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Military / National Security

Age is no obstacle: Soldiers complete Army’s toughest schools after 40, Stars & Stripes
Belarus leader says he wants closer ties to NATOStars & Stripes
Air Force major under investigation in wife’s disappearance after buying ax, shovel, and gasoline, police say, Task & Purpose
ATLAS: Killer Robot? No. Virtual Crewman? Yes., Breaking Defense
Germany’s Policy Choices Are Hastening The Decline Of NATO, Forbes
Beijing Boosts Military Budget by 7.5%, Financial times
That Clausewitz-is-Irrelevant “Hot Take” isn’t Blasphemous. It’s Just Wrong., Modern War Institute
This is why Air Force A-10s are flying escort for Marine Ospreys over Hawaii, Air Force Times
The problem with the Army’s 12-pound iPad, Defense News
Why Okinawa’s governor says US Marine air base should move after referendum rejection, Marine Corps Times
War Books: Clausewitz for Trigger Pullers, Modern War Institute
Tough words from the secretary of State about China, Military Times
Mystery Navy tweeter unmasked in court filings alleging unlawful command influence, Navy Times
Hearing postponed for two Navy SEALs and two Marine Raiders in death of Green Beret staff sergeant, Navy Times
The war documentary the Marine Corps doesn’t want you to see is finally hitting theaters, Task & Purpose
The Marine Corps is ‘paranoid,’ the Navy does not play with others. This new study analyzes the effects of service rivalries., Marine Corps Times


First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

After cold, busy month at border, illegal crossings expected to surge again, Stars & Stripes
Germany to strip ISIS fighters of their citizenship, Task & Purpose
Navy firefighters compete in the Bahrain Firefighter Challenge, Navy Times
Coast Guard’s Last Heavy Icebreaker Caught on Fire, Navy Times
Mexico Approves Plan to Create 50,000-Strong Force to Combat Cartels, Small Wars Journal
How Not to Compete in the Arctic, Rand Corp
Warrior vs. guardian policing, Homeland Security Newswire
Firefighters pick up the tab to cover school lunch program’s shortfall, Firerescue1
Frozen hydrants cause problems for Chicago firefighters during blaze, Firerescue1
Second Connecticut Police Officer in Internal Affairs Probe Commits
Sorry, Officer. You’re Too Mentally Weak To Be A Cop., LE Today
DEA, New York Officers Seize 5 Kilos of Fentanyl in Drug Raid, Police Mag
Nashville Officer Attacked While Breaking up Street Fight, Police Mag
Wildfire risk in California no longer coupled to winter precipitation, Science Daily



So You Wanna Plan a Bikepacking Route—Our Resident Pro Has Advice, Adventure Journal
The .30/06 Springfield: Why This Old Cartridge is Still the Best for Big Game Hunting, Outdoor Life
Chasing Adventure in the Florida Keys, Outdoor Life
Nemo Just Reinvented Synthetic Insulation, Outside
WATCH: Breckenridge Moose Charge Caught On Camera, Unofficial Networks
Maximum Shot Distance: How Far Will These Guys Shoot?, Bowhunting Blog
How Far Can Kids Hike, and How Much Can They Carry?, Backpacker
Gift Ideas for Badass Women, Gear Institute
Meet The Skiing Soldiers Of The 10th Mountain Division, Unofficial Networks
Pull: A Story about Lead Climbing, AAI
Can CWD Really Be Cured?, Outdoor Life
A Grim Reality Check for SkiersOutside
There’s a Complex Connection Between Exercise and Anger, Outside


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

10 Swimming Workouts That Build Strength, Globo Surf
Ultimate Guide to Non-Dairy Milks, Mark’s Daily Apple
Are ice baths on the way out? Medicine & Science
How Many Calories Should I Eat Every Day? A Look at Total Daily Energy Expenditure, Nerd Fitness
How Industrial Seed Oils Are Making Us Sick, Chris Kresser
Body Mass and Femur Length Are Inversely Related to Repetitions Performed in the Back Squat in Well-Trained Lifters, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Slow and steady may lose the race, Business Insider
The best type of exercise to burn fat, The Indian Express
CNN’s ‘Live Longer’ explores the latest science, technology and research for a healthier and longer lifespan, Markets Insider
Athletic therapy versus physiotherapy, The Medium



New Research Shows Oysters and Chocolate Could Be Your Secret Weapons to Fight Aging, Men’s Journal
‘The Hurt Locker’ is now on Netflix in case you needed a reminder of how much it sucks, Task & Purpose
This state gives vets and their families free college tuition — without touching their GI Bill benefits, Marine Corps Times
Sweden confirms arrest of second person on spying charges, inTel News
The Best Business Credit Cards, Wirecutter
Operation Underground Railroad Takes Fight to Child Sex Traffickers, Tactical Life
How to Rebuild Credit, Wirecutter
Iceland to Kill Thousands More Whales—Can That Hurt Adventure Tourism?, Adventure Journal
Second Man HIV-Free After Stem Cell Transplant, WebMD
Parents of West Point Cadet Killed in Accident Obtain Order to Preserve His Sperm, NY Times
How AI Will Rewire Us, The Atlantic
5 big takeaways from this year’s NFL Scouting Combine, Washington Post
Koenigsegg Debuts Jesko as Successor to the World’s Fastest Supercar, Bloomberg

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