Biden Do Anything About Belarus?, Foreign Policy
Russia Blocks 2 Airlines Over Belarus Spat, Foreign Policy
US Army Special Forces soldier sentenced to 15 years for spying for Russia,
Why the Air Force wants to cut dozens of A-10s, everyone’s favorite close air support fighter, Task & Purpose
As the War in Afghanistan nears its end, a Marine’s guilt intensifies, Task & Purpose
Explainer: Much about US withdrawal from Afghanistan is unclear, Air Force Times
When it comes to the military, urgent does not always equal important, American Enterprise Institute
Army Generals Are Not Prepared for the Future, Defense One
There are 9 Confederate memorials among the military academies, but their fate is unknown, Military Times
Chinese yuan will become a top reserve currency sooner than expected, says Ray Dalio, CNBC
Denmark helped US spy on Angela Merkel and European allies – report, The Guardian
How I learned my Green Beret husband was killed in the Niger ambush, Task & Purpose
Baked on the range: Canadian soldier allegedly served weed cupcakes to her unit, Air Force Times
Five Facts on the Medal of Honor, Real Clear Policy
The Army wants to kick out an avowed white supremacist officer, but they won’t admit it, Military Times

Belarusian opposition gets a hand from allies in Germany,
00bn, The Guardian
Army Reserve lieutenant’s campaign ad for Congress in Arizona under scrutiny, Military Times
At least 50 killed in attacks on two DR Congo villages, Al Jazerra
Macron, Merkel demand answers from US, Denmark on spying report, Al Jazerra
‘Huge incentives to kill’: Mexico crime groups target election candidates, The Guardian
Belgian ambassador loses South Korea posting after wife slaps worker, BBC News
Russia announces response to NATO military buildup, Pravda Report
Airlines Shun Belarusian Airspace as Calls for Sanctions over Plane Diversion Grow, Homeland Security Newswire

Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement / Homeland Security

Four more Oath Keepers indicted for participating in Capitol attack, The Guardian
US Homeland Security Department unveils new domestic counter-terrorism branch,
The 2021 Fire Season Is Looking Grim for the West Coast, Men’s Journal
Militias Pose A Serious Threat. So Why Is It So Hard To Stop Them? FiveThirtyEight
California firefighter sheds light on job-related mental health issues in new book, Firefighter Close Calls
Austin Ballot Initiative Could Force City to Hire Hundreds of Officers, Police Mag
Anarchists and an increase in violent crime hijack Portland’s social justice movement, Washington Post
Civilians Come to Aid of CA Officer During Gun Grab Attack, Police Mag
Hamas fighter with American citizenship killed in recent Gaza conflict, Long War Journal
A First: Robo-Killers Used in Battle | Cashing in on Vigilantism | History of Lab Leaks, and more, Homeland Security Newswire
Labor Day fires of 2020 burned more of the Oregon Cascades than had burned in the previous 36 years combined, Wildfire Today
EDM Friday Briefing: FBI Issues New Cybersecurity Alert, Edge
Charlotte officers save woman after she slits her throat with a knife, Police 1
Ill. agency may pay $20K signing bonus for lateral transfers, Police 1
Two New Laws Restrict Police Use of DNA Search Method, NY Times
Armed teacher thwarts attempted kidnapping on Utah school playground, LE Today
Calif. governor pardons 2 inmate firefighters who were facing deportation, FireRescue 1
Cryptocurrency poses a significant risk of tax evasion, CNBC
Police detective ambushed, shot five times while serving an arrest warrant – dies after fighting for this life, LE Today
US Forest Service firefighter dies in off-duty accident in Mississippi, Wildfire Today
Idaho Deputy who Mocked Lebron James in TikTok Video Fired for Policy Violations, Police Magazine
US Pentagon’s ‘secret army’ of clandestine operatives dwarfs CIA spy force: report,
‘Silicon Six’ tech giants accused of inflating tax payments by almost $1, The Guardian



Marek Holecek, Radoslav Groh survive Baruntse NW Face ordeal, Planet Mountain
Tested: Pivot Trail 429 Mountain Bike, Outside
Why You Shouldn’t Stack Rocks In Wilderness Areas, Unofficial Networks
The Joys of Float Camping, Outside
Aldo Valmassoi skis Cristallo di Mezzo North Face in the Dolomites, Planet Mountain
Rider Wins 3-Day Bikepacking Sufferfest Race…on a Rigid Singlespeed, Adventure Journal
Yellowstone Hiker Injured In Bear Attack (Significant Injuries To Lower Extremities), Unofficial Networks
4 of Our Favorite Documentaries from Mountainfilm, Outside
Ski Resorts in New Zealand To Open Early in June For This Upcoming Season , Unofficial Networks
Learning Curve: Risk Assessment, Backpacking Light
Ski Mountaineer Dies in Crevasse Fall in Alaska’s Denali National Park, Backcountry Magazine
8 Once-in-a-Lifetime Backpacking Trips in the U.S., Outside

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Nestlé says over half of its traditional packaged food business is not ‘healthy’ in an internal presentation to top executives, according to a report, Business Insider
How bullying and obesity can affect girls’ and boys’ mental health, Science Daily
The Secret to Happiness? Thinking About Death., Outside
Air Force Releases Updated Fitness Test Score Breakdown, Soldier Systems
Aging: Clinical trial on potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle, Science Daily
Ask a Health Coach: When Should I Be Eating?, Mark’s Daily Apple
This Marine Corps Vet Just Set a New World Record for Most Pushups in One Hour, Men’s Health
Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to less stress, study finds, Science Daily
Running’s Cultural Reckoning Is Long Overdue, Outside
Women in the Backcountry Don’t Need Your Help, Outside Magazine
Amazon indigenous group’s lifestyle may hold a key to slowing down aging, Science Daily
First-Round QBs Are Nothing New For The NFL. But How They’re Used Is Changing., FiveThirtyEight
Surprising New Research on Post-Traumatic Growth, Outside
How tendons become stiffer and stronger, Science Daily
Alcohol in moderation may help the heart by calming stress signals in the brain, Science Daily
Watch an Astronaut Take the U.S. Army Combat Fitness Test in Space, Men’s Health
Vegetarians have healthier levels of disease markers than meat-eaters, Science Daily
The Mental Benefits of Being Terrible at Something, Outside
Here’s What 30 Days of Intermittent Fasting Did to This Guy’s Body, Men’s Health
The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2021. Outside
The 5 Best BCAA Powders Of 2021 Thoroughly Reviewed, Men’s Journal
The Ultimate Hill Workout, Outside
Presumed Safety of Probiotics Questioned,
The Best Time of Day to Exercise for Metabolic Health, NY Times
Where Your Watermelon Came From, NY Times
Fat-Shaming People Won’t Improve Their Health, Outside
Opinion: The CDC’s latest blunder is really about trust, not masks, STAT
A Guide to Regaining Core Strength Postpartum, Outside



Prehistoric carvings of red deer found in Scottish neolithic tomb, The Guardian
Remington Ammunition Sponsors Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild, Soldier Systems
6 Cyclists Run Over By Truck In Flagstaff During “Bicycle Awareness Ride”, 1 Dead, Unofficial Networks
Crypto Shakeout Stirs Debate on Ether’s Shot at Usurping Bitcoin, Bloomberg
What Veterans Need to Know to Start a Career in Acting, Edge
Why Hurricanes Devastate Some Places over and over Again – a Meteorologist Explains, Homeland Security Newswire
Key findings: How Americans’ attitudes about climate change differ by generation, party and other factors, Pew Research Center
The dream of the truly driverless car is officially dead, Business Insider
Ford Tries Something New In Electric Vehicles, Yet Old For Ford: Big-Time Volume, Forbes
Most Americans Don’t Want Roe v. Wade Repealed. Many Also Support Restrictions On Abortion., FiveThirtyEight
Do Alabama Alums Deliver In The Pros?, FiveThirtyEight
Japan’s hands-off formula in disciplining schoolchildren works. Is it worth a try elsewhere?, Science Daily

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