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What Taiwan’s Tsai privately told 3 senators, Morning Defense
The Current State of U.S.-China Chip Competition, The Diplomat
Three Lessons China Can Learn From Russia in Ukraine, The Geopolitics
Integrated Deterrence and the China Challenge: The Perspective of General Wilsbach, the PACAF Commander, 2nd LOD
Long NATO delay spells trouble for Sweden and alliance: experts, Defense Talk News
Xi Jinping readies China for large-scale war, Pravda Report
In Defense of Denial: Why Deterring China Requires New Airpower Thinking, War on the Rocks
Philippines Announce 4 New Locations to Host U.S. Troops, USNI

Other National Defense, Foreign Policy

Finland Joins NATO, Sweden’s Accession Remains Uncertain, RAND
Japan changes rules to allow aid to foreign militaries, Defense Talk News
Afghanistan, basic rights and cultural imperialism, Pravda Report
Apple VP Named New Director of Defense Innovation Unit, Defense One
Will Finland’s NATO Accession Make a Difference?, Foreign Policy
How Vladimir Putin Saved NATO, Hoover Inst.
Iran-backed Militias Target U.S. Troops in Eastern Syria, Long War Journal

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

How the U.S. Rail System Works, HSN
Police departments still shrinking despite failure to defund police, study finds, APBM
CA Firefighters Rescue Shot Police Officer Outside Fire Station, Fire Engineering
Wildfire Threat Grows as FL Drought Worsens, Fire Engineering
Roseville (CA) Firefighters Don Tactical Gear to Rescue Officer Downed in Shootout, Firefighter Nation
Colo. man accused of threatening firefighter after losing home in Marshall Fire is sentenced, FR1
Consistent, high-accuracy mapping of daily and sub-daily wildfire growth with satellite observations, International Journal of Wildand Fire
The dirty secret of law enforcement: ‘My family would have been better off if I had died!’, Police1
Hero Down: Tulare Police Officer Misael ‘Mase’ Aguayo Dies By Suicide While On Duty, Police Tribune
Gun deaths among U.S. children and teens rose 50% in two years, Pew Research
America’s Tornadoes Are Evolving, Fast, Wired

Mountain / Outside

One-Ounce Flashlight, Family-Size Tree Tent, and More Emerging Gear, GearJunkie
Woman Crushed Saving Belayer From Falling Ice Block, GearJunie
Thru-Hiker’s 2,600-Mile PCT Journey Condensed Into 18 Minutes, GearJunkie
The World’s Lightest Down Jacket, Off-Piste
A Foolhardy Quest for the Holy Grail of Fly-Fishing, Outside
Lessons Learned from Riding a 30-Year-Old Mountain Bike, Outside
Philosophy Of Training | Mental/Physical/Technical Framework, Climb Strong
How Resisting Change Holds Back the Sport—and Puts Lives at Risk, Climbing Mag
COROS VERTIX 2 Review, Climbing Gear Reviews
Wyoming May Postpone Shed Season, Eastmans’
New Film: Peter Croft and the Monument, Gripped
My Path to Ultra Running, Osprey
High-Protein Foods Are Hikers’ Ticket to Stronger Trail Legs, Outside
Balkan Express: watch Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle bike & ski from Greece to Germany, Planet Mountain
Watch Robbie Phillips & Alex Moore climb three Scottish seastacks in 24 hours, Planetmountain
How A Group Of Silicon Valley Bros Failed To Build A Utopia At Powder Mountain, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Norwegian Olympic Skier Deploys Avalanche Airbag In Alaska, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Moose Charges Skier On Groomed In-Bound Run, Unofficial Networks
Utah To Set Up Sobriety Checkpoints On Ski Slopes Starting Next Season Unofficial Networks
Chile Trout, Gray’s Sporting Journal
New BLM Rule Could Fundamentally Change Public Land Management, Meateater

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

9 Cheap(ish) Kitchen Workhorses Made to Last, Wirecutter
The Best Creamy Peanut Butter, Wirecutter
Hafthor Björnsson Squats 420 Kilograms (925.9 Pounds) Raw, Continues Powerful Return to Strongman, Breaking Muscle
Study shows how to prevent a high-fat diet from throwing metabolism out of whack, Science Daily
Diminishing health benefits of living in cities for children and teens, Science Daily
I’m sure my friend has an eating disorder. Should I try to talk to her about it? | Ask Annalisa Barbieri, Guardian
A Physical Therapist Shares the 4 Best Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis, Men’s Health
Front Squats vs. Back Squats: Which Should You Choose?, Men’s Health
Lose Weight Fast! Make These Small Changes to Drop 5kg, Men’s Health
11 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Masturbation, Men’s Health
Moderate Drinking Has No Health Benefits, Analysis of Decades of Research Finds, NY Times
Why Oral Hygiene Is Crucial to Your Overall Health, NY Times
When to Try Physical Therapy Before Surgery, NY Times
Aaron Judge’s Mental Conditioning Routine Is Awesome, InsideHook
Cold is beneficial for healthy aging, at least in animals, Science Daily
Deciphering Carb Nutrition Facts,
What’s Better, More Reps or More Load?, T-Nation
Can I Do a 70.3 as My First Triathlon?, Triathlete


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