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US National Guard’s aging battle taxis find new use in Ukraine fight, Army times
Army Futures Command learning from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Army Times
Florida Guardsmen heading to Germany to continue training Ukrainian troops, Defense News
Naval Group opens new counter-mine warfare, cyber labs in Brussels, Defense News
What’s Next for Marines in the Middle East?, Defense One
‘Stay Down Low’: Ukraine Fears Formidable Russian Air Defenses in the Donbas, Foreign Policy
Ukraine says its drones hit Russian fast boats at sea, MC Times
Why the Chinese military wants thousands of ‘made-to-order’ noncommissioned officers, Task & Purpose
How the US military’s reliance on fossil fuels puts troops in danger, Task & Purpose
‘Ghost of Kyiv’ revealed to be a hoax, joins list of false narratives by both sides, War is Boring


National Security / Foreign Policy

The Middle East Abhors a Vacuum, Foreign Affairs
Germany says could drop opposition to Russian oil ban, Al Jazerra
Finland and Sweden intensify talks on joint NATO application, Defense News
Australian spies helped expose secret pact between China and Solomon Islands,
Mossad allegedly uncovered Iranian plot to kill Israeli, American officials abroad,
NATO Always Wanted to Surround Russia and China, Pravda Report
Belarusian Lukashenka: Dictatorship is the secret of country’s well-being, Pravda Report
Osama bin Laden was planning more attacks on the US three years after 9/11, documents reveal, War is Boring
Start with the Political: Explaining Russia’s Bungled Invasion of Ukraine, War on the Rocks
How would an energy embargo affect Germany’s economy?, Economist
To Win the Next War, the Pentagon Needs Nerds, Wired

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Galveston (TX) Firefighter Loses Two Children, 2 and 7, in House Fire, Firefighter Nation
Firefighter Dies in West Virginia Trying to Save Woman and Child, Firefighter Nation
Field and full-scale laboratory testing of prototype wildland fire shelters, International Journal of Wildland Fire
10 things police trainers shouldn’t say to a trainee, Police 1
‘Poor multitasking’ leads to 15-minute registration stop, Police 1
Portland PD temporarily shuts down cold case squad to staff homicide unit, Police
Five Canadian Police Agencies Choose GLOCK Pistols, Soldier Systems
Team Biden Finally Admits There’s a War on Cops — Which It’s Inflaming, Manhattan Inst.

Mountain / Outside

What Outdoor Retailer’s Move Back to Utah Means for the Industry, Outside
What’s the Point of a Soft-Shell Jacket?, Outside
‘Lunatic Fringe’: Jeep Employees Put Up Their Own Money to Birth the Rubicon, Gear Junkie
The Best Camping Chairs, Wirecutter
When Is the Best Time to Buy Outdoor Gear?, Wirecutter
These Teens Spent Their Gap Year Hooking State Fish All Over America, Outside
Climbing Legend Charlie Porter Climbed Everything and Said Nothing, Adventure Journal
Are User Fees a Fair Solution for Public Lands Management?, Outside
Driving Anywhere and Fixing Anything in a Sweet ’95 Land Cruiser, Adventure Journal
Japanese team completes first ascent of Kangchung Nup’s NW face in Nepal, Alpinist
Fewer Elk and Predators = More Mule Deer, Eastmans
When it Comes to Your Inventory, Many Retailers Are Blind, Outside
North Shore Betty, Patagonia
Winter Park Eyes Massive Expansion Including In-Town Gondola, UN
What the Wyoming Corner Crossing Verdict Means for Hunters, Meateater
Coyotes Try to Corner 10-Point Buck Who Fends Them Off, Wide Open Spaces
Angler Catches 80-Pound Blue Catfish That Cannibalized Another Catfish, Wide Open Spaces

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Amazing Practical Utility of the iPhone’s Live Text Feature, Wirecutter
7 Strategies for Wasting Less Food, Wirecutter
Freerunning The Sydney Opera House With Dom Di Tommaso, RedBull
12 Tips for Healthy Habits from TB12 Body Coach Bryan Hart, The Manual
Powerlifter Krzysztof Wierzbicki Records 502.5-Kilogram Deadlift (1,107 Pounds), the Heaviest Deadlift in History, Breaking Muscle
15-Year-Old Morgan Nicholls Records 605-Pound Deadlift in Training for Unofficial World Record, Breaking Muscle
Study finds children with vegetarian diet have similar growth and nutrition compared to children who eat meat, Science Daily
New article outlines the characteristics of a ‘longevity diet’, Science Daily
The Fastest Fitness Test for Lifters, T-Nation
The Real Effects of a Mild Steroid Cycle, T-Nation
Training for the IRONMAN World Championships in St. George, Training Peaks
We Put the Norwegian Training Methods to the Test, Triathlete
Scientists Are Working on How to Grow Replacement Teeth, WebMD


Amazon defeats drive to unionize second New York facility, Al Jazerra
Is Nuclear Power Safe?, Real Clear Policy
This Chinese EV Sells At Just Over $5,000. So We Tried It, Gear Latest
Autotrader: Here are the top 10 electric cars of the year, Autotrader
This Is How America’s Culture War Death Spirals, The Atlantic

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