Arete 4.29.21

Military / National Security / Foreign Policy

Navy SEALs to shift from counterterrorism to global threats, Defense News
Here are some big changes that may be coming to the Marine Corps, Marine Corps Times
The force is still too small, Army chief says, and Afghanistan withdrawal won’t really help, Defense News
DoD Estimates New Missile Defense Program To Cost $17.7B, Breaking Defense
US Navy fired warning shots at Iranian vessels Monday evening, The Hill
US diplomats being pulled out of Kabul as security deteriorates in Afghanistan, War is Boring


Wildland Fire / Law Enforcement

UK Firefighters battle a wildfire at Marsden Moor, Wildfire Today
Ill. House passes bill aimed at boosting rural EMS recruitment, FireRescue1 Daily News
How to build a firebreak to stop smouldering peat fire: insights from a laboratory-scale study, International Journal of Wildland Fire
A Pro Climber Took on the FBI Fitness Test and It Very Nearly Broke Him, Men’s Health
NYPD sees increase of 75% of officers retiring or quitting in 2020. That was 5,300 uniformed cops. Law Enforcement Today
Point of Law: Using Pole Cameras for Surveillance, POLICE Magazine



Lost Cat Joins Skiers On Climb of 10,000-Foot Peak in Swiss Alps, Adventure Journal
Considerations for Roping Up on a Glacier while Ski Mountaineering, American Alpine Institute
10 places to extend your ski season this spring and summer, FREESKIER
Complete List of Future Ski Resorts of North America (15 Proposed Projects), Unofficial Networks
5 Tips for Eco-Camping, Term-a-Rest Blog
Tips for the Short Climber, TrainingBeta


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Why Gyms Are Coming Back More Essential Than Ever, Breaking Muscle
This Endurance Runner Set a World Record After Running 100 Miles Around Central Park, Men’s Health
The New Science of “Fatigue Resistance” Outside Magazine
Study: Icing Sore Muscles After Exercise Is a No-Go, Adventure Journal
Blood Flow Restriction Training for Athletes, The Barbell Physio
The Complicated Link Between Sleep and Injury, Outside Magazine



D.C. Is Offering Free Canoes If You Use ‘Em To Pick Up Trash on the Anacostia, Adventure Journal
Why a Gen Zer Picking Up Trash in a Park Went Viral, Outside Magazine
$10k Reward To Find Out Who Lewdly Vandalized Petroglyph Near Moab, Adventure Journal
U.S. Adds 116 Countries to the ‘Do Not Travel List’ The Adventure Blog

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