Arete 6.3.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Air Force said AI drone killed its human operator in a simulation, Task & Purpose
USAF Calls Killer-AI Report ‘Anecdotal’, Defense One
Defense Secretary Orders No Drag Shows on Military Bases After Political Furor, Real Clear Defense
Congress Must Save the Marine Corps, Real Clear Defense

Five juveniles arrested for attack on Marines caught on video, Task & Purpose
A Defense Pact Will Not Upgrade U.S.-Saudi Security Relations, War on the Rocks
Taliban Moving U.S. Military Vehicles and Soviet Tanks to Iranian Border, T&P
‘Fort Liberty’: Army More Than Half Done Scrubbing Confederate Names from Its Bases, Defense One
Air Force Resurrects Assignment Swap Program for Enlisted Ranks,
Air Force Academy Senior Wins Miss Colorado Competition,
US Bombers Fly over Bosnia in Sign of Support Amid Continued Secessionist Threats,
Army Secretary to Remind Commanders They Can’t Deny Soldiers’ Parental Leave,
Shabaab overruns Ugandan base in Somalia, Long War Journal
What is Duty?, Real Clear Defense
Is Soldier Recruiting Up? Army Claims Yes But Won’t Say by How Much,
New top Marine: Assistant commandant Smith tapped to lead Corps, Breaking Defense
Space Force’s STARCOM HQ Preferred Location Is Florida Base, Service Says,
Major General Convicted of Forcible Kissing to Retire as Colonel, Military News
Pacific Air Forces Airmen Test Next Generation Aircrew Protection Equipment, Soldier Systems
The Story of The Legendary 10th Mountain Division, Unofficial Networks
Navy Removes Pride Month Posts Amid Right-Wing Backlash— Nascar, Major League Baseball Also Targeted, Forbes
Boeing Calls Off Its First Crewed Starliner Flight Due to Major Safety Issues, Gizmodo
NASA’s Year-Long Mars Simulation Is a Test of Mental Mettle, Wired

Ukraine, Russia


What in the World?, Foreign Policy
Why Biden’s China Reset Is a Bad Idea, Foreign Policy
SECDEF Austin: ‘Unfortunate’ that Chinese Defense Minister Won’t Meet, USNI
China and the Alliance Allergy of Rising Powers, WOTR
Taiwan under continuous threat of invasion by China’s PLA, World Defense News
Chinese Next-Generation Psychological Warfare, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

In Brief: The Fentanyl Crisis, War on the Rocks
Law enforcement agencies across the country sound the alarm on flesh-eating “zombie drug” hitting the streets, APB
Three Arrested After Fund Bails Out Protesters of Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’, Fire Engineering
Four Children Dead in TN Apartment Fire, Fire Engineering
Mother Sues Houston Police and Firefighters Over Son’s Death, Fire Law Blog
PA Chief Charged with Failing to Report Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Deputy Chief, Fire Law Blog
Man Acquitted of Igniting Massive Holy Fire in Orange and Riverside (CA) Counties, FireFighter Nation
Ala. city to pray for critically injured firefighters, FR1
Startle Response and Firearm Draw Performance in Law Enforcement Officers during a Lethal Force Simulated Domestic Assault, Force Science
Drivers of California’s changing wildfires: a state-of-the-knowledge synthesis, International Journal of Wildland Fire
‘I’m shot’: BWC shows Tenn. officer getting shot in the ribs while pursuing suspect, Police1
Gunman Fired 200 Rounds During Standoff, Wounding Deputy And Civilian, Police Tribune
When the Fire Came for Fort McMurray, Outside

Mountain / Outside

The 13 Most Ridiculous (and Interesting) Mountain Records, Climbing
New Film Explores the Power of Community In Climbing, Climbing
Classic Climbs: The Moose’s Tooth, Climbing
Climbers Die on Popular Alpine Route, Gripped
Shawn Raboutou Breaks Down His Beta for Burden of Dreams V17, Gripped
A Chat with the Designers behind Mountain Equipment Company’s Cragalot 45, Gripped
Mousetrap Found on Rock Climb Hold, Gripped
Nepali sherpa saves climber in rare Everest ‘death zone’ rescue, The Guardian
Renowned US mountaineer climbs rare Everest region ‘triple crown’, The Guardian
Meredith Edwards Is on Denali, Gunning for an FKT, Outside
Dude, Where’s My Hatch?, Patagonia
Salbitschijen Winter trilogy completed by Lukas Hinterberger, Michael Wohlleben, Planet Mountain
A Search for Connection, A Search for Connection
Lift Mechanics At Colorado Ski Resort Vote To Unionize, Unofficial Networks
Utah Receives A Record Number of Skier Visits (7.1 Million Visitations), Unofficial Networks
Kilian Jornet Survives an Avalanche Below Mount Everest, Outside
The O’Connor Legacy, Grays Sporting Journal
How to Fit Climbing Shoes, Weigh My Rack
The Future of Hunting: Technology’s Transformative Influence on an Ancient Sport,

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro In-Depth Review: Flashlight and Multiband for Everyone!, DC Rainmaker
The HOKA TC 1.0 Brings a Minimalist Aesthetic to a Highly Functional Running Shoe, Werd
7 Best Heart Rate Monitors (2023): Chest Straps, EKG, Watches, Gear Latest
Here’s How to Find Your Mileage Sweet Spot, Outside
Why Did an Unofficial Run Across the Country Turn into Running Internet Drama?, Outside
Does Hypermobility Make You More Prone to Sports Injuries?, Outside
How To Build Muscle As A Hardgainer, Born Fitness
The 10 Best Medicine Ball Exercises for Power, Conditioning, and More, Breaking Muscle
5 Mobility Exercises to Combat Knee Pain, Outside
11 Best Creatine Supplements For Building Muscle, Cutting, and More, Breaking Muscle
Five Key Takeaways from Camp Strava 2023 , Outside
The Right and Wrong Way to Foam-Roll, Outside
FDA Warns Consumers Against Using Off-Brand Weight Loss Meds, Men’s Journal
Is Cheese the Ultimate Post-workout Snack? Science Says Yes, Men’s Journal
FDA Issues Warning About Off-Brand Versions of Ozempic and Wegovy, Healthline
This Guy Lost Nearly 30 Pounds and Got Ripped with Three Simple Shifts, Men’s Health
Breakfast Cereals and Tooth Decay,
Burn 220 More Calories a Day Without Trying, T-Nation
Power Trip: French Contrast Training, T-Nation
How to Normalize Talking About Menstrual Health With Your Athletes, Training Peaks
Face Off: Two Expedition-Level Smartwatches, Suunto Vertical and Garmin Fenix 7 Pro, Triathlete


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