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Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

DC Guard members test positive for COVID-19 after protests, Air Force Times
Four areas SOCOM’s chief information officer wants to modernize, Defense News
Iran says it will execute informant who led CIA to Soleimani, Al Jazeera
Beam them up: More than 8,500 airmen ask to go to Space Force, Air
Force Times
The United States Needs German Bases More Than Germany Does, Foreign Policy
Is China already inside America’s hypersonic industrial base?, Defense One
Two retired Navy officials plead guilty in ‘Fat Leonard’ bribery prosecution, Stars & Stripes
Travis airman suspected of killing deputy leads elite security forces team, Air Force Times
USSOCOM Reveals Dry Combat Submersible Entering Service Soon, Real Clear Defense
The Question: Why Would China not Invade Taiwan now?, The Cipher Brief
Global Economic Trends and the Future of Warfare, RAND Corp
Cool It With the ‘America In Decline’ Talk, Defense One
Trump memo demands new fleet of Arctic icebreakers to be ready by 2029, Defense One
The Generals Are Speaking Up. Is That a Good Thing?, Defense One
Washington Needs a Bold Rethink of Its China Strategy , War on the Rocks
Europe’s Love-Hate Protests Against America, Foreign Policy
This Marine was just selected to become the next senior enlisted leader for US Space Command, Marine Corps Times
Leadership Targeting and Drones: An Effective Counterterrorism Strategy?, Modern War Institute
Russia’s Newest Submarine, Khabarovsk, Could Redefine Underwater Warfare, In Homeland Security
USA’s Culture of Violence: An Interview with Peter Kuznick, Pravda Report
Bars in volunteer firehouses: Weighing the safety and liability issues, FireRescue1
SOCOM’s Hyper-Enabled Operator: Will It Work This Time?, Real Clear Defense
Harvard scientist indicted on charges of lying about Chinese research, financial ties, Stars & Stripes

Homeland Security / First Responder / Wildland Fire

Report: FBI found weapons, booby traps after arrest of 3 Nevada men with military experience, Air Force Times
The US Army Has Grounded the Two Pilots Who Flew Low Over DC, Defense One
The impact of ventilation on strip mall fires: Breaking down the research, FireRescue1
How to Get Started on Rolling Back Police Militarization, War on the Rocks
Fla. firefighters recovering after cargo ship explosion, FireRescue1te
Protesters Follow Georgia Officers Home, Vandalize Take-Home Vehicles, Police Magazine
Illegal drone flights hamper response to Ariz. wildfire, Fire Rescue 1


First, Buy A Smaller Pack, Backpacking Light
These Are the Best Outdoor Gear Deals of the Week, Gear Patrol
Watch 2 Athletes Climb K2 Without Supplemental Oxygen, GearJunkie
What Shoes Should You Be Hiking In? Outside
Rugged, Remote, Amazing, This Is Growing Up on Australia’s West Coast, Adventure Journal
Opinion: I Went to a Reopened Rock Gym During the Coronavirus Pandemic…and It Was Just Fine, Climbing Mag
Cold Weather Sock Systems and Foot Care by John Huston, Polar Explorer, Soldier Systems
⚡TEST NIGHT ⚡Kelty Military Field Tent – How Much Rain Can It Handle?, The Outdoor Gear Review
Remembering One of the Grandest Failures in American Alpinism, Adventure Journal
How to Make Hangboarding Easier or Harder, Climbing Mag
Stalking the Herd Bull, Eastman’s
Chat with Zappos – Not a Heartless Source for Hiking Shoes, Zappos
Our New Favorite Lightweight Glove is Made With Stretchy GoreTex Infinium, Gear Institute
Material Science: Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Systems, REI Co-Op
Video: 100 Miles Alone on Alaska’s Resurrection Pass Trail, Adventure Blog
Freeride World Tour Champ Answers FAQs About Backcountry Skiing, Unofficial Networks


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

The ACFT Is Exactly What the Army Needs. . ., MWI
‘Fat burning’ molecule has implications for treatment of obesity, Science Daily
The Definitive Guide to Protein, Mark’s Daily Apple
Contaminants Found in 90% of Herbal Supplements Tested,
The Best Theragun Devices to Buy (and Which to Avoid), Gear Latest
The 17 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Fitness-Loving Dads, Gear Patrol
Many Have Antibodies After Coronavirus Outbreak on Carrier Roosevelt, NY Times
The Benefits of Cold Water, Outside
21 Best Snacks Recommended By Dietitians That Are Under 200 Calories, Men’s Health
6 Challenging Workouts You Can Tackle at Just About Any Local Park, Men’s Journal
Stop Overdoing Sport Specific Training, Breaking Muscle
Please Stop Buying Cloth Bath Mats. They’re Gross and Weird, Gear Patrol
Russia using its soldiers to test coronavirus vaccine on, War is Boring
VIDEO: Running and Gunning at the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship, Tactical Life
65-Year-Old Ultrarunner Errol “The Rocket” Jones Is a Philosopher of Pain, Adventure Journal
How to Use a Pull-Up Bar for a Full-Body Workout , Outside
A Single Session of Exercise Alters 9,815 Molecules in Our Blood, NY Times
The Best Prowler Exercises to Challenge Your Power, Strength, and Endurance, Men’s Journal

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