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Our Rotten Military Promotion System, Real Clear Defense
Accountability for Biden’s Botched Afghan Withdrawal?, Real Clear Defense
Recruit or Retain: DoD’s Manpower Problem, Real Clear Defense
Logistics Could Doom the Mighty F-35 In a War, 1945
‘He Was the Worst Leader I’ve Ever Had’: Suspended Brigade Commander Accused of Toxic Leadership, Military News
New details emerge about Col. Chung, the suspended commander of 5th SFAB, Task & Purpose
Soldiers Are Away from Home Now More than Ever Despite No Major Ongoing Wars, Military News
The Army Must Reward Smart Leaders, Not Just Strong Ones, if We Want to Win the Next War, Military News
U.S. Space Command On Track To Reach Full Operational Capability In 2023, Defense Daily
US Can Handle China, Ukraine Missions Simultaneously, Top Pacific Admiral Says, Defense Daily
After 2 Rollovers, Marines Overhaul Amphibious Combat Vehicle Training, Defense One
Senate ‘Coach’ Tuberville Halts Pentagon Promotions And Heads To Biggest Ever Career Loss, Forbes
DuPont Unveils Superstrength New EXO Bulletproof Material, Forbes
“This man can’t stop lying”: Acquitted SEAL claims US Rep. Dan Crenshaw tried to sell him out while he was awaiting trial, Military News
Warships’ Near Collision in San Diego Averted by Junior Officers, Navy Investigation Finds, Navy times
75th Ranger Regiment team wins Best Ranger Competition for third year in a row, Task & Purpose
What Air Force Combat Controllers go through to earn their titles, Task & Purpose
VCNO: Navy Set to Miss FY 2023 Recruiting Goals for Enlisted Sailors by Nearly 16%, USNI
Iraq: Twenty Years on, Two Narratives Emerge, War on the Rocks
Garmin Foretrex 801 and 901: Wrist-Mounted Navigation with Tactical and Ballistic Applications, Soldier Systems

Ukraine, Russia

The M1 Abrams Is Becoming the Benchmark Main Battle Tank for Eastern Europe, Real Clear Defense
Could the Ukraine War Mean Russia Collapses?, 1945
There can be no lasting peace with Russia until Ukraine liberates Crimea, Atlantic Council
Wheat Is the New Fault Line for Ukraine in Europe, Foreign Policy
Chechnya Brutalized Russian Society, and Ukraine Is Paying the Price, Foreign Policy
Ukraine isn’t happy with U.S. view of counteroffensive, Morning Defense
A Prolific Pro-Russia Propaganda Channel is Run by a US Navy Veteran, Military News
Two reasons why Russia launched special military operation in Ukraine, Pravda Report
Russian forces annihilate nearly 500 Ukrainian servicemen in Bakhmut area, Pravda Report
Washington plans to strike Russia with 5,000 Tomahawk missiles, Pravda Report
Are US special operations forces in Ukraine? Yes, but not in combat, Task & Purpose
Kremlin Pushed for Pro-Russia Coalition in Germany – WP, Moscow Times
Russia Replaces Baltic, Pacific Fleet Commanders, Moscow Times
Siberian Governor Removed After Son Flees Italy House Arrest, Extradition to U.S., Moscow Times
Stalled in Ukraine, Kremlin Increasingly Turns to Political Theater, RAND


China Is Its Own Worst Enemy, Real Clear Defense
Nonresident Senior Fellow Michael Schuman in The Atlantic: “Why Chatbot AI is a Problem for China”, Atlantic Council
China would gain swift air superiority over Taiwan, US leaks show, Defense Talk News
US arrests two over alleged clandestine Chinese police station in New York City, Intel
Japan Scrambled Fighters Almost 800 Times Against Chinese, Russian Aircraft in 2022, USNI
Sustaining Distributed Forces in a Conflict with China, War on the Rocks
Aussies plan massive armored cuts; review charts shift to power projection, Breaking Defense
Why China Should Worry About Asia’s Reaction to AUKUS, RAND
Is China better at monetary policy than America?, Economist

Other National Defense, Foreign Policy

Hypersonic Capabilities and Allies, Real Clear Defense
It’s Time for a New Nuclear Posture Review, Real Clear Defense
Washington and Ike’s Warning On Foreign Policy Greed, Real Clear Defense
Does Turkey Have A Problem With The U.S. Navy?, Forbes
David Frum’s Non-Mea Culpa Mea Culpa, Real Clear Defense
The U.S. Really, Really Wants Sweden to Join NATO, Foreign Policy
No Sweden in NATO until after election, senators say, Morning Defense
Germany: Immigrants Made Up More Than over 18% of 2022 Population, HSN
Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities for the Department of Defense RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Fagan: Coast Guard Budget Cut To 2022 Levels Would Cause $500 Million Shortfall, Defense Daily
Equipping your patrol rifle with low-powered variable optics, American Police Beat Magazine
Meeting the demand for change, APBM
WV Firefighter Admits Stealing $150K from Department, Fire Engineering
Firefighters named in Tyre Nichols Wrongful Death Suit, Fire Law Blog
Denver Firefighter Sues City and Union After Disability Retirement, Fire Law Blog
Indiana Fire Department Facing Three Investigations Into Exam Cheating, Fire Law Blog
Video: Three Ford F-150 EVs Burn Up Before They Even Get Off Lot, FireFighter Nation
HI Fire Department Fined $150,000 in Firefighter Death, FFN
XPrize offers $11 Million in Competition for Technology to End Destructive Wildfires, XPrize
New, bipartisan Senate Wildfire Caucus to address many issues, FireRescue1
Evaluation of new methods for drought estimation in the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System, International Journal of Wildand Fire
Contract approval gives San Francisco PD highest entry-level salary in Bay Area, Police1
VIDEO: Homeless Trespasser Violently Attacks Female Deputy Prior To Fatal Shooting, Police Tribune
Autopsy: ‘Cop City’ Rioter Accused Of Shooting State Trooper Was Shot At Least 57 Times By Police, Police Tribune
Earlier, warmer spring ramps up Eastern Area fire season, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Top ultrarunner Joasia Zakrzewski disqualified for using a car in race, BBC
The Top 7 Bouldering Gyms in the United States, GearJunkie
How an Art Student Set the Course for 50 Years of Patagonia Product Photography, GearJunkie
Conquering Colorado’s Multisport, Multiseason Sufferfest: The Grand Traverse Triple Crown, GearJunkie
The Minimalist Tent Every Solo Adventurer Needs: Seek Outside Silex, GearJunkie
Will Your Next Ski Jacket Be Custom Fit? Outside
Hoka Just Made My Favorite Trail Shoe Even Better, Outside
Garmin’s Instinct 2X Solar Has “Unlimited” Battery Life + a Cool Flashlight, Werd
Bode Miller’s 3-Year-OId Twins Are The Youngest To Ski 100 Days In A Single Season, Unnofficial Networks
Former Olympic Skier Jeremy Nobis Found Dead In Utah Jail, UN
The Best Climbing Invention Ever (Is Not What You Think), Climbing
PhD Student Repeats 5.15b in Italy, Gripped
FOR SALE: Private Montana Ski Area ($3.5 Million), UN
The Gear That Makes Me Actually Enjoy Alpine Climbing, Climbing
Is a Clean Environment A Constitutional Right? This Lawsuit in Montana May Set a Precedent, Outdoor News
28 New Climbing Products and Services for Spring 2023, Climbing Business
Black Diamond Presents: Focus—A Bishop Highball Project with Timmy Kang, Black Diamond
William Moss, 18, Establishes 5.14d R Trad in the Gunks, Climbing
Why I Didn’t Want to Review My Favorite Jacket, Climbing
How Five Yosemite Climbing Accidents Could Have Been Prevented, Climbing
An Accident Left Him Fingerless, But He’s Since Climbed 5.12d, Climbing
Amazing Aid-Solo First Ascent on Cap Trinité, Gripped Mag
Best Climbing Shoes for Spring 2023, Gripped Mag

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Fight Aging with Drugs? City Journal
How to Recover From Overtraining, Uphill Athlete
Who Wore Which Shoes at the 2023 Boston Marathon, Outside
Time-restricted fasting could cause fertility problems Science Daily
Can Running Actually Help You Lose Weight?, Men’s Health
Find Out Why Your Calorie Deficit Could Slow Ageing, Men’s Health
Is It Safe to Consume Cannabis Edibles?
15 Mobility Tests to Make Sure You’re Aging A-Okay, InsideHook
How Endurance Training Affects Muscle Retention and Growth, Renaissance Periodization
Drop-Dead Drop Sets for Advanced Lifters, T-Nation
Should Your Wear a Weightlifting Belt?, The Barbell Physio
Intermittent Fasting’s Effects On Endurance Results And Health, Training Peaks
Popular Weight Loss Plans Court Controversy With Obesity Meds, WebMD
Rethinking the Goal of 10,000 Steps a Day, WebMD


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