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Ukraine, Russia

Russia starts Yars intercontinental ballistic missile drills, Al Jazerra
Putin’s plan for a new Russian Empire includes both Ukraine and Belarus, Atlantic Council
Pronews: Russia annihilated dozens NATO officers in underground bunker on March 9, Pravda Report
PEACE TIME: Options In Ukraine, Strategy Page
The West’s Arctic Forge 23 Drills Unsettle Russian Military, Real Clear Defense
‘It Looks Nuked’: New Ukraine Footage Shows Entire City Wiped Out, 1945
Sweden Summons Russian Envoy After NATO Bid Warning, Moscow Times
Ukraine’s Ex-German Marders Are Some Of The Toughest Fighting Vehicles On The Battlefield, Forbes
Russia Won’t Sit Idly by after Finland and Sweden Join NATO, War on the Rocks
The Only Realistic Answer to Putin, The Atlantic


Report: Chinese State-sponsored Hacking Group Highly Active, The Diplomat
SPACE: China Goes After Starlink, Strategy Page
What Taiwan Can Learn from Honduras’s Switch to China, Foreign Policy
What Chinese Violation of U.S. Airspace Means for U.S. Space Force Plans and Policies, Real Clear Defense
Russia faces long economic decline as isolated Putin turns to China, Atlantic Council

Other National Defense, Foreign Policy

Finland’s ‘NATO Option’ Set to Become Reality, Foreign Policy
Neurodiversity and National Security: How to Tackle National Security Challenges with a Wider Range of Cognitive Talents, RAND
Taliban restores US military vehicles, weapons, Janes
Milley: Don’t Invade Mexico, Defense One
A Look at the US Military Mission in Syria and its Dangers, Military News
America’s Dangerous Short War Fixation, RAND
Why U.S. Military Interventions Fail and What to Do About It,RAND

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Major Foreign Terror Attack on U.S. “Almost Inconceivable” Now, HSN
How Many Guns Are There in the U.S.?, HSN
2 officers killed in La. police helicopter crash identified, Police Daily
Huntsville Police Department (AL), Officer Down Memorial Page
5 Cops Struck, 3 In Serious Condition, By Suspected Drunk Driver With 2-Year-Old In Car, Police Tribune
BREAKING: 7 California Highway Patrol Officers And Nurse Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter, Police Tribune
West (TX) Firefighter Struck and Killed at Scene of Vehicle Fire, Fire Engineering
‘Why We Sleep’: The book every police officer needs to read, Police1
A discussion on fitness testing standards for law enforcement officers, Police1
FBI documents give new view into mindset of Las Vegas mass shooter, Police1
FBI documents give new view into mindset of Las Vegas mass shooter, Police1
2 N.M. firefighters report they were shot at while responding to fire, FireRescue1
LAPD “accidentally” leaks personal information of undercover officers to watch-dog group, American Police Beat
2 Memphis officers shot, critically wounded in shooting during foot pursuit, Police1
WV Fire Chief Resigns After His Sex Offender Status Surfaces; Town Wants Him to Stay On, FireFighterNation
Projecting live fuel moisture content via deep learning, Journal of Wildland Fire
Three On-Duty Detention Officers Arrested For Allegedly Smuggling Drugs, Contraband Into Jail, Police Tribune
Left-Wing Violence Chic, Real Clear Politics

Mountain / Outside

Watch a Big Wave Thrash Kai Lenny, and Crash a Jetski, GearJunkie
Get Yours Now: The 2023-2024 Ikon Pass Is Here, GearJunkie
4 Tech Trends from Cycling’s Most Influential Trade Show, Outside
Conrad’s Close Calls and Favorite Gear: Conversations With the Legend, GearJunkie
Supergoop Sunscreen Is Worth the Splurge. But Getting This Giant Jug on Sale Makes It Even Better., Wirecutter
VIDEO: Skier Randomly Stumbles Upon Man Buried Upside Down In Tree Well, Unofficial Networks
Growing Up Outside, Osprey
Five Fun Drills to Improve Your Climbing Footwork, Gripped
Wyoming Winter Devastation, Eastman’s
Man Summits Every Colorado 14er In A Single Winter, UN
Mammoth Mountain Breaks Record For Most Snow (72.5 Feet @ The Summit), UN
Should You INTENTIONALLY Go to the Gym When it’s Crowded?, Climbing
Could This Ecology-Obsessed Skier Be the Next Bill Nye?, Outside
Get Rid of Your Hiking Instagram Account, Outside
ALTA Surpasses 800 Inches of Snow (66.5+ Feet), UN

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

The Best Creamy Peanut Butter, Wirecutter
Joe Sullivan (100KG) Records All-Time Raw World Record Squat of 386 Kilograms (850.9 Pounds), Breaking Muscle
7 Tips to Perfect Your Deadlift Form, Breaking Muscle
Danny Grigsby (110KG) Deadlifts All-Time World Record of 467.5 Kilograms (1,030.6 Pounds), Breaking Muscle
Finding the sweet spot in sugar reductions, Science Daily
The Physiology of a 24-Hour Mountain-Bike Race, Outside
Allie Ostrander’s Radical Transparency, Outside
Camille Herron Sets New Women’s 48-Hour Running World Record, Outside
Learn the Basics of Intrinsic Motivation From Stefan Falk, Men’s Health
How Much Cardio Can I Do Without Losing Muscle?, Men’s Journal
Sexplain it Live: The Safest, Cheapest Ways to Get a Bigger Penis, According to a Doctor, Men’s Health
The Wild History of America’s Hatred for Anchovies, Men’s Health
How To Make The Perfect Overnight Oats, MEN’S HEALTH
The 4 Ways Yoga Can Improve Chronic Health Conditions, MEN’S HEALTH
Alpha Wolves and Alpha Dogs Aren’t Myths, Psychology Today
My Best Friend Died From Loneliness, Real Clear Health
Blood Test Claims 100% Accuracy in Cancer Screenings, Real Clear Health
Record-Breaking Human Lifespans by the Year 2060, Real Clear Health
Deciphering Carb Nutrition Facts,
A half century after Prozac, a new generation of depression drugs is bringing hope to a long-stagnant field, STAT
Permanently Ripped: 5 Ways to Change Fat Cells, T-Nation
The Case Against Listening to Your Body, Triathlete
The Very Human Way Coach Olav Bu Builds Norwegian Triathlon Machines, Triathlete


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