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Military ‘Deep Dives’ and Organizational Management: The Continuing Hazards of Hubris, Centralized Hierarchies, and Insular Perspectives, Small Wars Journal
A US-Based Army Can’t Get to the Fight Fast Enough, Defense One
Shoulder to Shoulder” no more in Afghanistan?, WOTR
Russia Has Deployed a Treaty-Violating Missile. Here’s What the US Should Do About It, Defense One
Most Read War on the Rocks Articles of 2016, WOTR
Video: Marine Sniper School Graduation on the Decline, Military Times
AI, Autonomy, and the Future Battlefield, Defense One

CPB Joint Task Force to Combat Southern Border Smuggling,
Border Patrol Standards May Be Lowered to Meet Trumps Hiring Goal,
Union Backed Agent Named to Lead Border Patrol,
Homeland Security Think Takes, Homeland Security Watch
Homeland Security Recommendations Winter 2017, Aspen Institute
Up to $600 Billion in American Intellection Property Stolen Annually,

The True Heart of American Law Enforcement,
Taco Bell Employee Fired after Writing Explicit Messages on Cops Takeout Bag,
Should We Elect our Police Leaders?, Improving Police
The Warrior Attitude: A Continuing Problem, Improving Police
23 LEOs Killed in Line of Duty so Far in 2017, Officer Down Memorial Page
How Being a Cop Changes Us, Cops Alive
Top 20 Criminal Justice Blogs
Police and Fire/Rescue Job Board,
Slime Balls and Who Has the Bigger Hoses, Momma Fargo

Humans have Dramatically Increased Extent, Duration of US Wildfire Season,
The Company That Trains,
Physical Training Rhabdo Incident Nevada 2016, Wildand Fire Lessons Learned Center
Pack Test Rhabdo Incident Wyoming 2016, Wildand Fire Lessons Learned Center
Video: Some Things I Thought I Knew, Firex Talks
Video: Most Powerful Fire Truck in the World, ExtremeTV
Video: Japan Tech Rope Rescue Competition, youtube
7 Traits of a Good Company Officer Candidate, Fire Chief
Drone Deployed at Oklahoma House Fire,
5 Tests to Measure Your Fireground Fitness,

Stop Chasing Opportunities, Medium
2016 in Books, From the Green Notebook
Talk Like a Spartan, JO Rules
How to Learn in 2 Days what Normally Takes 6 Months, Medium
Stories of Failure: Undermining the First Sergeant, The Military Leader

December in Patagonia with Colin Haley,
Canada’s Permafrost Collapsing, Vice
Ice Climbing and Avalanche Awareness,
Video: I Am This Moment. This Place,
Video: Strong,
Arcteryx Alpine Academy,
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,
The Place You Call Home,
6x Skinning Tips from Pros,
Video: Nordic Skiing, Salomon TV
Managing Freeskiing Risk,
Teton Traverse,
2017 Adventure Bucket List, Marmot
Sitka Gear Hunting Photo Contest Finalists, Sitka Gear
Video: Tendoys, Sitka Gear
Chugach Sheep Hunt, Kuiu
Chasing Steelhead, Simms Flyfishing
Top 10 Adventure Blogs, Outside
Spearing Sturgeon: A Winter Tradition in Wisconsin, Outdoor Life
Can Indoor Archery Make you a Better Bowhunter?,
Bowhunting Deadlines Across The Country,

Video: Army Tests New Jungle Warfare Boots, Military Times
New Patagonia Sleeping Bag,
Warranty Worthy Claims,
What Pants to Chose for your Hunt,
Show Shed – Backcountry Skier’s Best Friend, Adventure Journal
Best Hunting Apparel for 2017,
The Coolest, Most Exotic Guns from the SHOT 2017,
Logistics of a Backcountry Hunt,
Ultralight Tripod Guide, S&S Archery
5 Rifles Every American Should Own, Recoil
Famous Snowboarder Saved by his Helmet,
Gear Week in Review,
5.11 Reinvents the Cargo Pant,
2017 Best Hiking Boots,
The Lightest Tactical Gear: What $31K Can Buy You,

12 Simplification Hacks to Be Happier, Outside
The Science of Sweet, Outside
The Los Angeles Laker’s Diet,
Elbow Pain in Climbers, Black Diamond Equipment
Runner’s brains may be more connected, Science Daily
Plant Proteins, Today’s Dietitian
Why the World’s Fittest Navy SEAL Does Jiu Jitsu, Men’s Journal
7 Common Vitamin Deficiencies,
5 Health Snacks to Satisfy Sweet Cravings,

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