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Soldier Swarm: New Ground Combat Tactics for the Era of Multi-Domain Battle, Modern War Institute
Army missile defense systems Patriot and THAAD talk in test, Defense News
The Pentagon Plans for a Perpetual Three-Front ‘Long War’ Against China and Russia, War is Boring
US Reducing SOF in Africa, Small Wars Journal
New Army Precision Guided 155mm Round Destroys Targets Without GPS, Real Clear Defense
Is the US Still a Reliable Ally?, The Cipher Brief
Here’s How Russia and America Could Go To War in Syria, The National Interest
Russia’s Deadliest Commandos Speed Around in Jeeps, Armed with Mines, The National Interest
Pentagon Is Asking for 3 Times as Many Drones in 2019, Defense News
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Russia’s Military, Deutsche Welle
An Update on the War in Afghanistan, Brookings


Homeland Security / First Responder

Do Terrorist Groups Really Die? A Warning, Rand Corp
Tulsa Fire Engine Struck at Fire Scene, Firefighter Close Calls
30-Year Old Wisconsin Firefighter Dies after Hectic 48-Hour Shift, Firefighter Close Calls
Cops, Violence, Stress and PTSD, LE Today
How Can the Police Let This Happen, They Wonder? LE Today
Hypocrisy and the Never Ending Attack on Police, LE Today
Operation Blue: The Program that Teaches Cops to Stop Terrorists,
The Toxicity of a Spiteful Leader, LE Today
4 Utah Officers Burned in Man’s Suicide Attempt,
Youtube, Google Donate $280K to First Responder Foundation,
Waterborne Hotshots, Wildfire Today
More Research Indicates Forests are Not Growing Back After Wildfires, Wildfire Today
Wildfire Suppression Costs, 1985-2017, Wildfire Today



Stas Beskin Demonstrates New Technique for Climbing Delicate Ice, Climbing Magazine
Introducing ROAM: The robotic ski exoskeleton designed to save your knees,
The Best 20 Degree Sleeping Bags Under Two Pounds, Gear Institute
Climbing in New Mexico’s Bat Cave, Outside Magazine
Young Nemuel Feurle masters Prinzip Hoffnung,
A Historic Moment For Backcountry Skiing in New Hampshire, Powder Magazine
Man Claims He Was Left on Ski Lift Overnight,
Petzel Boreo: Most Protective Climbing Helmet, Outdoor Gear Lab
Give Your Sprinter to a Real Dirtbag!, Outside
6 Mistakes from My First Backpacking Trip,
Tips for Cold Weather Streamer Fishing,
Has Patagonia Grown Too Big for its Cultural Good?, Adventure Journal
National Park Service Backs Away From Nat Park Fee Raise, Adventure Journal
Nice Sunglasses are Worth It After All, Adventure Journal
Mexican Mule Deer Dreams,
Sherpa Teams Makes First Ascent of Langdung in Nepal, Alpinist
Best Rope Bag for Climbing, Outdoor Gear Lab
4 Lessons We Learned on a DYI Hog Hunt, Outdoor Life
The Best 20-Degree Sleeping Bags Under 2 Pounds, Gear Institute
Learn to Evaluate Trad Anchors With this 12-Point Rubric, Climbing Mag


Fitness / Nutrition

Peanut Butter & Jelly Should Fuel Your Next Adventure, Outside
Don’t Forget to Strengthen Your Feet, Outside
Gear to Help You Fuel, Outside
The Age of Peak Marathon Performance in Cross-Country Skiing—The “Engadin Ski Marathon”, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Associations of Physical Fitness and Body Composition Characteristics With Simulated Military Task Performance, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
A Practical Guide to Walking On Your Hands, Breaking Muscle
Build Your Base with Postural Mechanics, Breaking Muscle
Stopping Exercising Can Increase Depression, Science Daily
Primal Recipes on a Budget, Mark’s Daily Apple
Does physical activity influence the health of future offspring?, Science Daily
All About Heart Rate Variability and How To Track It, Muscle & Fitness
Why It Matters How You Think About Pain, Outside
Freestyle Swim Technique Tips, Men’s Health
An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life, Men’s Health
6 Ways Eating Too Much Sugar Damages Your Body, Men’s Health
7 Scariest Workout Injuries, Men’s Journal
How Long to Rest for Greater Muscle, Strength and Weight Loss, Men’s Journal

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