Arete 5.10.18


Going Back to the Future: Time for Change in Afghanistan, Small Wars Journal
Marines Re-organize Infantry For High Tech Warfare, Real Clear Defense
Why Are So Many Fighter Pilots Leaving the Air Force?, Real Clear Defense
Air Force’s Secret F-22 Production Restart Study, The Drive
Army Sends New Helicopter-Attacking Stryker to Europe, Warrior Mavon
Pentagon Moves Closer to ‘Swarming Drones’ Capability, Washington Post
Balancing Army Readiness with NSA Mission: A Case Study of the 717th Military Intelligence Battalion, Small Wars Journal
Did military hide the real mission of the Niger ambush from Congress? Defense News

Homeland Security/First Responder

Number of Refugees Entering the US Has Fallen – Esp. Among Muslims, Pew Research Center
US Citizens Responsible for the Vast Majority of Terrorist Plots in the US, Homeland Security News
Cause of Blaze that Injured 9 Conn. Officers Still Unclear, Police One
Wildfire Destroys 27 Structures in Catskills, Wildfire Today
Criminals Used Drone Swarm to Obstruct FBI Hostage Raid, Police Magazine
Manhunt for Gunman after ATF Agent Shot in Chicago, Police One
Seattle Police Officer Faces Discipline When He Should Be Commended, Law Enforcement Today
Thousands join law enforcement in tribute to slain Maine deputy, PoliceOne Daily News


Exploring Colorado’s Abandoned Ski Areas, Unofficial Networks
The Unquenchable Thirst – Dry-Throat in the Mountains, American Alpine Institute
Is the Token Female in Ski Movies a Thing of the Past? – Finally, a major ski movie is starring a nearly equal proportion of women to men, Powder Magazine
Illusions of Safety: After a friend’s avalanche death, a lesson in intuition, Backcountry Magazine
May is Money on Mount Hood – How to make the most of spring skiing on the Oregon glacier, Powder Magazine
They Had Us at ‘Everest Time Lapse’, Adventure Journal
Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler, 40 years ago Everest without supplementary oxygen,
Himalaya Spring 2018: Summit Schedule Starting to Firm Up on Everest, The Adventure Blog



Fasting Boosts Stem Cells Regenerative Capacity, Science News
Favorite Post Sufferfest Food, Outside
How HR Variability Tells You When to Hammer, Outside
Eat Big to Get Big? Breaking Muscle
The (Maybe Not So) Definitive Guide to Cold Therapy, Mark’s Daily Apple
Eggs not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice, Science Daily
Keto Constipation: Why it Happens & What to Do,
The Best Books For Fitness and Rehab Professionals, The Barbell Physio

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