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How — and why — the 11th Airborne Division is being resurrected in Alaska, Army Times
Space race for an identity: Why the Space Force needs beards, Army Times
The quiet artistry of bringing the dead home from war, Army Times
With food crisis looming, Milley says using military to end Russian blockade would be ‘high risk’, Defense News
Another Killer Dressed Up Like a Special Operator, Defense News
Has Ukraine Broken the Russian Military?, Defense news
Japanese anti-submarine frigate collides with minesweeper off Yokosuka, Janes
Ukraine conflict: Czech Republic donates attack helicopters to Kyiv, Janes
IRGC Colonel Assassinated in Tehran, Mossad Suspected of Being Behind Hit, Long War Journal
Several Westerners kidnapped across the Sahel in recent months, Long War Journal
Panel unveils nine Army base name recommendations, Military Times
Another War Won’t Save Us, The Nation
The Untold Story of the Battle for Kyiv, Small Wars Journal
The Navy might have a garage sale for the Littoral Combat Ships they just built but don’t want, Task & Purpose
How Ukraine is using artillery to stop Russian forces in their tracks, Task & Purpose
An Army vet bodybuilder scammed the VA out of $245,000 while claiming he couldn’t even lift, bro, Task & Purpose
Air Force Academy grads may have to repay up to $200,000 in tuition after refusing Covid-19 vaccine, Task & Purpose
The Army chose Sig Sauer for its next-generation rifle and not everyone is happy about it, Task & Purpose
Russia finds 152 Ukrainian bodies in the underground bunkers at Azovstal steelworks, War is Boring
Putin orders higher military pay for Russian soldiers in Ukraine and raises age to join to 50-years-old, War is Boring
Would We Do Better? Hubris and Validation in Ukraine, War on the Rocks
Are the Marines Inventing the Edsel or the Mustang?, War on the Rocks
What the Experts Got Wrong (and Right) About Russian Military Power, War on the Rocks
Bullets Flyin’, Soldiers Lyin’, Real Clear Defense
The Constitutional Case Against Defending Taiwan, Real Clear Defense
12 Badass Women Who Could Get US Military Bases Named After Them, Sandboxx News

National Security / Foreign Policy

Israel signs first Arab free trade agreement with UAE, Al Jazerra
‘Catastrophic hunger’: Charity urges truce extension in Yemen, Al Jazerra
The US is heading for a civil war, Al Jazerra
Commerce and Treasury Make China Legislation Harder, AEI
Poland eyes 500 American rocket launchers to boost its artillery forces, Defense News
The Navy Made America a Superpower Once. Can It Again?, Foreign Policy
How Putin’s War Caused a Global Food Crisis, Foreign Policy
The Strategic Dilemma of the United States and Nuclear Risk in an Era of Great Power Competition, Hudson Institute
Biden Beetlejuiced the end of Taiwan strategic ambiguity, Morning Defense
Patrushev: Poland proceeds to operation to seize Western Ukraine, Pravda Report
How deeply has Western propaganda affected you?, Pravda Report
Russia may strike ‘not Kyiv’ should anyone attack Russian cities – Medvedev, Pravda Report
Two Russian mercenaries killed in Central African Republic, Pravda Report
Not So Quiet on the Southern Front, RAND
U.S. Policy Toward the Taliban: Engage, Isolate, or Oppose?, RAND
New Zealand Under Pressure as Pacific Contest Heats Up, The Diplomat
Will Finland and Sweden Joining NATO Deepen the Alliance’s Problems?, War on the Rocks
You Go to War with the Turkey You Have, Not the Turkey You Want, War on the Rocks
3 Reasons E-3’s Actually Run the US Military, Sandboxx News

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Islamic State operative planned to assassinate George W. Bush with assassins smuggled across the Mexican border, War is Boring
Norway and Finland Have Levels of Gun Ownership Similar to the U.S., but Far Less Gun Crime, Homeland Security Newswire
The Gun Laws That Work, and the Gun Laws That Don’t, RAND
Race Track Fire in East Boston (MA) Goes to Six Alarms; Historic Track Damaged, Firefighter Nation
5 kayakers rescued from river by firefighters after crashing into submerged tree, FireRescue1
Cultural competency: Why outside trainers fail to capture firefighters’ attention, FireRescue1
L.A. program to avoid jail, criminal charges sees little interest, Police1
2 killed, 20 injured after car barrels into Memorial Day weekend crowd, Police1
School police chief scrutinized for delayed response to Uvalde shooting, Police1
LAPD officer dies from injuries suffered in training accident, Police1
Black Fire grows to a quarter of a million acres, Wildfire Today
DEVCOM Soldier Center Designs Protective Jumpsuit for Elite Firefighters, Soldier Systesms

Mountain / Outside

Quick Heads Up: Garmin Instinct 2 Series Beginners Guide Posted, DC Rainmaker
The 2022 Summer Gear Guide, Outside
The Best Backpacking Tents of 2022, Outside
Watch: Kyleigh Stewart Crushes in Kamloops, British Columbia, GearJunkie
Why Are So Many Climbers in Trouble on Mount Hood This Year?, Outside
Sponsors Cut Ties with Colin Strickland Following Death of Moriah Wilson, Outside
A Norwegian Climber Aims to Break Nims Purja’s 8,000er Record, Outside
A Thriller from the Death Zone, Outside
I Survived a Polar Bear Attack, Outside
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, Adventure Journal
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 5/26/22, AAI
Manageability Thoughts: Are you biting off more than you can chew in avalanche terrain?, BC Mag
Vortex’s NEW Rangefinders Review, Eastmans
​VIDEO: Teton Brown Shreds Central Couloir on May 25, TGR
In Defense of Visiting an Instagram-Famous Destination, Outside
10 of the All-Time Best Running Hacks , REI
Tom Cruise Legit BASE Jumped A Motorcycle For The New Mission Impossible, UA

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

You’re Going to Get COVID Again … & Again … & Again, The Atlantic
Tom Stoltman Wins 2022 World’s Strongest Man, Breaking Muscle
Managing In Season Fatigue, Endurance Nation
The Hidden Factor That Explains Easy Run Pace, Outside
How to Be Healthy in a Dopamine-Seeking Culture, Outside


Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work & Never Will, The Atlantic
Did Elites Really Take Over Identity Politics?, Real Clear Policy
Why Not Polygamy?, Real Clear Policy
DeLorean Returns with its 300-mile Range Alpha5 EV, Were

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