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Why Does Ukraine Want Western Jets?, RCD
U.S. To Send Ukraine Another $300 Million in Military Aid, RCD
Russian ‘Ghost Ships’ Are Turning the Seabed Into a Future Battlefield, RCD
Russia is Gaining an Advantage, As Ukraine Runs Out of Weapons, Varga
Ukrainian ‘Sabotage Teams’ Are Devastating Russia’s Defenses, RCD
‘Ambushed’: Former Marine Is Latest Veteran Killed in Ukraine War,
Ukraine says no sign of Russia’s Wagner force Bakhmut withdrawal, Al Jazerra
To secure the Black Sea, the West must help Moldova stand up to Russian aggression, Atlantic Council
In Ukraine, A New Chance to Judge the Patriot Missile, Defense One
The Key Is Pilots, Not Drones: Ukraine’s Escadrone On The Skill Of Flying FPV Kamikazes, Forbes
America Spends Less On Its Military Than You Think. Look At The Numbers., Forbes
Navy using active-duty influencers to reach “wider audience”, Military News
Retired Air Force general sentenced to prison for tax fraud, Military News
Russian Unease Over Ukraine War Grows Amid Attacks and Leadership Rifts, NY Times
Ukrainian troops lose as many as 300 fighters in one day in Bakhmut, Pravda Report
Dmitry Rogozin: Russia needs to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Pravda Report
Ukraine claims Russian troops and Wagner mercenaries are fighting each other, T&P
Ukrainian soldiers are using video game controllers to operate machine gun turrets, T&P
Russia Orders Partial Evacuation Near Ukraine Front Line, Moscow Times
Russia Expands GPS Signal Jamming to 15 Regions, Moscow Times
Scuffle breaks out after Russian delegate steals Ukraine flag, War is Boring
US claims over 20,000 Russian have been killed in Ukraine since December, War is Boring
Russia’s Gains in the Great Arctic Race, WOTR
What the Drone Strikes on the Kremlin Reveal About the War in Ukraine, RAND


China’s Anti-Ship Firepower and Mass Firing Schemes, RCD
Mexico claims proof of Chinese fentanyl smuggling, BBC
4 things to consider as India overtakes China as world’s most populous nation, South China Morning Post
Taiwan’s undersea submarine base plan resurfaces as cross-strait tensions rise, South China Morning Post
German Navy Announces New Pacific Deployments as Global Navy Chiefs Call for More Pacific Cooperation  , USNI News
Philippine Coast Guard Cutters, Chinese Warship Almost Collide in South China Sea, USNI News
Could Beijing Risk a Diversionary War Against Taiwan?, RAND
Is China Planning to Attack Taiwan?, RAND

Other National Defense, Foreign Policy

Iran executes Swedish-Iranian dual national: State media, Al Jazerra
Third-place finisher in Paraguay’s presidential election arrested, Al Jazerra
How Could AI Change War? U.S. Defense Experts Warn About New Tech, NY Times
Focus on Qatar: Armies Upgrading on the Double, RCD
The Shifting Tides: How the US Dollar’s Dominance as a Global Currency is Eroding, The Geopolitics
Why the Situation in Cuba Is Deteriorating, HSN

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Pentagon Sending 1,500 Active-Duty Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border, Task & Purpose
Man’s Best Friend: Firefighter and Warfighter Robot Dogs, RCD
More than 13,000 Evacuated as Wildfires Burn in Western Canada, NY Times
Video shows Coast Guard helicopter narrowly avoiding crashing during rescue at sea, T&P
Why Are Active-Duty Troops Being Sent to U.S.-Mexico Border?, T&P
Texas bill would pay teachers to carry firearms in classrooms, APBM
Bodies of Two Quebec Firefighters Found, Fire Engineering
Three DeKalb (GA) Firefighters Injured Battling House Fire, Fire Engineering
Demoted Captain Sues CalFire Alleging Disability Discrimination and Retaliation, Fire Law Blog
Clearwater (FL) Fire Medics Terminated After Wrongly Declaring Man Dead, FFN
Video: Third Fire/Explosion in Three Years Blows Roof Off MA Pharma Plant; One Worker Killed, FFN
Photos: Fire destroys S.D. FD’s building, both ambulances, 4 out of 5 fire trucks, FR1
Slain Calif. LEO’s widow, children sue DA over failing to keep convicted felon in prison, Police1
Georgia enacts law letting panel punish, oust prosecutors, Police1
3 ex-Pa. officers get 5 years of probation in 8-year-old’s shooting death, Police1
Investigators Say Fayetteville Police Officer Killed Wife In Murder-Suicide At Couple’s Home, Police Tribune
Girlfriend Murders Boyfriend’s 6-Year-Old Daughter, Dumps Body On Child’s Mother’s Lawn, Police Tribune
Trip Jennings’ award-winning wildfire documentary now screening, Wildfire Today
Counter Rotating Vortex Pair: the 2020 El Dorado Fire, Wildfire Today
How Many Americans Own Guns? The Numbers Keep Rising, Tactical Gun Life
Overdose Death Rate Involving Fentanyl Spikes, The Hill

Mountain / Outside

One Hiker Dies, One Saved in ‘Extreme’ Rescue on El Capitan in Guadalupe Mountains, GearJunkie
Pending World-Record Salmon Caught in Patagonian River, GearJunkie
American Doctor Dies on Everest, GearJunkie
The North Face Finally Delivers Himalayan Suit for Female Mountaineers, GearJunkie
Adventure Watch Showdown: Garmin Versus Suunto, Outside
The Shoe Designed for Thru-Hikers, Outside
Pro Surfing Allows Transgender Athletes to Compete. Cue the Backlash., Outside
Kirsten Neuschäfer Wins the Golden Globe Sailing Race, Dubbed a Voyage for Mad Men, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 5/4/2023, AAI
12 Rules – Foundational Strength Training for Climbers, Climb Strong
11-Year-Old Boy Survives 50-foot Ground Fall at Smith Rock, Climbing
The Latest “Necessary” Piece of Climbing Gear is a Problem, Climbing
How Strength Training Is Misunderstood by Climbers (Part I), Climbing
3 Things to Do and Not Do When Developing a Climbing Gym: Ryan Studio’s Insider Tips, Climbing Business
The JP Memorial 2023 – Celebrating the life of one of skiing’s finest, JP Auclair, Freeskier
Adam Ondra Makes First Ascents in Slovakia, Gripped
Correct Your Footwork Bad Habits with Climbing Pro Dave MacLeod, Gripped
Ben Harnden Sends Deadlift V14 in Squamish, Gripped
New World Record for Climbing World’s Highest Mountains, Gripped
Rescued Person Had Leg Trapped in Rock, Gripped
My Thru-Hiking Community Showed Me Just How Lonely My Real Life Was, Outside
Years After My Mentor Died in the Backcountry, I Retraced His Final Footsteps, Outside
Citadel NW Face climbed in Kichatna Spires of Alaska by Joseph Hobby, Zach Lovell, Planet Mountain
WATCH: Backcountry Sledding Is The World’s Best New Extreme Sport, UN
How Steep is Steep?, UN
WATCH: Skier Comes Dangerously Close To Death In Failed River Jump Attempt, UN
VIDEO: Surfer Rides Mini-Tsunami Generated By 600ft Calving Glacier, UN
High Asymmetry vs Low Asymmetry : Which is Best?, Weigh My Rack

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Hike To Be Present, Osprey
Artemis Simon Is Done Pushing Past Her Limits, Outside
How to Spot—and Correct—Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome, Outside
Ingenious Snacking Hacks for Outdoor Excursions, Outside
These incredible leg workouts don’t include any squats or lunges, The Manual
How to do psychedelics right (now that psychedelic therapy is a growing trend), The Manual
The Manual Grooming Awards 2023: The Absolute Best Grooming Products for Men, The Manual
Exercises for Muscular Endurance, Uphill Athlete
How to Do the Half-Kneeling Pallof Press for Core Strength and Full-Body Stability, Breaking Muscle
Behavior patterns of people who achieve clinically significant weight loss, Science Daily
Composition of joint lubricant potential culprit behind osteoarthritis, Science Daily
How to Stay Sharp As You Age, According to Steven Kotler, Men’s Journal
Why have we stopped talking to strangers?, Guardian
You snooze, you lose: why long naps can be bad for your health, Guardian
Why doesn’t self-care and pampering make me feel better?, Guardian
Medicinal Cannabis Can Effectively Reduce Cancer Pain, Healthline
Is Our Sleep Affected by Smartphones?,
How to Spot Health Scams and False Wellness Claims, NY Times
The Dreadful Physical Symptoms of Dementia, Psychology Today
Use the ‘4-1-1 Method’ for Muscle-Building, Inside Hook
COVID Is Worse Than the Flu. Much Worse., ACSH
A New Portrait of American Teenagers in Crisis, Politico
NY Governor Gauging Support for Full Ban on All Cigarette Sales, Reason


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