Arete 4.27.17

Why Mattis Versus Kim Jong-Un Will End Badly For Us All, War on the Rocks
Syria’s War Has Been a ‘Goldmine’ for North Korea—and Don’t Expect It to Change Anytime Soon, Defense One
US officials say pirates have returned to waters off Somalia, Military Times
America’s Dangerous Love for Special Ops, NY Times
After ISIL: The Conflict Following the War, Small Wars Journal
The Army Needs an Urban Warfare School and it Needs it Soon, Modern War Institute
Communication – Easy to Break – Tough to Fix, General Leadership

Inside NASA’s Plan to Protect the Planet from a Massive Asteroid, Defense One
Combating Terror Together, Fire Rescue Magazine
Taking the ‘Terror’ Out of Terrorism Requires Outsmarting Fear, RAND
A Full Border Wall With Mexico? ‘Unlikely,’ Homeland Security Chief Says, NYTimes
Terrorism and Immigration: A Risk Analysis, CATO Institute

Reducing Vulnerability, Fire Rescue Magazine
The Shell We Wear – How Being A Cop Changes Us, Cops Alive
What Type of Girl Grows Up to be a Cop?, Bad Luck Detective
Firefighter Dodgeball, Orlando FD
The influence of officer equipment and protection on short sprinting performance, Force Science Lab/Minnesota State University

How to Get Into Ski-Mo Racing, Men’s Journal
Tendoys, Sitka (Video)
Historical Badass: Snowboarder Bruno Gouvy, Adventure Journal
Caroline Gleich becomes first female to ski all 90 lines in Utah’s “Chuting Gallery”, Freeskier
The Simple Joy of Being Bad at Things, Adventure Journal
Cerro Torre (Climbing Film) Redbull TV

Tested: Patagonia’s First Sleeping Bags, Gear Junkie
Shelter from the Storm: Best Backpacking Tents of 2017, Outdoor Gear Lab
How to Sell Your Used Outdoor Gear, Outside Online
The 14 Best New Hiking Boots and Shoes of 2017, BackPacker
Garmin Releases New Top of the Line Sports Watch, the Forerunner 935, Mens Journal

What I Learned from Fasting for a Year, Men’s Journal
Pump Up The Volume: Alternative Pre-Workout Boosts That Spare Your Wallet, Breaking Muscle
Anxiety: Are Nutritional Deficiencies a Common Cause? Mark’s Daily Apple
Shoulder Pain? Check Your Breathing,
Mercury: Its Role In ALS, Breaking Muscle
How To Rock A Cheat Day (Without Feeling Bad Or Getting Fat), Breaking Muscle
How we are wired to sleep and why we have sleep problems,
Running up a Mountain Makes It Feel Smaller, Outside Magazine
7 Easy-to-Make Endurance Fuels That Are Cheaper and Tastier Than Energy Bars, Outside Magazine

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