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Where Did the U.S. Go Wrong in the Philippines? A Hard Look at a ‘Success’ Story, War on the Rocks
Did Russia and America Almost Go to War in Syria? The National Interest
The U.S. Army Culture is French, Small Wars Journal
SOCOM’s New Challenge in North Korea and Beyond, The Cipher Brief
9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success, The Heritage Foundation
Integration of the Sexes in the Military: Biological Considerations, Small Wars Journal
Machine Strategists & the Future of Military Operations, Real Clear Defense
What Trump Gets Right About Europe, NY Times
War in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, War on the Rocks
Large-Scale Combat Operations: How the Army Can Get Its Groove Back, Modern War Institute
Ex-CIA Engineer Charged With Massive Leak to Wikileaks, Real Clear Defense
Avoiding World War III in Asia, The National Interest
NATO Chief: Future of NATO in Jeopardy, Real Clear Defense
Trump: ‘We Are Going to Have the Space Force’, Real Clear Defense
A Permanent U.S. Presence in Poland?, Stars and Stripes


Homeland Security/LE/First Responder

Take Another Look at This Incredibly Detailed Soviet Map of Washington, D.C., War is Boring
North Korea Is Not Like Libya, The RAND Blog
How to fund a police drone, PoliceOne Daily News
Apple Closes Security Loophole, Frustrating Police Investigations, POLICE Magazine
Safe Seniors Camera Program seeks to protect the elderly, PoliceOne Daily News
Germany arrests Tunisian man for producing biological weapon in his apartment,
Western Europeans vary in their nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-religious minority attitudes, Pew Research Center
Toy Drones and Twitter: The Ability of Individuals to Wreak Large-Scale Havoc, Rand Corp
Product review: Top replacement AR triggers, Police One
An Inside Look at Border Patrol Processing Center in Texas –
Video release shows angry mob surrounding officer after shooting of fleeing suspect armed with a handgun, LE Today
How Officers Helped Save Survivors From Las Vegas Shooting,



Cafe Kraft: Upper Body Mobility Drills, Training Beta
Video: A Dramatic Rescue in the Khumbu Icefall, The Adventure Blog
13-Year-Old Benji Fridbjornsson’s Season Edit, Snowboard Magazine
Colin Haley dashes up Denali Cassin Ridge in record-breaking 8 hours 7 minutes,
The Great Greek Adventure: Surfing and snowboarding in Greece, Snowboard Magazine
Bill Briggs Celebrates 47th Anniversary of Grand Teton First Descent – The Jackson Hole legend, now 87, hasn’t lost his adventurous spirit, Powder Magazine
Hansjörg Auer to attempt Lupghar Sar West solo,
How to Properly Fit Your Pack, Outside
How to Stay Hydrated on Hunting, Fishing, and Scouting Trips into the Backcountry, Outdoor Life
Whitewater Kayaking in Alaska, Outside
The Best Sun Shirts for Men and Women, Outside
The Best Hiking Boots of 2018, Gear Patrol
Should You Shoot a Siderod Stabilizer?,
OTC Elk Tag Success!, Eastman’s Bowhunting
Future Gear: ‘OutDoor Show’ 2018/19 Awards, Gear Patrol
Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR with This $200 Lens Kit, Outside
OutdoorGearLab Tests Camping Sleeping Bags and Awards the Best, Outdoor Gear Lab
Best Backpacking Stoves of 2018, Outdoor Gear Lab


Best sources of Vitamin K, The World’s Healthiest Foods
What Happens to Your Body When You Climb Everest, Outside Magazine
The Art of Pacing Is More Complicated Than You Think, Outside Magazine
Fasting versus Carb Restriction: Which Works Better for What Scenarios, Mark’s Daily Apple
Daily fasting works for weight loss, finds report on 16:8 diet, Science Daily
5 Rules to Deadlift By, Breaking Muscle
Young Marijuana Users Face Psychosis Risk, WebMD
The Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet, Nerd Fitness
Greater levels of vitamin D associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer, Science Daily
Gene therapy restores hand function after spinal cord injury in rats, Science Daily
Human Brain Hard-Wired to Love Fat-Carb Combo, WebMD
5 Incredible Health Benefits To Masturbating, Men’s Health
Why We Are Drowning In the Western Diet, Breaking Muscle
What The New York Times Got Wrong About Female Runners, Outside
How To Fix The Four Biggest Sleep Disorders, Men’s Health
Child in Idaho Has Plague, WebMD
The Surprising Benefits of Hot Sauce, Cold Showers and Intermittent Fasting, ITS Tactical



Can’t Sleep? Let Bob Ross Help You Find Some Happy Little Zzzs,
Luci Meets a Powerlifter (Children’s Book), The Paleo Diet
Strenuous exercise in adolescence may ward off height loss later in life, Science Daily
What the Ice Age West Predicts About Our Future, Adventure Journal
Python Swallows Woman Whole—What Experts Say About the Rare Attack, Nat Geo

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