Arete 3.30.17

82nd Airborne Reinforces Mosul, Military Times
Getting Intelligence to Move at the Speed of Decisive Action, From the Green Notebook
Captain and Coach, Grounded Curiosity
Marine Corps asks Other Services for Training Ideas, DOD Buzz
Inside Mosul US Advisors Wear Black to Blend In with Elite Iraqi Units, Military Times
Picking Which Ball to Drop, The Military Leader
The Dark Side of Gender Segregation in the US Military, War on the Rocks
Trump Should Stand His Ground with NATO, The National Interest
War for the Soul of the Marine Corps: It’s Time to Chose, War on the Rocks
China is Building a Marine Corps, The Diplomat
US Military Getting Smaller and Older, Center for a New American Security
Russia Stirs the Hornets Nest, Statfor

US & Russia Should Never Have Stopped Cooperating on Nuclear Terrorism, Defense One
Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #31, Small Wars Journal
Vehicle Attacks – Easy for ISIS, Challenge for Police, Police One
Addressing the Threat of the Zika Virus to the US Blood Supply, Homeland Security Newswire
Predicting the Zika Virus in the US, Homeland Security Newswire
The Lone Wolf Fallacy, Center for Security Policy
The Reach of ISIS Virtual Efforts Into the US, Lawfare

How to Get Into Skimo Racing, Men’s Journal
Video: Climber Sends the Salathe Wall, Gripped
Explaining Climbing to Non-Climbers, Gripped
The Joys of Naked Coldwater Swimming, Adventure Journal
Here’s Why You Ride Your Bike for Oregon to Patagonia, Adventure Journal
Feb Temps Spike In Spite of Huge Snowfall, Powder Mag
Hunting New Zealand, Outdoor Life
15 Crazy Camping and Survival Hacks, Outdoor Life
Freeride World Tour Stop in Haines, AK, Freeskier
Nepal to Track Everest Climbers, Pythom
Questioning the Mountains, Arcteryx
The Unadulterated Joy of Running – Without Running Shoes, Outdoor Research
Running Yellowstone, Patagonia
Surviving a 100-foot fall, Alone, Backpacker
Map – America’s Best Long Trails, Backpacker
Climber Dave Lama: The Way, Redbull TV

The FBI in Israel,
The Secret Life of a Game Warden, Outside
Keep the Saws Running, Firefighting Basics
FBI’s Most Wanted,
Ringling Entrapment and Burn Injury, Wildland Fire Lessons
Officer Safety in Responding to Domestic Violence Calls, Police Chief
Wildfire Season: Longer and Longer, Wildland Firefighter
A Police Officer’s View from the Street Level, Cop in the Hood
Idaho Smokejumpers, Wildland Firefigher
Should Cops be Physically Fit?, Improving Police
How Fire Chiefs Can Head Off “Stickergate” Problems, Fire Chief
Making Fireground Decisions in an “Instant Replay” World, Fire Chief

Here’s  How to Make Sugar Work for You, Outside Magazine
Hips Don’t Lie: 4 Drills to Unlock Your Hips, Breaking Muscle
Exercise 2.5 hours per week, associated with slower declines in Parkinson’s desease patients, Science Daily
Why Balance Training Matters, and How to Get Started, Mens Journal
The Gifts of Mortality and Self Discovery, Breaking Muscle
Meditation for the Athlete – 8 Steps to get you started, Breaking Muscle
How to Buy (and Appreciate) Eggs, Mark’s Daily Apple

My Favorite Backpack, Adventure Journal
Do you Really Need a $425 Rain Jacket?, Outside
The 6 Best Backcountry Watches, Outside
Best Optics, 2017, Bowhunter
Geajunkie Week in Review, Gearjunkie
Best Ice Coolers, Outdoor Gear Lab


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