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Ukrainian troops are deserting battle and Russian troops have ‘troubled’ morale as the war is expected to last years, NATO chief says, Business Insider
The modern cannons that may make the difference in Ukraine, Economist
Lawmakers push Army to create separate fitness standard for combat specialties, Army Times
As the Army pushes holistic health, an officer examines the history of soldier fitness, Army Times
Russian TV shows videos of 2 US vets captured in Ukraine, Army Times
Surface warfare officers cautiously optimistic about changes since Fitz and McCain disasters, Defense News
Is there such a thing as female HUMINT? New research highlights understudied topic,
Armed drones could be a game changer for Ukraine. But there’s a catch., Morning Defense
Moscow blasted for sending Ukrainians to firing squad, Morning Defense
Meet the legendary ‘father of Special Forces’ who helped establish the Green Berets, Task & Purpose
Russia keeps having close calls with American forces in Syria, Task & Purpose
Credit agencies are screwing US troops and putting their security clearances at risk, Task & Purpose
The Navy is firing a lot of officers and saying almost nothing about it, Task & Purpose
Why Ukraine’s wins against Russian aircraft should worry the US Air Force, Task & Purpose
‘I have fucking had it’ — Airman goes public with allegations of assault and criminal justice failure, Task & Purpose
Strange Debacle: Misadventures in Assessing Russian Military Power, War on the Rocks
Revealing the Impact of Non-Lethal Weapons, RAND
On the Irrelevance of Ranking Militaries, Small Wars Journal

National Security / Foreign Policy

UK Braces for Travel Chaos From Biggest Rail Strike in Decades, Bloomberg
Germany turns to coal as Russia cuts gas supplies, Al Jazerra
Congress wants to double rare earth mineral fund to free defense supply chain from China, Defense News
What it looks like when competing with China comes last, Defense News
New bill would establish AUKUS submarine training program, Defense News
Ukraine Will Survive and the US is Preparing to Arm it for Years, Says Pentagon’s Hicks, Defense One
‘Obsolete’ NATO Force Presence in Baltics Needs Upgrade, Estonian Defense Leader Says, Defense One
Washington Worries China Is Winning Over Thailand, Foreign Policy
Germany’s New Resolve on Russia Is Already Flagging, Hudson Institute
Zelensky considers delivering Ukraine’s sovereignty to Poland, Pravda Report
Biden’s USA gets accustomed to violence before falling into chaos of civil war, Pravda Report
Who Can We Trust To Act for the Good of America Anymore?, Real Clear Policy
The Complex Nationalism of China’s Gen-Z, The Diplomat
It’s no time to show weakness to the Kremlin, VoxEurope
China makes private warnings to the United States, instructs to avoid Taiwan Strait, War is Boring
Who Is Deterring Whom? The Place of Nuclear Weapons in Modern War, War on the Rocks
The Army Risks Reasoning Backwards in Analyzing Ukraine, War on the Rocks
America Ignores Africa at Its Own Peril, War on the Rocks

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Police Militarization Gave Us Uvalde, Atlantic
We Have Met the Enemy and They are Us, War on the Rocks
The Gamification of Violent Extremism | Is LaMDA Sentient? | How Did Guns Get So Powerful?, and more, Homeland Security Newswire
What Can the ATF Do About Converted Machine Guns?, Homeland Security Newswire
FDNY Fire Boat Crash Kills Visiting Belgian Firefighter, Firefighter Nation
Fire Destroys 10 Buildings in Downtown Las Vegas, Firefighter Nation
CAL FIRE Chief Tells it Straight: ‘Can’t Advise Anyone to Stay’, Firefighter Nation
Philadelphia building collapse kills veteran firefighter, injures 5, FireRescue1
Buffalo Police Commissioner slams parolees with guns following ‘point-blank’ shots at two cops, Police1
Colleagues mourn NYPD cop who was fatally stabbed by her husband, Police1
Confidence in New Orleans PD plummets as crime fears swell, survey shows, Police1
Left Fork Fire in Utah takes off again after being dormant for a month, WildfireToday
Contract videographer captures a slice of hotshot crew life on a fire, WildfireToday
CBS probes recruiting and retention problems in the US Forest Service, WildfireToday
Survey of more than 700 wildland firefighters identifies 10 strategies for improving working conditions, WildfireToday
LA Times writes about trauma, low pay, and morale among Forest Service firefighters, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Light and Fast or Fun and Functional? The Eternal Decision, BC Ski Touring Blog
Researchers Dig into GPS Data and User Surveys to Learn more about Backcountry Decision Making, BC Ski Touring Blog
The BLM Made the Largest Public Lands Purchase in Wyoming History, Unlocking Previously Inaccessible Acres, Outside
Inside the Rafting Industry’s Minimum-Wage Battle, Outside
Fast times on Slovak Direct: Two teams blitz one of Denali’s hardest routes in a day, Outside
Episode 6 of Giulia Tanno’s ‘The Journey’ takes us through the battle tested life of one of freestyle skiings best, FreeSkier
The 20 Most Influential People in the Outdoor Industry, Outside
This Is the Right Amount to Spend on a Mountain-Bike Helmet, Outside
Why the Humble Hardtail Is My Preferred Mountain Bike, Outside
Watch Georgian first ascents on Saraghrar and Languta-e-Barfi in Hindu Kush, Planet Mountain
Mark Thomas, Mike Turner are Thunderstruck on Kichatna Spire in Alaska, Planet Mountain
Cow Skull Hill, Patagonia
These Competitive Cyclists Tried to Do an Elite Road Race on Budget Bikes, Men’s Health
Watch This Guy Smash the World Record for Doing the Most Pushups in One Hour, Men’s Health
A Physique Coach Explains the ‘Absolute Best’ Cardio for Fat Loss, Men’s Health
2022 Celtman Extreme Triathlon Images,
Matt Hanson, Skye Moench Take IM North American Championships,
2022 Rifle of the Year: Savage Impulse, NRA

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Work, the wasted years, Economist
Do not bring your whole self to work, Economist
Swap that tanning oil for sunscreen — tanning isn’t cool anymore, according to beauty influencers, Business Insider
Is trading on America’s stockmarket fair?, Economist
Doctors stunned as new cancer drug, dostarlimab delivers 100% success rate on its clinical trial, Popular Mechanics
In Praise of Old-Fashioned Dads, Real Clear Politics
This is going to hurt: how to have awkward conversations, The Guardian
The Rifle That Ruined America, The Atlantic
Long COVID Could Be a ‘Mass Deterioration Event’, The Atlantic
The best rucking backpacks worth carrying, according to an Army SERE instructor, Task & Purpose
The 11 Mental Skills That Make an Athlete Elite, Outside
Why You Should Jog the Recovery in Interval Workouts, Outside
Nike’s AlphaFly Next% Just Got Redesigned, Outside
Supersets Explained: A Technique for Better Results and Less Fatigue, Breaking Muscle
Strongman Rauno Heinla Deadlifts 420 Kilograms (926 Pounds) for 4 Reps in Preparation for 2022 World Deadlift Championships, Breaking Muscle
30-year study links childhood obesity and fitness to midlife cognition, Science Daily
Up to 80% of athletes who die suddenly had no symptoms or family history of heart disease, Science Daily
Are highly processed foods bad for children?, Science Daily
People in Their 40s Tend to Sleep the Least: These Tips Can Help, Healthline
Relationship Between Strength and Conditioning Assessments and Rowing Performance in Female Collegiate Athletes, JSCR
Sex Differences May Exist for Performance Fatigue but Not Recovery After Single-Joint Upper-Body and Lower-Body Resistance Exercise, JSCR
Accentuated Eccentric Loading and Cluster Set Configurations in the Bench Press, JSCR
Cut Back on Caffeine With This 4-Step Challenge, Men’s Health
13 Best Creatine Supplements for Men in 2022, Men’s Journal
Best Foot Exercises to Ease Pain and Boost Performance, Men’s Journal
Think All Viruses Get Milder With Time? Not This Rabbit-Killer., NY Times
Are Mental Disorders Diseases?, Psychology Today
Olive Oil and Fat Loss: The Science, T-Nation
Lose 4 Pounds of Belly Fat With No Diet Change, T-Nation
The 5 Best Exercises in History, T-Nation
Can Athletes Drink Alcohol and Maintain an Effective Training Plan?, Training Peaks
Understanding How Athlete Burnout Happens and How to Prevent It, Training Peaks
The Science of High Performance at High Altitude, Triathlete
Does Low-Carb Equal Low Testosterone in Men?, Triathlete
Sitting Again Linked to Disease, Death, But Exercise May Help, WebMD
Gone in an Instant: The Tragedy of Child Drownings, WebMD


Granholm Sees ‘Tough Summer’ for US Drivers as Fuel Demand Rises, Bloomberg
Antony Starr’s Homelander Needs An Emmy For ‘The Boys’, Forbes
How To Name Your Kids, Huckberry
Market Extra: ‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz. ‘We are going to go into a really fast recession.’, Marketwatch
The source of the Black Death in fourteenth-century central Eurasia, Nature
Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire, Vox
Jon Snow Is Back With His Own Game of Thrones Sequel Series, Men’s Health
Abortions Increase in the U.S., Reversing a 30-Year Decline, Report Finds, NY Times
What Parents Don’t Need To Hear After a School Shooting, Psychology Today

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