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Military / Foreign Affairs / National Security

Someone taped Steve Carell’s picture over Space Force’s top officer at the USAF museum, Air Force Times
The inside story of two supersonic flights that changed how America operates the F-35, Defense News
Palestinians announce end of intelligence cooperation with US and Israel,
Miniseries offers deep dive into misconceptions and complexities of Ulysses S. Grant, Military Times
Thermopylae, Alaska: A Remarkably Small Part of the US Military Responsible for Nuclear Missile Defense, Modern War Institute
The End of Hong Kong, Defense One
U.S. Falters in Bid to Replace Chinese Rare Earths, Foreign Policy
Trump Should Address the Nation About Winning the China Challenge, Hudson Institute
Popular beer app used to trace movements of military and intelligence personnel,
Leveraging American Power for a New Era, Texas National Security Review
USS Portland Conducts Laser Weapon System Demonstrator Test, US Navy News Service
Russia calls US withdrawal from Open Skies ‘next-step’ in destroying international security order, Jane’s 360
Analysis: Islamic State claims Al Qaeda started a war in West Africa, Long War Journal
The military needs a real plan to recruit and retain women, report finds, Marine Corps Times
Pentagon’s top R&D chief hints that lasers may never work on aircaft, Small Wars Journal
This Memorial Day, Let’s Finally Start Having an Honest National Conversation About Military Service, War on the Rocks
Weighing U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq, RAND Corp

First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #45: Drones and Explosives Seized in Puebla, Mexico by Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) and Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA), Small Wars Journal
Ore. FF shot and killed while leaving for fire call, FireRescue1
Cherry Canyon Fire in southeast Colorado grows to nearly 12,000 acres, Wildfire Today
More Than 100 Officers Have Died of COVID-19, FOP Reports, Police Mag
Chiefs, check your personal preferences at the door and do what’s right, FireRescue1
Vehicle theft spikes in COVID-19 pandemic, Police One
2 FFs injured in apparatus crash after operator loses consciousness, FireRescue1
Group arrested for carrying weapons outside Texas bar plans 2nd rally, Police One
HANDS ON: dry-fire practice with the CoolFire Trainer, Recoil


This Big Sale Means There’s Never Been a Better Time to Grab a New Bike Rack, Gear Patrol
The Best Backpacking Water Filters of 2020, Gearjunkie
Trying Adds Up, The Cleanest Line
Start Your Day With Random Dude In Awe After Following Travis Rice Around Jackson Hole, Unofficial Networks
The Best Cheap Sunglasses, Wirecutter
Consumer Reports Ranks Top Sunscreens for 2020, WebMD
Inside New Hampshire’s Craft Glading Movement, Backcountry Magazine
This is how ski season is shaping up in the Southern Hemisphere, Freeskier
Industry Buzz: Outdoor Retailer, ski resort reopening, a surge in camping popularity, national park posters, SNEWS
What the Future of Adventure Travel Looks Like, Outside
Mélissa Le Nevé makes first female ascent of Action Directe, Wolfgang Güllich’s Frankenjura masterpiece, Planet Mountain
2020 Is the Year of the Short-Travel 29er, Outside
Discover the Secrets of the Texas Hill Country, Backpacker
A Song for Tomorrow: The First Climbers in Zhangjiajie (Full Film), Climbing Magazine
Perfect Mountain Bike Maintenance Routine, Globosurf
The Best Sleeping Bags and Pads of 2020, Outside
5 Things We Learned at Our Bike Test This Year, Outside
Lotta Hintsa: From the Runway to the High Alpine, Climbing Magazine
How to Recreate Responsibly in the Outdoors, REI Co-op
Video: Why Salewa’s Mountain Trainer Lite GTX is sure to be a best seller, SNEWS

Fitness / Nutrition / Health

Coronavirus forces Air Force to cancel PT testing until October — or later, Air Force Times
Coronavirus: ‘Baffling’ observations from the front line, BBC
Replacing time spent sitting with sleep or light activity may improve your mood, Science Daily
How to Progress into a Pistol Squat, Outside
Russia to start vaccination of people against COVID-19 this year, Pravda Report
Swing to Win – Kettlebell Swings Better Than Olympic Lifts?, Breaking Muscle
COVID-19-Inspired Home Workouts Could Decimate the Gym Industry, Men’s Journal
CDC ‘Best Estimate’ Implies COVID Fatality Rate Below 0.3%, Real Clear Policy
Stanford Study Suggests Coronavirus Not as Deadly as Flu, Spectator
Fear of Covid Leads Other Patients to Decline Critical Treatment, NY Times
Rocky Mountain Pandemic: An inside look at how Eagle County, Colorado – home of Vail – has managed the COVID-19 pandemic, Police One
Army Research Shows Connection Between Stress, Stomach Ulcers, Soldier Systems
5 Ways To Stay Fit And Motivated As Lockdown Continues, Men’s Health
Opinion: When a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, who should get it first?, STAT
Does Low Estrogen in Women Impact Muscle Mass and Performance?, Breaking Muscle
10 Intense Speed Drills to Improve Your Power and Explosiveness, Men’s Journal


Why did America stop building? My long-read Q&A with Eli Dourado, AEI
Across The Wide, Growing American Divide, Hoover Institute
Thanks to 3-D printing, you can now have the Magnum from Halo, War is Boring
Face Masks Represent a New Culture War, Texas Tribune
What If Mass Unemployment Is Here to Stay?, The New Republic
Illinois’ Small Businesses Struggle to Weather Lockdown, City Journal
The Best Instant Camera, Wirecutter
What Are Those Strange Moving Lights In The Night Sky? Elon Musk’s ‘Starlink’ Satellites Explained, Forbes

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