Arete 6.1.17

Interested in joining the Army’s newest brigade? Here’s what you can expect, Army Times
SOF’s Evolving Role: Warfare ‘By, With, and Through’ Local Forces, RAND
The Return of Marco Polo’s World and the U.S. Military Response, CNAS
Groundhog Day in Afghanistan, NY Times
Carry a Big Stick or Be Quiet: A Case for Conscription, Small Wars Journal
The Gray Zone in Africa, Small Wars Journal
Three Rifles That Could Replace the Army’s M4A1, Popular Mechanics

After Manchester, the UK Weighs Security and Freedoms, New Yorker
Should we negotiate with terrorist hostage takers?, The Conversation
Justice Department anti-terror chief keeps pressing on encryption, Politico
UK Officials still investigating ‘wider conspiracy’ behind Manchester attack , Long War Journal
Cognitive Defense: Influencing the Target Choices of Less Sophisticated Threat Actors, HSAJ

Using Innovative Technology to Investigate Targeted Mass Violence, Police Chief Magazine
Challenging Tradition – Barriers to Cultural Change in the Fire Service, Fire Rescue Magazine
Developing Critical Thinking Skills, Fire Rescue Magazine
Protective Vests in Law Enforcement: A Pilot Study of Public Perception, Force Science Institute
(Video) From Escort Position to Takedown, Police One
Millennials and Improving Recruitment in Law Enforcement, Police Chief Magazine

The 20 Best Mountain Towns in America, Men’s Journal
Canadian Team Free Solo 31-Pitch, 5.13b on El Capitan, Gripped
Gender Roles in Pro Climbing, Gripped
Don’t be a Backpacker who Carries Too Much, Adventure Journal
Offwidth Climbing, Red Bull TV
Alpinist Sue Nott: Historical Badass, Adventure Journal
Living Off the Grid in An Alaska Skier’s Paradise, Powder
10 Outdoor Documentaries to Watch Now, Adventure Journal
10 Mountain film Movies to See, Outside
This is the evolution of Skiing, Powder
Does Moon Phase Really Affect Deer Movement?, Outdoor Life
Light & Fast in Patagonia, Arcteryx
Texas Hog Hunting,
Red Bull Defiance Adventure Race, Red Bull TV
Mountain Bike World Cup, Red Bull TV

DARPA is Working on Giving Soldiers Super Vision, Popular Mechanics
Why I’m Giving Up Trail Runners for Hiking Boots, Adventure Journal
Ski Apparel of the Year, Powder
29er Downhill Mountain Bikes, Outside
2017 Best Multi Tools, Outside
2017 Best Trail Running Shoes, Outside
OR Helium Bivy, Backpacking
Acteryx Bora AR – Editor’s Choice Pack, Backpacking
Is Buying a New Bow Always Better?, Petersen’s Bowhunting

A Pair of Headphones That Can Measure Your VO2 Max, Men’s Journal
Why Rest Days Are Just as Important as Your Workouts, Men’s Journal
Could Leaky Gut be the Hidden Cause of Your Health Problems? 4 Causes and 4 Solutions
Troubleshoot Your Overhead Press, Breaking Muscle
How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle, Mark’s Daily Apple
How to Mentally Recover from an Injury, Outside Magazine
What I Learned from a Year of Intermittent Fasting, Outside Magazine
Another reason to exercise: Burning bone fat a key to better bone health, Science Daily
2017 Best Energy Snacks, Outside
How Much Sugar is in a Glass of Wine?, NY Times
A Guide to Race Eating, La Sportiva
Train by Doing, Outdoor Research

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