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Ukraine, Russia

Ukraine says it has right to scorch Crimea and Russia’s other new regions out, Pravda Report
Russian forces start using Armata tanks in special operation zone, Pravda Report
USA should stop making attempts to undermine Russia’s security, Pravda Report
It is better to divide Ukraine quietly rather than start WWIII – Medvedev, Pravda Report
“I’ve killed the orcs!” Helmet camera shows intense trench warfare in Ukraine, War is Boring
No one authorised the West to speak on behalf of all mankind, Pravda Report
What Has North Korea Learned from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?, Small Wars Journal
Putin, Erdogan Unveil Russia-Built Nuclear Plant in Turkey, Moscow Times
No, NATO Does Not ‘Need’ Ukraine, RCD
On Arms Delays, Learn From Ukraine or Lose to China, RCD
In England and Estonia, ‘more motivated than ever’ Ukrainian soldiers are training for the spring offensive, Vox Europe
“I’ve killed the orcs!” Helmet camera shows intense trench warfare in Ukraine, War is Boring
The Calm Before the Storm: Waiting for Ukraine’s Offensive, War on the Rocks


Is the Army Lost at Sea?, AEI
Strategic Competition with China, RAND
Australia Has a New Defense Strategic Review, The Diplomat
Pentagon Leaks Suggest China Developing Ways to Attack Satellites – Here’s How They Might Work, HSN
Texas Senate gives initial approval for ban on Chinese citizens owning property, War is Boring
A Civilian U.S. ‘Joint Chiefs’ for Economic Competition with China?, RAND

Other National Defense, Foreign Policy

How effective are US ‘Over-the-Horizon capabilities’ in Afghanistan?, Task & Purpose
Great-Power Competition Outside the Indo-Pacific and Europe, RAND
Why Biden and Yoon’s Agreement Is a Big Deal, Foreign Policy
Not every North Korean missile needs a response. South Korea and the US should focus more on readiness and deterrence., Atlantic Council
The confusion over Yoon’s nuclear comments, Morning Defense
Five Things More Important than a Discord Pentagon Leak, Pravda Report
Why Does Japan Have a Military Base in Djibouti?, The Diplomat
Why We Should Keep An Eye On Poland, The Geopolitics
The thorny ethical issues of the Pentagon partnering with the private sector, Vox

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Stopping Illegal Gun Trafficking Through South Florida, HSN
Betraying the blue, APBM
Police department returns to small village in New Mexico after all its officers quit three years ago, APBM
Texas man tracks down and kills thief who stole his truck, with the help of an Apple AirTag, APBM
Dallas Fire Sued By Woman Struck By Hose, Fire Law Blog
Number of LEOs wounded in active shooter incidents rose dramatically in 2022, Police 1
4 Miss. inmates escape jail; 1 dead after shootout with deputies, Police1
Report ranks U.S. cities with increased homicide rates in 2023, Police1
VIDEO: New Jersey Cop Mowed Down By Hit-And-Run Driver, Police Tribune
Widow of Sterling (IL) Firefighter Killed in 2021 Rock Falls House Fire Sues for Wrongful Death, FFN
Quantifying burned area of wildfires in the western United States from polar-orbiting and geostationary satellite active-fire detections, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Six DC Fire and EMS Members on Leave After Fight Caught on Camera, Fire Engineering
S.O.Tech “30 Seconds Vest” as Seen in “HEAT”, Soldier Systems

Mountain / Outside

Why Ultralight People Need to Chill Already, Gearjunkie
3-Day $1,000 Campervan Build: You Can Do It Too, Gearjunkie
‘White Horizon’: Brazilian Ultrarunner Smashes FKT on Antarctica’s Mount Vinson, Gearjunkie
7 Van Upgrades That Are Worth the Money, Outside
These 12 Resorts Broke Their Snowfall Records, and Some Are Still Going, Outside
A Bold Rescue on a Moab Cliff, Outside
A Daring Rescue on Annapurna, Outside
Mezzalama Trophy 2023 / Italians dominate most technical race course ever, Planet Mountain
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 4/27/2023, AAI
The Art of Bailing: Turning Around in the Face of Uncertainty, Backcountry Mag
How a Dead French Philosopher Taught Me to Put Body Over Mind, Climbing
Are Pull-Ups Really The Best Way To Climb Harder?, Climbing
[Must Watch] A Little Rogue A Little Rowdy, Freeskier
‘In Search of Shika’ – On Scene Ep. 3 follows Wiley Miller, Mel Lapierre and Shikaichi Ueki through Golden, BC, Freeskier
FREESKIER’s Backcountry Ski Test 2023: Full Recap, Freeskier
Tommy Caldwell and Sonnie Trotter Tell Tales of Chossy Adventures in Vancouver, Gripped Mag
Huge New Alpine Climb in California, Gripped
Trio Attempting to Ski Great Trango Tower, Gripped
Watch Steve McClure send Le Voyage at Annot, Planet Mountain
Review: Does the iPhone 14 Plus live up to its outdoorsy reputation?, The Manual
Why You Shouldn’t Stack Rocks In Wilderness Areas, Unofficial Networks
VIDEO: Rediscovering The Origins of Telemark Skiing, Unofficial Networks

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

An Opportunity to Learn from Our COVID-19 Successes and Failures, RAND
Hokas Are Everywhere. But Are They the Right Running Shoe for You? Wirecutter
A Pro Triathlete Admitted to Doping After Testing Positive for EPO, Outside
Why You May Be Hungrier on Your Rest Days than Your Hardest Workout Days, Outside
Adding olive oil to coffee: Is Starbucks’ latest trend worth the hype? The Manual
The Science and Physiology of Endurance Training: Everything You Need to Know, Uphill Athlete
Tested: Are the Beats Fit Pro Worth It?, Men’s Health
Refined Carbohydrates Are Putting Your Life at Risk—Here’s Why, Men’s Health
Inside the Mating Psychology of Involuntary Celibates, Psychology Today
Psychedelics Reconsidered: Reflections on Drugs and Culture, Psychology Today
The Myth of 10,000 Steps, Psychology Today
How Recent Demographic Forces Created the Solo Generation, Psychology Today
Outsmarting Confirmation Bias, Psychology Today
Is Trans the New Anorexia?, Real Clear Health
Does Learning a Language Stimulate Cerebral Growth?, Real Clear Health
Two Brutal Training Methods You’ll Love to Hate, T-Nation
There Might Finally Be a Cure for Overtraining, Triathlete
Use of antibiotics in farming ‘endangering human immune system’, The Guardian


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