Arete 4.6.17

Captain and Coach, Grounded Curiosity
Everybody Loves Beards, So Let’s Approve Them Already, Army Times
Campaign Highlights “Badass” Female Vets, Army Times
Exosuits and Gender Integration in the Military, Center for A New American Security
Balancing Force Modernization With the Most Likely Wars We’ll Fight, Modern War Institute
The Longest (Small) War, Small Wars Journal
27 Questions to Identify Culture and Define Vision, the Military Leader
Stratcom Chief Presses for Nuke Force Upgrade, DOD Buzz
Yes, It’s Your Fault, JO Rules
Russian Subs Match Cold War Patrol Intensity, Military Times
Japan, Germany Strengthen Defensive Capabilities, The Cipher Brief
How Will We Train to Fight and Win in a Complex World?, From the Green Notebook
What Is Upward Leadership and Why You Need to Be Effective Doing It, General Leadership

Why You Can’t Shoot Terrorists with Lasers, Yet, Defense One
Border Patrol Agent Makes Case to Hire 5,000 New Agents, Vice news
Attacks on Russia Will Only Increase, The Strategist

Connecticut Dept. May Be First Police to Weaponize Drones, Vice News
Killing of FDNY EMT Highlights Issues for Unsung Profession, Gotham Gazzette
You Swore an Oath. Now Do the Job, Fit for Fire
LE De-escalation Strategies,
Not How I Was Trained, Cop in the Hood
What Needs to be Done, Improving Police
Court Rules on Duty to Protect Property in Naturally-Caused Wildfires,
30 Years of Women in the San Francisco Fire Service,

Dirtbag Don’t Have to Mean Dirty, Adventure Journal
Video: Groundfall,
How to Win the Final Stop of the Freeride World Tour, Freeskier Mag
Video: Outliers, Salomon TV
Why Outdoorsy People Love Burritos, Outdoor Research
Beast Life, Redbull TV

Hacking Your Diet with Herbs & Spices, Men’s Journal
10,000 Steps/Day May Not Be Enough, Men’s Journal
Sprint More, Get Faster on Long Runs, Men’s Journal
Writs-Worn Heart Rate Monitors Less Accurate Than Standard Chest-Wrap, Science Daily
Why Gratitude is an Essential Training Mindset, Breaking Muscle
How I learned to Rest, Outside Magazine
What Ultra Runners Think About When They Run, Outside Magazine
How to Exercise with An Autoimmune Condition, Mark’s Daily Apple
5 Obscure Nutrition: Why We Need Them and How Grok Got Them, Mark’s Daily Apple
Milk vs. Milk-Like Products,
Training the Gut for Athletes,
How to Eat like a Nutritionist,
The Myth of Interval Training and EPOC, Breaking Muscle
The Hardest 400 Meters of your life,

Army’s New Helmet is 24% Lighter, Army Times
What Happened When an EOD Tech Let his Fiance Try on his Bomb Suit, The Sitrep
Editor’s Choice Summit Pack, Climbing Magazine
Bearcat X3 – Firecat, Lencorp
9 Pieces of Gear Any Backpacker Needs,
12 Best Tents of 2017, Backpacker Mag
Outdoor Products this Week,
New Carabiner Design, gearjunkie
Best Sun Hats,
Glock Launches Professional Operator Course, Tactical Life
Best Tactical Pants with Knee Pads, Tactical Way
THenar Tactical Tool, Soldier Systems

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