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Military / Foreign Affairs / National Security

‘Fort Trump’ Talks Conclude for Higher American Troop Presence in Poland, NY Times
Nearly 100 Killed, 19 Missing in Central Mali Village Massacre, Small Wars Journal
New Zealand plans to withdraw all troops from Iraq by next June, Small Wars Journal
Laura Yeager is the first woman to command an Army Infantry Division, Military Times
Duterte Turns Death Squads on Political Activists, Foreign Policy
Two-star fired from running top secret program office; under multiple IG investigations, Defense News
US cannot ‘expect to stay safe,’ warns Iran’s foreign minister, Military Times
Medal of Honor announced for soldier who fought through three floors of insurgents in Fallujah, Navy Times
Germany calls for de-escalation of ‘explosive’ Iran-U.S. tension, Reuters
Leaked documents reveal Russian effort to exert influence in Africa, The Guardian
Venezuela’s healthcare system continues to deteriorate, Al Jazzera
When You Leave Your Job, Clean Out Your Desk: Some Thoughts on Professionalism, Modern War Institute
Top Armed Services Republican plots push for $750B defense budget, The Hill
China hints it will choke off U.S. ‘rare earths’ access. But it’s not that easy., Stars & Stripes


Homeland Security / First Responder

Examining the role of culture in firefighter deaths, Firerescue 1
Police and PTSD: What happens when the adrenaline rush wears off? LE Today
Opinion: these new officer use-of-force rules demand cops be mind readers, LE Today
Revisiting the 4 roles of firefighters in disasters, Firerescue 1
Chicago Mayor Meets With Police Brass Over Violence,
Texas LE officials see dip in violent crimes after project launch, Police One



Alaska Air National Guard rescues hunter attacked by bear, Air Force Times
The Best Mountain Bikes of the Past Four Years, Outside
Hardrock 100 Canceled For 2019, Gearjunkie
Freediving Safety Guide, Globo Surf
Review: Garmin Forerunner 245 Gives You a Run For Your Money, Gear Latest
Are Electric Mountain Bikes Ruining Trail Systems?, Gear Patrol
The 18 Best New Hunting and Precision Rifles, Tested, Outdoor Life
‘Outside’ Editors Define Climbing Terms, Outside
Meet the Scientist Family Hiking America’s Most Remote Spots, Backpacker
The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape, Gear Patrol
Eight Climbers Dead on Indian Himalaya’s Nanda Devi, Adventure Journal
Neely Quinn: Training for Short Climbers, Training for Rock Climbing
The Hill That You Love To Hate,
Wildfire Smoke Is Here to Stay, Outside


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

So You’ve Made a Big Mistake. Now What? NY Times
Let Go of Your Grudges. They’re Doing You No Good, NY Times
Garmin’s Biggest Competitor Is Their Own Software Instability, DC Rainmaker
What Athletes Need to Know About Collagen Peptides, Gearjunkie
The Latest Research on Protein and Muscle-Building , Outside
How to Do a Perfect Squat, Outside
White Meat vs. Red Meat and Cholesterol Levels, NY Times
Structuring sweetness: What makes Stevia 200 times sweeter than sugar?, Science Daily
Everything You Need to Know About Anabolic Steroids, Muscle & Fitness
The negative health effects of too much noise goes well beyond hearing, Washington Post
How to Fast, NY Times
There’s a Physical Limit to Human Endurance. This Is the Breaking Point for Every Athlete, Men’s Journal
How to Become Ruthlessly Efficient in the Gym, Breaking Muscle
4 Ways Your Desk Job Is Killing You, Muscle & Fitness
Night owls can ‘retrain’ their body clocks to improve mental well-being and performance, Science Daily
The Mossman-Pacey Paradox: How Steroid Abuse Leads to Infertility in the Pursuit of Male Perfection, Muscle & Fitness
Supplements for Your Summer Shred, Breaking Muscle
Diet for One? Scientists Stalk the Dream of Personalized Nutrition, NY Times
How Safe Is Sunscreen?, NY Times
Insomnia Can Kill You, NY Times
The Beginner’s Guide to Parkour (How to Become a Ninja), Nerd Fitness
Diet and sleep habits of Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin, Business Insider


Australia’s national anthem is ‘just not that good’, Briggs tells Q&A, The Guardian
Canada to ban some single-use plastics by 2021: Trudeau, Al Jazzera
Google made $4.7bn from news sites in 2018, study claims, The Guardian
Electric-scooter startups are becoming more cautious, Business News
In the Kansas town that was home, the astonishing story of Eisenhower lives on, Stars and Stripes
Australian crocodiles blamed for spate of deaths in Timor-Leste, The Guardian
Connecticut Governor Signs Three New Gun Bills into Law, Recoil
The New Defender Will Not Be Like the Old One, Outside
Medical marijuana does not reduce opioid deaths, Science Daily
The Morning Routines of 10 Successful People Will Inspire You To Own Your AM, Women’s Health
Are Facebook Ads Discriminatory? It’s Complicated, Wired
Why pink Himalayan salt is so expensive, Business Insider
How and when to cancel your Netflix, Prime Video, and other video subscriptions, The Verge
How likable every 2020 presidential candidate is, ranked, Business Insider

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