Arete 6.10.23

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy


U.S.-China Rivalry in an Era of Weakening States, RAND
The Middle East: Goodbye America, hello China?, Al Jazerra
Cuba to host China’s secret base to spy on USA, Pravda Report
Navy Should Be ‘In the Way,’ But ‘Non-Provocative,’ CNO Says, Defense One
Why the U.S.-China ‘Cold War’ Framing Is So Dangerous, Foreign Policy
China Extends Its Lead Over U.S. in Key Technologies, HSN
America Is Winning Against China in Oceania, RAND
U.S.-China Rivalry in a Neomedieval World, RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Photo of the Week: A final salute to a fallen hero, Police1
Denver Officer Ambushed Sitting In Patrol Car Fatally Shoots Would-Be Cop Killer, Police Tribune
Pa. officer shocked with TASER during fight with suspect, Police 1
‘Deeply disturbing’ bodycam video shows shooting that killed Calif. officer, Police1
NYC Unveils New Narcan, Crack Pipe Vending Machines Free To Residents, Police Tribune
Ga. police K-9 dies in hot cruiser after air conditioning malfunctions during officer training, Police1
The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Jeff Shupe, Part 2, Fire Engineering
West Virginia Firefighters Plead Nolo to Financial Charges, Fire Law Blog
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Announces April 2023 Officers of the Month, APBM
More Americans Disapprove Than Approve of Colleges Considering Race, Ethnicity in Admissions Decisions, Pew Research
Video: Firefighters Use Three Aerials to Rescue 20 Passengers Stranded on Carnival Ride, FFN
Chinese Citizens at the Southern Border | UFO Crash Materials | The End of the Silicon Valley Dream, and more, HSN
Gun-Related Deaths in U.S. Reach Record High, HSN
Oregon’s civil forfeiture practice declines amid legal changes and shifting priorities, APB
Apple Watch Gets Massive Software Update: Here’s Everything new!, DC Rainmaker
Cause of Marshall Fire that Destroyed 1,000 Homes Announced; Electric Utility Cries Foul, Firefighter Nation

Mountain / Outside

Proposed 14,000-Mile American Perimeter Trail Would Circumnavigate Entire United States, UN
What Is the Most Valuable Social Media Platform? 2023 Analysis by Climbers Crag, Climbing Business

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Energy Drinks are Surging. So Are Their Caffeine Levels, NY Times
Man carries barbell up Ben Nevis for Doddie Weir charity, BBC
‘Tour de France: Unchained’ Will Turn You into a Cycling Fan, Outside
‘Walk and Talk’ Is a Beautiful Way to Strengthen Your Social Connections NY Times
5 New Health and Training Features Apple Is Adding to WatchOs 10, Outside
Training for Trail Running: Longevity at the Top (with John Kelly), Uphill Athlete
What Does Gratitude Do For Your Health? What the Science Shows, NY Times
The 1-Minute Morning Push-Up Routine, T-Nation
Taurine may be a key to longer and healthier life, Science Daily
Lingering effects of Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans, Science Daily
See 5 Foods That Will Bust Stress & Lift Your Mood, Men’s Health
We Tried The “Illegal” New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainers, Triathlete
The Importance of a Bench Press Arch, Breaking Muscle
The Latest Findings on Breast Cancer, WebMD
Strongman Leon Miroshnik Deadlifts 410 Kilograms (903.9 Pounds), Nearly 4 Times His Body Weight, Breaking Muscle
Carbs Aren’t the Enemy: Debunking Popular Myths About Carbohydrates, Renaissance Periodization
Random Thoughts on Training, Joe Friel
Salomon everyday running shoes: How do they stack up to the blue blood competition?, The Manual


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