Arete 5.31.18


Proving Ground: Iran’s Operational Strategy in Syria, Small Wars Journal
House overwhelmingly backs plan to ‘rebuild our military, Defense News
How aviation injuries led to 8,670 lost work days across the military, Defense News
US strike hits Taliban ‘command and control node’ in Helmand, Long War Journal
What the Army’s Return to Large-Scale Operations Means for the Intelligence Warfighting Function, Modern War Institute
Come Aboard the USS Enterprise: The Navy’s Finest Ship Ever, The National Interest
Slovakia’s Unusual Artillery Is Among the Most Advanced in the World, War Is Boring


Homeland Security/First Responder/Law Enforcement

Dangerous Times For The Constitution And Freedom, Hoover Institution
US alerts its diplomatic staff in China over ‘abnormal sounds and symptoms’,
Trump’s Summit Cancellation: What It Means, Real Clear Defense
EHT Episode 37–Truck Work Part 3-Forcible Entry, Firefighter’s Enemy
Amongst the Shadows and the Stones, Law Enforcement Today
New Stamp to Honor First Responders,
Retired NYPD chief of detectives dies of 9/11-related cancer, PoliceOne Daily News



The Hard-Partying, Big Water-Running Walt Blackadar, Adventure Journal
Three Black Canyon routes in 24 hours: raising money for the Climbing Grief Fund, Alpinist Newswires
Returning to Shasta: How a mountain created a loyal following of world-class guides, Backcountry Magazine
Interview: Adrian Ballinger on His Lightning-Fast Ascents of Cho Oyu and Everest, Climbing Magazine
Classic Routes: The Phoenix, Climbing Magazine
Shred the land down under: Nine reasons to ski Australia,
7 of the Best Skiers on the Mountain – None of these skiers are sponsored, by the way, Powder Magazine



Squat Because Your Brain Needs Strong Legs, Breaking Muscle
Rehabilitating lactate: From poison to cure, Science Daily
Time spent sitting at a screen matters less if you are fit and strong, Science Daily
Do Coffee Brewing Methods Matter For Health? Mark’s Daily Apple
You Should Probably Start Eating More Beets, Men’s Journal
Follow the 5-to-1 Rule for Packaged Foods,
Running with Bad Knees Might Be OK After All, Outside Magazine
What Athletes Can Learn from the Latest Sleep Research, Outside Magazine

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