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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Navy destroyer USS John Finn’s commanding officer fired, Task & Purpose
Navy destroyer USS John Finn’s executive officer fired along with ship’s captain, T&P
Academy Cadets with Kids Still Waiting as Pentagon Lags on Rule Change, Dod
Iran Nuclear Site Deep Underground Challenges West, Real Clear Defense
Air Force Major killed in non-combat incident in Kuwait, T&P
Fake Image of Pentagon Explosion Briefly Sends Jitters Through Stock Market, Dod
The Strategic Downside to Drone Attacks, RCD
Marine unit accidentally emails out 39,000 bank accounts, other personal info, T&P
The Pentagon has pulled back on its efforts to fight extremism in the ranks, T&P
Fired Fort Cavazos commander faces court-martial for allegedly sexually assaulting soldier’s wife, T&P
A Norwegian airline is banking on USS Gerald R Ford sailors having lots of unprotected sex, T&P
Army Looking at the Possibility of ‘AI BOMs’, Defense Scoop
Is the Sun Finally Setting on the Attack Helicopter?, Popular Mechanics
U.S. Military Facing Nonkinetic and “Neuro-Strike” Weapons, Washington Post
Army Special Operations Could Be Cut 10% as Military Looks to Conventional Warfare,
Nearly 1 in 3 Female Recruits Were Injured in Army Basic Training Last Year,
Lebanese Hezbollah Making Preparations to Target US Troops in Syria, Long War Journal
Following the death of Navy SEAL candidate during ‘Hell Week,’ 10 face possible prosecution, Military News
Navy SEAL Instructors ‘Hunted’ Weaker Candidates Amid Poor Medical Care, Drug Use, Military News
The Role of Mercenaries in Modern Warfare, The Geopolitics
Veterans Don’t Support Extremist Groups Any More Than the Public Does, RAND
Does America Still Need Europe?, RAND

Ukraine, Russia

With Bakhmut under total control, Russian forces will cut Ukraine’s defences into two, Pravda Report
Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny either seriously wounded or dead, Pravda Report
New Report: Ukraine Drone Losses Are ‘10,000 Per Month’, Forbes
Hollywood Drone Technology To Target Russian Tanks, Forbes
Thirty-nine Ukrainian saboteurs killed in Belgorod region, Pravda Report
The long journey home for a Marine veteran killed in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
Former Foreign Minister of Germany: We are about to witness largest battle since WWII, Pravda Report
Medvedev: Russia will strike preemptive blow on Ukraine should the West go too far, Pravda Report
Russia Has Taken Another Move Towards Launching Nukes,
This Rogue Anti-Russia Group is Promising More Attacks, ABC
Russian pro-Kremlin influencer survives IED attack that killed fellow passenger,
For Ukraine Military, Far-Right Russian Volunteers Make for Worrisome Allies, NYT


Just over half of mainland Chinese people back full-scale war to take control of Taiwan, poll finds, South China Morning Post
Chip Companies, Wary of Break With China, Seek Looser Limits on Federal Cash, WSJ
US bill takes aim at state laws restricting property ownership by citizens from China and elsewhere, South China Morning Post
US Navy hit by Chinese hacking campaign, report says, Bloomberg
US debt-ceiling: Chinese agency first to downgrade US credit rating, after Fitch warning, South China Morning Post
China sentences US citizen to life for espionage following closed-door trial,
Defend Taiwan with Naval Mines, RAND
US Army Selects Blue Force Gear Sling as Authorized M4A1 Component, Soldier Systems
RMA Armament Announces Female Armor Plates & Kits, Solider Systems

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Wildfires sparked ‘the Great Dying’ on Earth 250 million years ago, Chinese study confirms, South China Morning Post
Countering organized violence in the United States, Brookings
National Guard soldier caught letting migrants cross the border onto private property, Military News
Controlled Burns Help Prevent Wildfires, Experts Say. But Regulations Have Made It Nearly Impossible to Do These Burns., HSN
Peacekeeper Initiative offers support and healing for retired police officers with mental health issues, APBM
Southern California police agencies continue to face staffing shortages amid national reckoning on policing, APBM
Kansas burglary suspect uses ride-share app to escape while surrounded by officers, APBM
Report: Charlotte (NC) Fire Captain’s Desperate Efforts to Save Crane Operator, Fire Engineering
Firefighters Rescued from SC Apartment Building Fire, Fire Engineering
Report: Seattle Fire Department Promotional Exams Feature ‘Woke’ Literature, Fire Engineering
TX Repeals Ban on Transporting Patients in Fire Trucks, FireFighter Nation
Petersburg (VA) Firefighters Hit By Car While Backing Engine Into Bay, FFN
Terrifying Fire Destroys Box Truck, Several Cars on Bronx (NY) Street, FFN
Three MI Fire Departments Merge Into One As a Result of Personnel Shortages, FFN
Research: Startle Response and Firearm Draws, Force Science
VIDEO: Three Good Samaritans Help Motorcycle Cop During Violent Attack, Police Tribune
Alberta had one of the best wildfire programs in the world., Wildfire Today
The Toll Police Violence Takes on Black People’s Mental Health, NY Times

Mountain / Outside

Find Open Campsites at Busy Campgrounds: ‘CampScanner’ Scours All Reservations in Seconds GearJunkie
Hiker Dies in Grand Canyon Trekking From Rim to Colorado River and Back in a Day, GearJunkie
Our 12 Favorite Adventure Rigs From Overland Expo West 2023, Outside
The 2023 Summer Gear Guide, Outside
The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2023, Outside
The Best Climbing Hardware of 2023, Climbing
Hard New Alpine Routes in Nepal and Peru, Gripped
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 5/25/2023, AAI
The New Bolt Wars? Protect America’s Rock Climbing Act, Gripped
A New Route on Meru, a V16 Downgrade, and Two (Very Different) Endurance Feats, Climbing
Two Hikers Found Dead in Utah Canyon As the Dangerous Spring Continues, Travel Adventure
Is “Resistance Climbing” the Best Climbing Film Since “Free Solo”?, Climbing
5 Documentaries We’re Stoked to See at Mountainfilm This Year, Outside
How to Actually Train on LED Boards, Climbing
Kilian Jornet Escapes Everest After Avalanche, Gripped

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Want to Live Longer and Healthier? Peter Attia Has a Plan for You, NY Times
Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It Has FDA Approval for Study of Brain Implants in Humans, WSJ
Brain and Spine Implants Allow Paralyzed Man to Walk Naturally Again, NYT
Strava Announces Huge Slate of Upcoming New Features at ‘Camp Strava’, DC Rainmaker
I’m a Professional Soccer Player. Here’s What My Recovery Routine Looks Like., Outside
Maybe Endurance Athletes Should Take Creatine After All, Outside
Mark Wahlberg Reveals Intermittent Fasting Schedule and Diet, Mens Journal
The Truth About Fruit & Vegetable Supplements, T-Nation
Teens Using Marijuana 2 to 4 Times More Likely to Develop Mental Health Disorders, Healthline
A student’s poor eating habits can lead to a lifetime of illness, Science Daily
The truth about booze: how alcohol really affects your body, from first flush of happiness to hangover hell, WebMD


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